2019 January 14

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Anti-Corruption Daily

Anti-Corruption Jan/14/2019
by ar_david_hh

All the accused are innocent until proven guilty by the court of law. Currency in Armenian Drams unless specified otherwise.


Prosecutors have officially confirmed that the former Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan is also charged with breaking the Constitutional Order on 2008. He joins the list of Robert Kocharyan, aide, another former defense Minister, and Yuri Khachaturov.

Ohanyan was first questioned as a witness on 2018.



Ararat Mirzoyan is unanimously confirmed as the new Parliament Speaker. Babloyan transfers his seat.



There is a debate over the 3rd vice speaker's position. Bright Armenia (LHK, aka Lusavor Hayastan Kusakcutyun) and Prosperous Armenia (BHK, aka Bargavach Hayastan Kusakcutyun) are arguing in favor of their candidate.

LHK argues their candidate Mane Tandilyan won three times as many ballots than BHK's Enfiajyan, so she should be appointed.



President Sarkissian has officially appointed Pashinyan as the new Prime Minister



Russia's Vladimir Putin, Dmitri Medvedev, Belarus' Alexander Lukashenko, Georgia's Mamuka, Swedish PM, Artsakh president and others have congratulated Pashinyan.




Hraparak paper had earlier published an article with a clickbait-y title, comparing QP with HHK and portraying them as no better than HHK, all because QP members decided to get together and have a khash dinner, something that HHK also used to do.

Pashinyan responded to the article saying he doesn't understand the logic of it, and that there isn't anything wrong about party members dining together. He said the article reported incorrect information, and that it was his idea to get together and not Ararat Mirzoyan's.

Some people weren't happy with the criticism/correction. The Journalist Union has decided to label Pashinyan's comment as an "attack against media".



This isn't the first time Hraparak seeks attention in a similar fashion. They published an article accusing the Prime Minister of lying and empty populism by portraying Manvel Grigoryan's arrest as unwarranted and inhumane. https://hraparak.am/post/78848046

Press F for quality journalism...

Manvel Grigoryan was arrested after it was discovered that he possessed stolen military property, stolen donated goods, possessed large quantities of illegal weapons including RPGs and fully automatic weapons, animal cruelty. His blockade of Ejmiatsin city roads, with the purpose of not letting locals to get close to his mansion, was also found to be illegal.

Later, it was discovered that he stole dozens of millions of dollars worth property and money, which he agreed to return [still being processed]. Governor's office found numerous violations done by his son as a former Ejmiatsin mayor. Competitor businesses nearby Zvartnots airport complained that Manvel's family was acting like a mafia.


Manvel Grigoryan was earlier freed after posting bail. Prosecutors are challenging the verdict in an attempt to send him back behind the bars. They have asked the new judge to recuse himself. More details later. Public protests are continuing against his release.



Kocharyan wants to post bail and walk out of jail. The first two judges had recused themselves for various reasons.

Kocharyan lawyer has asked the third judge to recuse as well, because the judge's son is his (lawyer's) close friend. The judge himself is a friend of another family member.

The lawyer says while his friendship with the judge isn't a basis to suspect impartiality, he wants another judge to hear the case in order to avoid bias allegations by prosecutors.



The third judge has refused to recuse himself, saying that his personal relations with Kocharyan lawyer aren't close enough to affect the verdict.



A rare spinal cord implant surgery was done in Yerevan. Part of the spine was removed to prevent cancer advancement, the blood vessels were blocked, then a metal replacement part was installed



Gegharquniq governor's office reminded about a planned suspension of fishing in Lake Sevan as of January 14th. Several fishermen submitted 14,000 fishes caught recently to the state. The fish was sent to military front-lines so the soldiers can have քեֆ.




The police caught a bigger fish. They stopped and arrested thieve-in-law Artyom Konevskoi and his group, for carrying illegal weapons.




Around this time on 1990, the pogroms of Armenians in Baku, Azeri independence movement, and subsequent USSR invasion was happening. After helping the city to prosper for 150 years (ex: Armenian oil magnates Mantashov, Aramyan, Mirzoyev), Armenians found themselves no longer welcome in the city.

150 citizens were killed, thrown out of balconies, stabbed, and property stolen. Azeri opposition figures cite 86 murders.

Chess world champion Garry Kasparov (part Armenian) found himself seeking refuge in Russia. Years later, when he received an expensive jewelry gift after a victory, he sold it to donate the money to Armenian refugees who fled Baku.

An Azeri opposition politician Etibar Mamedov recalls witnessing an execution of two Armenians near a train station. The crowd poured fuel and set them on fire. A police drove 20 meters away from the incident and refused to take action. There were 500 soldiers stationed nearby. He says their activist group later pressured the police to disperse the crowd.

A witness recalls an event. The angry mob broke her neighbor Alla Khachatryan's door with an ax. Alla's daughter jumped from the window to escape. Others in the building were thrown out of balconies among with household items. Cars and expensive properties were stolen. She asked the soldiers to intervene, but they said they didn't have orders from the higher ups. She and her husband were hidden and saved by their Azeri neighbors who migrated from Yerevan. They were then able to reach the Baku port with the help of their ethnic Russian relative, and from there they took a ferry to Turkmenistan.

While this was happening, Azeri national front movement was fighting against USSR for power. The Azeri Communists contacted Moscow for help to preserve power.

On January 15th, USSR signed a decree declaring emergency situation in Artsakh Republic (formerly Karabakh Autonomous Oblast) and nearby regions.

Only on January 19th, when the Baku massacres had ended, USSR declared emergency in Baku. By then, most Armenians had already fled. USSR used the massacres as a pretext to invade Baku. Later, the commander of the USSR army admitted that the main reason for invasion was to take back the power.

The USSR army killed hundreds of Azeri protesters and rioters, some of whom were the direct participants of the Armenian massacres. Dozens of innocent civilians also perished and hundreds were wounded by tanks. The fights resulted in two dozen USSR army deaths.

Heydar Aliyev, who was in Moscow at the time, condemned the USSR actions and went to his hometown in Nakhijevan. During an interview to media, Aliyev blamed the attacks against Armenians on Azeri and Russian KGB, as well as the government of Azerbaijan (incl. Mutallibov and Vezirov). Aliyev was still a Nakhijevan leader at the time of his comments.



Armenian and Azeri FMs will hold talks in Paris on January 16th



Turkish paper Sozcu article raises concerns about Syrian leader Bashar Assad's promise to restore an Armenian church in Deir ez-Zor, which was dedicated to the Genocide remembrance. The analyst has called it a provocation against Turkey.


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