2020 October 23

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Daily news and anti-corruption report

Oct/23/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Artsakh (Karabakh) \\ U.S. Congressmen prepare bills; Artsakh recognition, Azeri sanctions \\ details about Azerbaijan's jihadists \\ battlefield & analysis; Azeris ambushed & retreat in south \\ reports of high-ranking losses \\ international response \\ war crimes
by ar_david_hh

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more international reports of Syrian jihadists recruited by Azerbaijan

Russian Novaya Gazeta newspaper writes [some information may be old]:

Mohammed Shala was killed in Karabakh in the first days of the war. He was from a little town of Atarib near Aleppo, Syria. He was a former member of the Free Syrian Army's (rebel) division called Suwar Al-Sham.

According to the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights, 134 Syrians were identified dead (locals say 185). 13 died in the past two days. They were all recruited by Turkish citizens.

Some militants have already asked Turkey to send them back while agreeing to forfeit the salary.

The precise number of Syrians in Karabakh is hard to tell, but the initial reports indicated around 1,000. The main recruitment was in the first days, and it slowed down later once the nature of the war became apparent.

The militants were recruited in Idlib, Syria and southern Turkey by commanders Mustafa Seyjar (FSA), Abu Amsha (Suleiman Shah), Saif Abu Bakir (Hamza), etc.

Instead of the $77/mo (600 Turkish Lira) that they were being paid to fight against the Syrian government, they were offered a lucrative $1,800/mo to fight in Karabakh. The life insurance is $30,000 in the event they're killed.

In either case, the militant and his family are promised Turkish citizenship. This has attracted many.

Full: https://novayagazeta.ru/articles/2020/10/23/87657-1800-dollarov-za-karabah


airstrike in northern Syria

In other news. The U.S. airforce conducted airstrikes against jihadists in northern Syria, near the Turkey border.

A facility was destroyed while members of Al Qaida-linked militants were holding a meeting. 15 were killed, including a member of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham cell, some of whose members are fighting against Artsakh.



other articles about jihadists

A Russian-language outlet covers an article from French Le Monde.


U.S. Congressmen introduce bills to recognize Artsakh republic and end weapon sales to AZ-TR

U.S. House Representative Frank Pallone and 31 co-sponsors have introduced a resolution to urge the official recognition of the Artsakh Republic.

Representative Bred Sherman: Four weeks on and Azerbaijan has violated TWO ceasefire agreements and continues its indiscriminate targeting of Artsakhians. The message from Azerbaijan is clear: violence, not negotiations, is the answer.

The U.S. must send a different message: if the offensive continues, we are prepared to recognize the Republic of Artsakh as an independent nation.

U.S. Senator Bob Menendez has introduced a resolution to end the arms supplies to Azerbaijan and Turkey.

"Azerbaijan's ongoing aggression against the Armenian people, with the full support of Turkey, has already led to painful casualties and horrific human rights violations among the civilian population in the region. The United States can no longer continue to provide assistance to Azerbaijan and Turkey in the field of security and armaments."

50 House Representatives sponsored a bill to apply Global Magnitsky Sanctions against Azerbaijan.








reports of high-ranking losses in the Azeri army

This is a collection of various reports from the past two weeks. Some can be more credible than others. They are no officially confirmed by the government of Azerbaijan, just as in the case of any death.

October 14: news outlet "Tolish Media" reported the death of Azeri Major General Hickmet Hasanov in the north-east. He lead the First Army Corps and was earlier congratulated by president Aliyev after capturing the Mataghis area. His death is not confirmed officially.



October 17: the same Tolish Media source reported the death of ethnic Talysh General Hikmet Mirzoyev. The same day, Ilham Aliyev awarded Mirzoyev the rank of Lieutenant General. The outlet assumes the award was posthumous. Unofficial and not verified.



October 19: Azeri outlet Azadlıq Qəzeti reported the death of the chief of the heavy artillery brigade Lt. Colonel Seyid Zaur Hussein oglu Jafarov. Not confirmed officially.



October 20: Azerbaijani Telegram news channels reported the deaths of Lt. Colonels Ikbar Bayramov and Babek Ramaldanov. Not confirmed officially.


October 22: reports arrived about the death of a Hero of Azerbaijan, Colonel Shukyur Hamidov (Şükür Nəriman oğlu Həmidov). He was allegedly killed near Qashatagh area (Qubatli) in the south.

In 2016, Həmidov organized the capture of Lele Tepe hill and was one of the three officers to receive the title of Hero. The reports of his death are not confirmed by the government. "Azeri social media was mourning his death today," wrote one observer.

Update: the government of Azerbaijan has officially confirmed the death of Həmidov. Ilham Aliyev called his father to express condolences.





October 23rd / calls for Artsakh's independence / battlefield & footage / humanitarian aid

Armenians held a demonstration in Tbilisi, Georgia in support of Artsakh. They called for the govt to stop aiding Turkey-Azerbaijan.



4:18: MFA Mnatsakanyan is in the United States. He met Philip Reeker, the head of the State Department's European affairs.


8:28: Saudi Arabia is Turkey's 15th largest export partner and serves as a major transit hub for Turkish goods. There is an ongoing campaign to end Saudi investments in Turkey, stop imports, and suspend tourism.

Why? Turkey and Saudis support different factions in Libya. Turkey supports Saudi "opponent" Qatar. Turkey is after Saudis who are suspected of killing journalist Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Turkey.

More Saudi businesses have joined the boycott. The small chains will sell the existing inventory and stop the new imports.

Officially, the Saudi govt denies any such boycott on state-level, possibly to avoid a lawsuit in the World Trade Organization. "The boycott is organized by citizens."


9:25: Spain is a notable arms supplier to Azerbaijan. Catalonian MP Míriam Nogueras urged the govt to indefinitely suspend the sales to Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia, "to prevent deaths of civilians in Yemen and Nagorno-Karabakh."


9:27 Artsakh govt: the night was stable-tense. Artillery shootout in some locations. The localized battles continue in all directions.


9:43: Azerbaijan used Smerch missiles against civilian settlements Karmir Shuka and Taghavard.


11:57: army released footage showing the destruction of multiple Azeri armored vehicles.


12:20: "Human Rights Watch" has documented and examined four instances of Azerbaijan using cluster bombs against Artsakh civilians.

"Cassette ammunition should never be used by anyone under any circumstances, especially in cities, because of the unacceptable danger to civilians," said the agency, and noted that Azerbaijan prohibited their entry for a similar examination in Azerbaijan.


Photos of locations where cluster bombs were dropped: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032510.html

11:42: Conductor of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra Sergey Smbatyan has donated revenues from his upcoming concert to Artsakh.


12:08: "Armenian artists from around the world will hold a charity Concert for Artsakh on October 26th," announced SOAD's Serj Tankian on Instagram.

He will be joined by Sebu Simonian, Arto Tunjboyajyan, Lebanese-Armenian violinist Ara Malikyan, and others. It's organized by the Creative Armenia foundation.



11:54: Armenian-Turkish MP Garo Paylan has accused the Erdogan regime of inciting racism against minorities, in particular, Armenians in recent times, and making racism a normal thing in the country.

AFP outlet reported about 60,000 Armenians in Istanbul being harassed by ultra-nationalists who drive cars and chant slogans in Armenian neighborhoods.



12:28: President Sarkissian met President Macron. The latter said they'll send a new group of doctors to treat the wounded in Artsakh.



13:15: the army published the names of 26 soldiers who died in battle. 927 total. Among them are former MP Davit Matevosyan, and QP MP Vagharshak Hakobyan's brother Tatul.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032513.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032503.html , https://news.am/arm/news/609396.html.

13:35: soldiers received medals for repelling enemy attacks and inflicting losses upon them.

Colonel Artak Avagimyan for precise artillery calculations. Four Sergeants and Privates for destroying multiple tanks each.


13:43: cellist (թավջութակահար) Sevak Avanesyan had earlier performed in the Shushi church that was bombed by Azerbaijan twice.

Today he performed Kian Soltani's "Persian Fire Dance" music in Shushi's Iranian Mosque, which was renovated recently.


13:45 army spokesman: heavy battles in the east. The groups of infiltrators are being thrown back.


14:04: Russian special forces have busted two terror cells in the southern regions of Dagestan and Karachay-Cherkessia. 20 members of Takfir wal-Hijra cell, who possessed grenades and guns, had earlier called for the creation of Islamist Caliphate.



14:22: Armenian demonstrators gathered in front of the European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg and demanded appropriate action against "Turkish-Azeri-Terrorist aggression against Artsakh."



14:36: BHK Gagik Tsarukyan urged his party supporters to join the army as volunteers and promised to use his resources to help Artsakh.


14:53: Russian military correspondent Kotenok was earlier wounded by the Azeri rocket that targeted the Shushi church. Today the doctors saved his foot after a 3-hour microsurgery. He's feeling well and uploaded a video.


15:32: one of the downed Bayraktar drones had a warhead made by the German company TDW.


14:37: a video was uploaded by an Armenian soldier showing the aftermath of a battle that left several Azeri soldiers dead in trenches. The soldier sends a message to Azeri mothers in the Russian language.

No gore: https://twitter.com/301_AD/status/1319574869579866112?s=20

14:42: Armenian soldiers uploaded a video showing the destruction of an Azeri multiple-rocket-launcher system.


14:59: Azerbaijan does not disclose its losses in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, but the fresh 26 graves in the 100,000-strong town of Mingechaur give a rough idea of ​​the scale of Baku's losses, wrote BBC-Russia.


16:12 army: Azerbaijan has so far lost 6539 soldiers, 206 drones, 16 helicopters, 24 aircrafts, 588 tanks and armored vehicles, 4 TOS, etc.

The most recent losses were 4 drones, 8 armored vehicles, 80 soldiers.

(Non-official sources have counted >$1.6b in damages.)



16:55: the government of Azerbaijan has a new law that, among other things, prohibits citizens from sharing information about dead and wounded soldiers.


16:23: Artsakh president Arayik Harutyunyan wrote a letter to Putin, spoke about the Artsakh-Russia ties, Russia's role in the negotiating process, and asked Putin to use his influence to broker a ceasefire and help relaunch the negotiating process.

Business Insider: "Turkey's Erdogan has been humiliating Putin all year."

The National Interest: Turkey is prolonging the bloodshed in Nagorno-Karabakh.




16:37: in other news. U.S. suspends visa services in Turkey after reports on potential terrorist attacks and kidnappings against U.S. citizens in Istanbul.


16:26: Rostelecom is matching the donations made by its employees to www.1000plus.am (the official fund that helps the wounded soldiers and their families)

Makeup artist Ani Gulayan has matched the $10,000 donations made by her fans to www.HimnaDram.org



17:30: Azerbaijan resumed the indiscriminate bombing of civilian settlements that don't have military objects. Airstrikes were conducted against Qaregah and Martakert.


17:35: MFA Mnatsakanyan gave an interview to the DW outlet. "Turkey remains the destabilizing force in this conflict."

Full: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032552.html


17:57: soldiers celebrating a comrade's birthday with a fancy cake.


17:59 Serj Tankian: contact your U.S. Representative about suspending military component sales to Turkey.


18:07: Secretary of State Miguel Pompeo met the Foreign Ministers of AM and AZ.

21:15: Donald Trump reports "progress" in the negotiation process. "We're working with Armenia. We have very good relations with Armenia. They are very good people there. They are so dedicated. They're incredible people... We're going to help them... We'll see what happens..."

https://news.am/arm/news/609479.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032563.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032574.html , https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1502093250001498

18:33: the Armenia Fund has organized the transfer of another 25 tons of humanitarian aid collected by the diaspora in Germany and France.


18:51: QP MP Nazaryan shared a letter and urged diasporans around the world to translate it to their language and present it to local legislators.

It's about the reasons why the Artsakh Republic has the legal right to self-determination, which municipalities and chambers have already recognized Artsakh, etc.


19:34: an interview with a Middle East reporter Lindsey Snell, who was one of the first journalists to report the recruitment of Syrian jihadists by Turkey/Azerbaijan.


20:03: The Parliament of Catalonia has adopted a message to condemn the Azeri-Turkish aggression against Artsakh.


20:05: Pashinyan visited the wounded soldiers, including QP MP Sasun Mikaelyan.

Photo/video: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032567.html

20:32 army: after a successful operation in the south, we destroyed a large unit of Azeri special forces. 9 armored vehicles were destroyed and several were captured. One Azeri soldier was captured alive. He is receiving medical treatment.

Army spokesman: Glorious soldiers of Aliyev, the ones who left the armored vehicles and fled, you will find your inglorious death in the southern valleys.



21:02 army: we just shot down an Azeri drone in the north-east.

Photos: https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/199403

21:03: Azerbaijan resumed the bombing of civilian objects in the capital Stepanakert and Martuni. The gas pipe and several buildings were destroyed.

Artsakh official: we will respond. We have warned long ago.

Video: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032588.html



21:07: over 3,000 Armenians held a demonstration in front of the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa today.



22:00 army spokesman's briefing: in the morning Azeris continued their attack in different locations. Besides the activities in the front lines, throughout the day, they bombed Artsakh's civilian settlements. That's what they do after failures on the battlefield.

The battles were fierce in the south of the center, near Shekher and Jivanik villages, as we already reported yesterday. There were successes in neutralizing the infiltrator groups. Village Shekher and its nearby forests are almost completely cleared of infiltrators. Some groups still remain in nearby forests; they're being neutralized.

In the south, all day long Azeris tried to attack near Vorotan (Qubadli?). Several attacks failed and after sustaining heavy losses, they were thrown back. Some units were completely dismantled. After losing armored vehicles they began to flee and hide in nearby valleys and forests.

In the south, on the river valley that stretches towards the Lachin corridor, near Hakari village (south of Lachin), the Azeris were pushed back further south after we attacked.

Overall the situation is tense. The battles are localized. There are no clear frontlines. Azeris try to attack near various river valleys and settlements, which are being neutralized by us.

That is the real situation we have today. Some of you may read reports about battles near a certain location and get the wrong impression that the situation is dire. But that's not how it works.

Our army is in full control of the situation, and despite the fact that Azeris moved forward in some areas, our army deals heavy blows on them.

Q: will you publish a map of the current battlefield?

A: yes, tomorrow we will publish the map of battles. We are aware of a map published by Ukrainian bloggers that does not accurately portray the situation [is he referring to Livemap Caucasus?]. The problem with maps is that people interpret them as solid "lines" and specific movements. But since the battles are now more localized (with infiltrators), maps will not accurately portray the situation, although we will present our own map.


COVID stats

+5,760 tested. +2,474 infected. +14 deaths. +489 healed. 21,560 active.

471 patients across Armenia are waiting for a free bed. There are 285 free beds available across various hospitals.

The government has negotiated with private COVID testing clinics to reduce the maximum testing price from $50 to $30.

The police will resume the strict safety checks in businesses and on the streets. Those without masks or other requirements will be penalized again. Glory to Arstotzka.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032501.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032542.html , https://news.am/arm/news/609450.html Post office will deliver your package one day faster

... if you live in Shirak province, thanks to a new sorting facility in Gyumri. It will eliminate the need to transfer parcels to Spitak's sorting facility first. No more round trip.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032528.html no child left behind

As part of the Education Ministry's long-term goal to increase the share of children who attend preschools, there is a new bill to boost attendance in rural areas.

Settlements without preschool buildings could dedicate part of their town halls, cultural centers, or other govt facilities for part-time preschool attendance.

Smaller settlements could find suitable houses and use them as preschools if the number of children is small.


Top-5 most popular children's books purchased in September

5) Փիսոն գնում է բժշկի, by Anna Isabekyan.

4) Tales, by Hans Christian Andersen.

3) Harry Potter and the Smartass Stone, by J. K. Rowling.

2) Շաղգամը, by Atabek Khnkoyan.

1) Բոքոնիկը (колобок)


how to donate to Artsakh

www.1000plus.am (medical aid for soldiers and their families)

www.HimnaDram.org (global)

www.ArmeniaFund.org (U.S. tax-deductible)


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