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Daily news wrap-up

News - Sep/6/2021: Polls! Did you vote? Are you optimistic? Vaccine? Top source of news? Party that rallied voters, etc. __ EV charger in every district __ Emergency sirens & rescue drones __ Army news __ "Republic of Karabakh" & peacekeeping mandate __ Aid programs __ Anti-corruption busts __ V for
by ar_david_hh

Your 18-minute Saturday to Monday recap in 4614 words.

interview with Andranik Piloyan, the commander of 5th Army Corps who became the Emergency Minister 10 months ago

Piloyan received the title of National Hero during the war. The content is unrelated to the army.

Q: what are your priorities as a Minister?

We made structural reforms in the Ministry and rescue services. There were cuts in the management circle, which allowed us to increase staff in provincial Rescue Services.

Q: the number of border settlements has increased since the war. Have you installed new bases?

In Tavush and Syunik. We already have a civil defense base in Shurnukh and Shikahogh. The fire & rescue units were retrained and have been equipped with fire fighting vehicles and uniforms. Kornidzor will also have a new base next month.

Q: is the emergency vehicle fleet being revamped?

Always, with the help of state and donor funds. It's also important to repair the existing vehicles, too. Of the 260 vehicles, only 9 are broken today, compared to 62 earlier this year.

We struck a deal with the Nature Ministry to distribute vehicles to forestries so they can help prevent wildfires with rapid response, before the arrival of firefighters. They will be trained.

Q: has the government already approved the formation of the Early Warning System program?

It will be approved in November and implemented by late 2023. Armenia needs 1,544 sirens and panels. Today we have 951.

From the 951 sires we have today, 468 were installed after the 2020 war. We've been working intensively to cover the entire population.

Q: what steps are being taken to study and prevent dangerous landslides?

The efforts are continuous. Japan helped conduct geological and geophysical surveys in several settlements of Shirak and Kotayk in 2014-2017. It led to the installation of devices that measure the movement of deep and surface soil, as well as rainwater and groundwater levels.

These devices are connected to computers in nearby settlements. These, in turn, are connected to Emergency Ministry servers that allow us to monitor land movements as they happen.

Q: six other similar studies are planned in several provinces this year. What's the progress?

Horizontal drilling and drainage, and հորատապայթեցման works were conducted in several villages and roads. The rest has been delayed to 2021-2023.

Q: you offered a new cooperation program between the State Academy of Crisis Management and Vazgen Sargsyan military academy.

14 students of Crisis Management academy have already agreed to serve in MOD as part of the program. The MOD is working on it.

Q: why has the number of fire incidents increased? Are the firefighters able to handle it?

Up to 80% of daily emergencies are fire incidents. From that, 70% are relating grass fields. The climate and humans play a role. Earlier this year, we began flying drones in recreational areas to inform picnic-goers about fire safety rules. I think it helps.

The most difficult challenge today is forest fires. But thankfully, there haven't been large-scale fires this year, compared to previous years. We had four fires in the Khosrov forest, which we were are able to extinguish in time. In honor of our population, I must mention that there are times when nearby residents actively participate in firefighting.

Q: how many drones do you have, and how effective are they?

We have 5 units but provinces will receive more soon. They became popular in our system. They are used to inform residents and organize firefighting works. They help identify smaller sources of forest fire and extinguish them on time.

For the first time, we began using drones in Lake Sevan. They saved 57 lives from drowning.

Q: what's being done about informing residents, helping them take shelter, and evacuate, in the event of an emergency?

In terms of raising awareness, we hold classes in schools, kindergartens, and settlements. We have serious issues with the evacuation of bordering settlements. It's a complex process and we don't have the ability to conduct widespread exercises today. We're working with local authorities to find solutions.

Q: tell us about bomb shelters. Have you built new ones or converted existing basements?

The problem is solved in newly built buildings because their basements are intended for shelters and cannot be privatized. As for old buildings, we're still working with local authorities to help prepare them to be used as shelters. [some residents privatized them and used them for storage]

Q: what new programs are you working on?

First. Legal amendments to reform the Emergency service recruitment process. The current process, which is based on holding a competition, does not allow the creation and promotion of reserves, and to make appointments in the event of a vacancy. To address this, we need to switch to an appointment system. Only this can enable the staff to develop and be assigned according to their abilities.

Second. We will be able to solve a number of technical equipment and training problems through the Russian-Armenian Humanitarian Response Center.

Third. With the help of the United States, two new rescue centers were built in Akhuryan and Gyumri, fully equipped with modern tech and capabilities. The facilities will open later this month. Another one is being built in Ashotsk.

Fourth. We have programs to expand the use of drones.


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Polls: is Armenia headed in the right direction?

41% yes, 34% no, 25% don't know.

Those above the age of 36, those living in provincial cities or villages, were more likely to say "yes".

Not much difference in education and salary groups, but pensioners were significantly more like to answer "yes", with the unemployed saying "no".

Note: the survey was conducted by IRI/Breavis/USAID in July. IRI was the most accurate major survey publisher in 2021, and the only "big" one that was accurate.

Polls: what's the predominant mood in Armenia?

52% optimistic, 29% lack of security, 17% disappointment.

Younger respondents were more likely to say "lack of security". All age groups were mostly optimistic.

The self-employed were the most optimistic.

Polls: did you vote in June 20 snap elections?

77% yes.

74% of men. 79% of women.

66% of 18-35 age

79% of 36-55

88% of 56+

Turnout was higher by 5% in provincial and rural areas.

Turnout was higher by 10% among the highly educated.

Turnout was only 63% among the unemployed, and the highest 86% among the pensioners.

Polls: turnout among those who said Armenia is headed to right/wrong direction

88% turnout among those who believe Armenia is headed in the right direction.

69% among the "wrong direction"

Polls: how did you make your selection on June 20?

37% the party's promises

20% the party leader

19% the party's achievements

12% democracy was the priority for me

11% I didn't want the old regime to return

[this, and the fact that more people said Armenia is headed in the right direction, contradicts the notion that most people voted AGAINST Kocharyan and not FOR Pashinyan]

Polls: was it easy to cast a ballot and understand the procedures?

97% yes, 2% no

Polls: do you agree that your polling station was not overcrowded so it was easy to vote?

89% yes, 9% no

Polls: was your polling station accessible to those with disabilities?

59% yes, 19% no, 22% don't know.

==Polls: how did political parties contact you during the propaganda?

45% they did not, 30% flyers, 22% local meetings, 21% social media, 4% in person, 1% phone.

Polls: are you satisfied with the election outcome?

63% yes, 29% no.

All age groups mostly said "yes". The older the voter, the stronger "yes".

Yerevan: 51% yes, 41% no.

Villages: 74% yes, 19% no.

University education: 54% yes, 38% no.

High school education: 72% yes, 21% no.

31% of those who believe Armenia is headed in a WRONG direction are satisfied with the election results.

Polls: what should be the government's top priority?

56% security, 9% army reforms, 5% social issues, 4% new jobs, ...

Polls: how should the government fight against COVID-19?

26% stricter rules in transport, restaurants, factories, and closed areas.

17% raise awareness about vaccines

15% the government should not fight against COVID

7% review school attendance

5% more privileges to those who've been vaccinated

3% restrict access to certain locations for the unvaccinated

Polls: are you satisfied with the COVID information provided by the government?

59% yes, 30% no

Poll: do you believe that mass vaccination will help recover the economy?

54% yes, 37% no

Poll: do you think you've been infected already?

37% yes, 61% no

42% yes in Yerevan, 52% no in Yerevan.

Polls: have you been vaccinated?

8% yes

10% of men, 7% of women

5% of under 35.

Same % in Yerevan and rural.

The higher the education, the higher the vaccination rate. More salary = more vaccine.

Those who said Armenia is headed in the right direction were significantly more likely to be vaccinated.

Polls: after the pandemic, how has your opinion changed towards these institutes?

Hospitals: 76% improved or stayed the same, 9% worsened

Healthcare Ministry: 67% improved or stayed the same, 17% worsened

Poll: why aren't you worried that you or your family might get infected?

22% we're taking preventative steps

22% I don't see risks

19% the virus is fake, it's all conspiracy

16% it's no more dangerous than regular flu [are you SURE about that?]

11% we've already been infected

Poll: do you think a vaccine would be effective on you?

52% yes, 39% no

Poll: will you get vaccinated?

43% yes, 53% no

Men and the elderly are significantly more likely to say "yes".

Yerevan residents are significantly (but not hugely) more likely to say "no".

Poll: why won't you take a vaccine?

35% worried about side effects

16% I don't think it's needed

15% I'd like to know if they are truly beneficial

10% they don't help

7% I never get vaccinated

Poll: how likely are you to agree to get a vaccine if...

It becomes mandatory for international travel: 55% likely, 44% unlikely

It becomes mandatory for visiting restaurants: 21% likely, 77% unlikely

If you are offered a cash prize: 6% likely, 92% unlikely

Poll: do you trust the following vaccines?

Sputnik V: 57% yes, 33% no

Chinese CoronaVac: 51% yes, 33% no

AstraZeneca: 27% yes, 62% no (worried about side effects)

Poll: are you worried about new COVID strains?

69% yes, 30% no

Poll: do you think vaccination could help prevent the spread of new strains?

67% yes, 21% no

[Vaccine survey TLDR: I know what's right but I won't do it.]

Poll: which media outlets provide trustworthy info on COVID?

23% public H1 TV

11% Shant

9% Armenia TV

5% Azatutyun (Radio freedom)

3% ArmNews

2% Facebook

2% moh.am

1% 5TV

1% news.am

25% neither

Poll: whom do you trust most when it comes to COVID vaccine news?

Most trustworthy: personal doctor, friends, healthcare experts & Ministry.

Least trustworthy: social media, non-Armenian media outlets, individual public officials

Poll: do you trust Russian media for COVID vaccine news?

36% yes, 44% no, 19% I don't consume it

Poll: do you trust Western media for COVID vaccine news?

32% yes, 40% no, 27% I don't consume it

Poll: what's your religion?

53% Armenian Apostolic church, 27% Christian in general, 5% Orthodox, 3% none, 2% Catholic, 6% difficulty answering.

Poll: does God exist?

87% yes


Sources: https://www.iri.org/resource/մհի-հայաստանյան-հարցումը-ցույց-է-տալիս-գոհունակություն-խորհրդարանական-ընտրություններից https://www.iri.org/sites/default/files/wysiwyg/armenian_final_presentation_09_03_2021.pdf https://factor.am/412856.html

Armenia and Russia will hold joint military exercises on Sept. 10-16

Zapad-2021 exercises are part of the 2021 calendar. The first event will be held in the "Mulino" military facility in Russia's Nizhny Novgorod.


Azerbaijan unhappy with Russian government website using the term "Republic of Nagorno Karabakh"

Context here. Azeri MFA sent a note of complaint to Russia, saying "that's not how friends treat each other". The Azeri media reported that the Russian side told them it was an "error". The Azeri sites complained that the "error" had not been corrected yet. The Russian page was removed at the time of writing this.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1062396.html https://factor.am/412850.html https://zakupki.gov.ru/epz/order/notice/zkk44/view/documents.html?regNumber=0173100004521001645

Azerbaijan and Russia are still negotiating over legal mechanisms for Russian peacekeepers in Artsakh

Aliyev administration said there are ongoing discussions over additional legal mechanisms regarding the peacekeeping mandate. "The ceasefire agreement defined a political and in some sense also a legal framework for the peacekeeping forces," said Aliyev admin. The debates continue.


Russian OSCE Minsk Group Co-chair visited Armenia

Igor Khovaev met Pashinyan and MFA Ararat Mirzoyan on Monday, after a trip to Baku. They spoke about the need to resume OSCE negotiations, release POWs, and carry out humanitarian tasks.

Khovaev also met Artsakh president Arayik, who had traveled to Yerevan. Arayik wished success to the newly appointed co-chair.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1062448.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1062464.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1062488.html

group of Artsakh officials received the title of Artsakh Hero

President Arayik issued the medals to deputy MOD Maj.Gen. Vardan Avetisyan, military figure Arthur Alexanyan, and a military surgeon Samvel Gevorgyan, for "significant contribution to the defense and exceptional courage during the war".

President: After a difficult ordeal, Artsakh is in a period of active recovery. Our agenda has not changed. Today, more than ever, we must unite our forces, spare no effort and energy, to build our dignified future. //


VIDEO: mental health experts continue to assist residents affected by war

4,300 visits have been made as part of a government program, said the Armenian Psychiatric Association. "It's best to address the issue early on. A couple of meetings can help get rid of a heavy burden."


World Council of Churches is helping thousands of Artsakh IDPs

10,000 IDPs have so far received food, clothing, bedding, heaters, and other household items. The organization is also retraining churchmen and social workers to better serve the needs of relocated residents.


anti-corruption: nine officials are charged with criminal negligence over deforestation

Prosecutors report: beginning in late July, we pressed felony charges against six forestry chiefs and three forest guards for negligence that lead to serious losses. They did not carry out the routine patrolling, resulting in 1471 trees being cut illegally, and ֏136 million in monetary damages.

Another 18 forest officials were charged in the first 5 months of 2021. //

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1062443.html https://www.arlis.am/documentview.aspx?docid=69646

anti-corruption: kept receiving benefits after employment termination

NSS reports: a group of public officials were tasked with keeping electronic databased up to date, relating to job terminations and state-issued free healthcare packages. As a result of negligence, 352 people kept receiving state subsidies between 2017-2021, despite having been terminated for over six months. This resulted in ֏12.5 million being unnecessarily sent to health insurances. Criminal charges will be pressed.


anti-corruption: police confirms the arrest of No. 122 school director

Report says: the director of "Alexander Blok" school in Yerevan demanded $1,500 in bribes from a woman to hire her as an employee, and to make sure there were no obstacles with the competition process. The director is facing criminal bribery charges. //


Serbia arrested a Macedonian diplomat at the request of Armenian authorities

Mile Milenkovski represented North Macedonian in OSCE. Armenian authorities have accused Milenkovski of helping a member of the former Armenian regime, an embezzlement suspect, to escape Armenia in 2018.

The Serbian and Macedonian authorities have confirmed that Milenkovski was arrested on August 27 while crossing the border. Serbia launched a process to extradite him to Armenia.

The alleged "smuggling", in which Milenkovski and two other diplomats used a private jet, took place during a private trip to Armenia, and allegedly involved two retired Macedonian diplomats. Milenkovski is a relative of Macedonia's ex-intel agency chief, who is currently in prison in Macedonia for abuse of power.

Context: several former high-ranking former Armenian regime officials were placed on the wanted list for corruption after the 2018 revolution. There is no official mention of whom the Macedonians allegedly helped to escape.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1062359.html https://en.armradio.am/2021/09/04/serbia-detains-north-macedonian-diplomat-on-armenias-request/ https://albaniandailynews.com/news/serbia-detains-north-macedonian-diplomat-on-armenia-s-request https://alsat.mk/102628-2/ https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/220172

Netherlands will help Armenia with continuing the justice reforms

Dutch ambassador met Justice Minister Andreasyan to discuss Armenia's top priorities: Constitutional reform, probation reforms, vetting judges, digitization, enforcement.

Andreasyan said Armenia needs help to finish these reforms. The Netherlands offered to deepen the cooperation.


World Bank is ready to assist the government to implement Pashinyan's 5-year plan

Deputy Premier Mher Grigoryan met the WB representatives and spoke about the programs aimed at developing human capital, infrastructure, and the sectors of the economy.

The two also spoke about the ongoing cooperation in the fields of economy and anti-pandemic healthcare.


Eurasian Development Bank is ready to make economic investments in Armenia in the next 5 years

... said its representative during a meeting with Deputy Premier Suren Papikyan. They discussed the digital industry, financial markets, and infrastructure.


Papikyan also met the European EBRD bank representatives to discuss investments

They spoke about the upcoming €2.6 billion aid package, and the need to build roads and infrastructure, especially in rocky Syunik.


ex-president Serj is suing QP MP Khachatur Sukiasyan over alleged defamation

It's over Sukiasyan's Parliamentary speech on August 25, covered here.

Sukiasyan had said: to understand what's happening today, we need to understand the 1990s. Towards the end of the 1990s, president LTP told us what our options were. LTP said that the international community had chosen a path for us. The superpowers were warning that the world wouldn't forgive Armenia for violating the UN-recognized borders.

In response, there was a coup in Armenia by various groups with different motives. They proceeded to nullify the entire political system and create the imitation that we had institutes. You all know what happened next. The political power was hijacked by one person [refers to Kocharyan]. Smaller forces would occasionally negotiate around certain issues.

I remember the head of NSS in the 2000s. A cannibal and plunderer. Today he meets several MPs every evening for consultations on how they should confront [presumably the govt]. He paid $5M for buildings in Yerevan in the 2000s.

You know very well why October 27 terror attack happened. It was to delay land concessions by Armenia. You know the reason behind the 2004 fights on Baghramyan Avenue. You know the reason behind the 2016 police station hostage takeover. This was all about delaying concessions.

Mr. [opposition MP] Gevorgyan, have you ever done business? How do you own $100 million today? How do you own 57 properties in the Yerevan center? My whole family, with four brothers and parents, ran a business for a decade and weren't able to achieve that much. Are you smarter than us?

You know that Serj wasted over $100 million in casinos, in the same Baden Baden mentioned by someone else today. HD MP Seyran Ohanyan knows this well: Serj Sargsyan returned to Armenia with one shoe bigger than the other, and with expensive "faberzhe". All at the expense of the army, healthcare, and education resources. //

Serj's lawyer also complained about former MFA Mnatsakanyan for mentioning "suitcases full of money being flown" during the Serj administration.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1062435.html https://www.reddit.com/r/armenia/comments/pbjo67/news_aug252021_zangezur_copper_plant_shareholder https://factor.am/413155.html

կրկին փորձիր

The Parliamentary Defense Committee held a session on August 31st to discuss the appointment of deputy chief. The opposition nominated HD MP Arthur Ghazinyan, a divisive figure. His bid was denied after a Q&A.

Today the opposition decided to nominate the same MP again. Unsurprisingly, he was rejected again. An opposition MP accused the government of "wasting time while there are important things to do".

Committee chief said, "I think Robert Kocharyan will re-nominate the same person again, or someone else. It's his choice."

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1062445.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1062453.html https://www.reddit.com/r/armenia/comments/pfdr6u/news_aug312021_mfa_peace_negotiations_must

Constitutional Court will hear the opposition's complaint over the election of Parliament President

When the new Parliament went to work, they had to elect their president and deputy presidents. A few of the opposition MPs were not present for vote because they had been arrested prior to becoming MPs, over alleged voter bribery and other offenses.

The opposition claimed their MPs had the right to take part in that vote. Not that it would make any mathematical difference; it was a matter of principle.

The Parliament ended up voting to appoint the president and deputy presidents. The opposition is now challenging the process to reverse and start over.

The top Court will discuss the case on January 25.


8km section of Dilijan curve road is being rebuilt

... north of the Dilijan-Sevan tunnel. The removed asphalt will be donated to nearby settlements to be recycled for local roads.


ֆիզիկական հետազոտությունների ինստիտուտի գիտական խումբը գրանցել է կարևոր արդյունք՝ ատոմական միջավայրում օպտիկական տիրույթում Ռաբիի տատանումների գրանցման առաջին դրսևորման վերաբերյալ

The Physics National Institute has made an "important discovery" relating to Rabi oscillations in an atomic environment. I don't understand this, so read it if you're interested.


COVID stats

4307 tested. 239 infected. 446 healed. 13 deaths. 9617 active.


Belgium has donated 187,200 AstraZeneca doses to Armenia

... as part of the COVAX global initiative.


303,000 vaccinations as of Sunday

195k first and 108k second dose.

nationality of vaccine takers

96% Armenian, 4% foreigner. It should be noted that this data was collected after tourists had already received vaccines en masse during the early months of summer.

age of vaccine takers

18-30: 11%

31-65: 69%

66+: 20%

gender of vaccine takers

One dose: 53% women, 47% men

Both doses: 50% women, 50% men.


Armenia officially authorizes the single-dose "Sputnik Light" vaccine

Armenia had approved the regular two-dose Sputnik-V earlier this year. It consists of two different adenoviruses (type 26 and type 5) that require delivery by two separate injections.

The Light version is essentially just the first dose of Sputnik V, with only type 26 adenovirus.

>The fact that the company produced the first component in significantly larger quantities than the second prompted the decision to approve and circulate the scaled-down version of Sputnik V.

Its efficacy is 79% and costs under $10. The scale of manufacturing and distribution of the Sputnik Light version will allow for the vaccination of a large number of people in a short period of time, a key goal for doctors.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1062462.html https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/sputnik-light-covid-19-vaccine-what-we-know

the No. 23 COVID aid package has expired: 1,421 businesses received $12 million in aid

Its goal was to help the tourism industry. The aid was launched in July 2020. The IRS monitored businesses (size, worker count, etc.) on monthly basis and distributed ֏6B in aid.


Syrian Cham Wings airline resumes the Aleppo-Yerevan flights

There will be weekly flights. It was interrupted due to the Syrian civil war.


someone decided to hold a wedding ceremony in the Temple of Garni

The Tourism Committee received numerous complaints after the Garni temple was "reserved and closed" for a wedding event. The Committee said they will work on legal reforms to more strictly regulate the organization of events near historical sites.

The wedding was allegedly organized by a director of an agency tasked with protecting cultural sites. He claimed the Ministry gave the approval to hold a wedding for his son.

Education/Culture Ministry responds: wrong, the event was unauthorized. [The aforementioned organization] had earlier received permission from us to hold an event in the territory, but it was supposed to be during certain hours and without disrupting the normal activities, with a limited type of authorized music [no rabiz]. We will investigate the bypassing of these instructions and will take steps to prevent it from repeating.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1062405.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1062461.html https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/220310

5,000-year-old tombs have been discovered in Vanadzor

Construction workers were replacing water pipes when they came across an ancient slab tomb and pottery. The workers were suspended.

The visual examination suggests they are from 3,000 B.C. "These small findings prove that Vanadzor was inhabited 5,000 years ago and had a high culture," said the Chief architect of Vanadzor.


almost half of the nasty garbage holes in Yerevan's apartment complex buildings have been shut

The capital recently launched a process to replace the problematic trash holes. Residents of tall buildings dump the trash directly from their hallways instead of going outside to use common bins. It may sound convenient, but it results in series of sanitary issues.

Under the new system, residents will use large garbage bins installed outside the buildings. They are regularly emptied.

46% of apartment buildings (1682 units) have undergone the changes so far. It aims to address rat infestation, bad smell, and sanitary issues.



... the number of illegal structures Yerevan municipality has so far bulldozed since it went berserk in June.


the new bridge on Hrazdan river will be ready soon

252-meter long and 28-meter wide, the bridge is part of the ongoing road projects in the capital's outskirts, known as circular road rings, which connect the capital to provinces.


Yerevan has 12 more streets with push-to-walk buttons for pedestrians


every Yerevan district will have at least two electric vehicle charging stations

... announced the Nature Ministry today, as part of a campaign to cut on carbon emissions. The import of EVs has skyrocketed after the 2019 legal reforms that exempt EVs from import taxes.

2019: 668 imported

2020: 2155

2021: 2468


Gyumri is holding the annual Jazz festival

HAY-AT JAZZ-2021 events are being held in the backyards of various museums. It's free for residents and tourists.


concert dedicated to the 150th anniversary of composer Alexander Spendaryan took place in Gyumri

Spendaryan museum director: it's no coincidence that the concert was held in Gyumri. In 1927, Spendaryan held a performance in the backyard of Polygon Orphanage, which forever remained in the memories of the orphans who escaped the genocide. [some orphans had emigrated to Gyumri].


Russian teachers will volunteer in Armenia's border settlements

Добро.РФ program will send volunteers to Agarak, Yeghhvard, and Davit Bek. It's organized by the Russian House in Yerevan.

A few dozen children in villages can't do proper fizkult exercises because the only available teachers are seniors who don't have the physical strength to train with them. They will have younger trainers soon.


E-school Armenia remote learning program is addressing the teacher shortage in rural regions

Director of National Center for Educational Tech.: the program identified the schools that lack teachers and connects them to 18 "mentor schools" where teachers can provide tutoring remotely.

Last year, 101 schools with teacher shortages were equipped with the necessary tech to hold remote classes. It was originally meant to be used during the pandemic but today it has gained experience and turned into a platform for creating quality e-content.

There was an attempt to implement e-learning in 2012, but teachers weren't motivated and did not want to use technologies. The pandemic was the impetus that made the teachers realize that there can no longer be education without tech.

The 2-week-long accelerated courses have retained 400 teachers. Around 2,000 video classes were prepared for 1-12 graders, 500 of which were in sign language for the disabled. They are available in E-School Armenia's channel.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1062356.html https://www.youtube.com/c/eschoolArmenia/videos

World Cup 2022: Germany 6-0 Armenia

Germany 12

Armenia 10

Romania 9

Macedonia 8

Iceland 4

Liechtenstein 0

The next match is on September 8 against Liechtenstein. It would be best if Macedonia plays a draw against Romania.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_FIFA_World_Cup_qualification_%E2%80%93_UEFA_Group_J https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1062423.html

this was Henrikh Mkhitaryan's 90th match as part of the national soccer team

He has scored 30 goals.


European chess championship

Hovhannes Gabuzyan finished 19th. He is among the top-23 players who won a ticket to the chess World Cup.


==Levon Aronian finished 3rd in Aimchess US Rapid

Carlsen was delcared the winner.


end of report

The accused are innocent unless proven guilty in the court of law, even if they "appear" guilty.

News archive: http://www.armeniapedia.org/wiki/Daily_Anti-Corruption_Reports

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