2019 January 13

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Anti-Corruption Daily

Anti-Corruption Jan/13/2019
by ar_david_hh

All the accused are innocent until proven guilty by the court of law. Currency in Armenian Drams unless specified otherwise.


Investigators have decided to suspend the case and not press any charges against either side involved in the Yerevan municipality scuffle that took place on February of 2018. Several Yerkir Tsirani members attempted to assault the former mayor Taron Margaryan with a bottle containing sewage water, before being forcefully kicked out of the room by Margaryan allies.



TLDR of Kocharyan detention situation, and what's next:

Kocharyan was arrested and charged with breaking the Constitutional Order on 2008. Prosecutors wanted him locked up for 2 months for now (standard time for cases like this).

Lower Court ruled that he can go to jail despite being a former president. It satisfied prosecutor's petition to arrest him for 2 months. Kocharyan went to jail.

Kocharyan appealed the ruling in Higher Court, which ruled that Kocharyan cannot go to jail for 2 months because he has an immunity. Kocharyan walked out free.

Prosecutors appealed it in Cassation Court (next one after Higher), which ruled that Kocharyan can go to jail if he is charged with something that revokes his right for immunity (the law does not give an absolute immunity to anyone). The Cassation court told the Higher court to re-examine the case.

The case went back to Higher Court, which this time ruled that Kocharyan should go to jail for 2 months. Kocharyan went back to jail.

Up until now, Kocharyan was fighting to get out of jail by using the presidential immunity argument. He lost it (unless his defense takes the case to highest Constitutional Court and wins). Now, he has opted to get out of jail by posting a bail money.

Kocharyan defense appealed the court to let him go with bail. The judge recused herself for conflict of interest. The new judge has also recused himself because of an error in the judge selection process.

On January 14th, we will find out what's next.


Part of the wall and roof of an empty building (Little Singers Center) on Aram 23 has collapsed (no injuries) due to the nearby construction company violating the safety protocols and digging too deep for their new parking lot. Activists contacted the old and new Yerevan authorities last year but not enough was done by the law enforcement on timely manner to stop the construction, says the witness. People were removed from the building on last June.




Yerevan municipality says the case was not neglected. They worked on it since last year, evacuated people, then worked on finding a new building for them.



An activist says they contacted PM Pashinyan last year, and he issued an order to strengthen the building's walls, but the city's building commission failed to act on a timely manner, says the activist.

The activists had also contacted the Ministry of Culture, which cooperated with the prosecutors to launch a case against the neighboring construction company for violating building safety protocols.



Yerevan architect says because the building is a protected cultural structure, the city needed Ministry of Culture's permit to begin the wall strengthening operations, but the Ministry had not confirmed it. Ministry denies it's their fault.




Ministry of Culture says they launched a legal case against the neighboring construction company, which received what appears to be an illegal authorization to dig an underground parking lot (3 story instead of allowed 2) by the former Yerevan mayor Taron Margaryan's administration. The structure was being built without an authorization by the Ministry.






Georgia has begun the process that could open Georgia-Russia roads through South Ossetia and Abkhazia. This will allow Armenia to connect to Russia for trade through 3 roads, instead of one (Lars). The roads could open as early as this March.



Hrazdan mayor will suspend night club operations in the city, citing complaints from residents about "various problems caused by them". For years, the residents have asked the city administration to take action, and recently contacted the province governor about it.

http://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/152230 ----- https://hraparak.am/post/260890725


Kotayk governor's office has agreed with several businesses to bring $10mln in investments in dozens of different projects. Hanqavan will have a new recreational hotel, creating and supporting 750 jobs.



The contract has been signed to install LED street lamps in Yerevan.

As a result, 28 streets will be brighter, save 60% energy, look better and more attractive for tourists, electric wires moved underground for better safety.



Katya Galstyan 5km and Tadevos Pogosyan 10km win gold medals in Developing Nations skiing championship in Lebanon.



Happy Old New Year! Today, many Armenians celebrate the New Year's day under Julian (Orthodox) calendar.



Manvel Grigoryan was earlier released after posting bail. Protests are still continuing. The roads between Ejmiatsin-Yerevan, and Zvartnots, were temporarily blocked by the crowds. Eggs were thrown at Manvel lawyer's car. Human Right Ombudsman condemned the action, police is investigating.




The embassy in Scandinavia is negotiating with IKEA to open a branch in Armenia.



Healthcare Minister Torosyan makes an unannounced visit to a hospital to find out about the winter flue situation. The doctor doesn't recognize him. "Who are you, why are you recording?" 👏👏👏



BONUS CLIP: A kid tells the minister to f-ck off after he touches the painful part of the freshly treated arm. 😂



On Friday, Russian Foreign Ministry (FM) criticized Azerbaijan for discriminating against ethnic Armenians with Russian passport trying to enter Azerbaijan.

Azeri FM has responded saying this isn't the first time Russian FM makes a statement against the spirit of RU-AZ friendship. Azeri FM says they welcome Russian visitors.

Azeri FM denies Russian FM report that they've discussed the discrimination practice and came to an agreement to fix it.


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