2019 January 16

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Anti-Corruption Daily

Anti-Corruption Jan/16/2019: //// Norfolk Consulting has repaid $7mln in damages //// IRS numbers for 2018 //// Gold mining company under criminal investigation
by ar_david_hh

All the accused are innocent until proven guilty by the court of law. Currency in Armenian Drams unless specified otherwise.


IRS chief says the former PM-linked Norfolk Consulting duties clearing company, which illegally aided companies in hiding the true cost of imported goods, has recovered the 3.4bln in damages done to state



IRS released 2018 taxation numbers: Tax revenues grew 14.5% YoY; collected 211bln more than on 2017.

22% of the revenue came from Customs duties. It grew by 5.5% or 17.5bln.



IRS chief denies the rumors that car import duties have increased since January 1st. Says the import taxes were lowered since June of 2018.

Says only dishonest importers who used to cheat the system by providing false car cost invoice data (to artificially lower taxes) will see their actions countered through the use of a new IRS invoice checking tool that will be used from now on.

IRS has placed an invoice "calculator" on their website to help the car importers, and to discourage cheating.




Laws regulating imports of two or more cars will be relaxed, once approved by the government. No details, still under discussion.

Car imports have rose almost 70%. 2016: 17k, 2017: 39k, 2018: 67k.



IRS will lay off 128 employees after finding some of their work to be redundant, as part of an optimization project. Over 400 others will be shuffled to other positions within the organization.



President Sarkissian is in United Arab Emirates. He participated in a business meeting with MUBADALA hi-tech firm chief, invited him to visit Armenia to familiarize with investment opportunities.

President has thanked MAADAR hi-tech school for providing tuition and access to students from Armenia.

Sarkissian was invited as a featured speaker at an Abu-Dhabi business summit about technology, energy and future.




Pashinyan earlier held a meeting with Georgian PM Mamuka B. They agreed to hold a formal business-forum of Georgian and Armenian businesses in Dilijan, Armenia on May. https://armtimes.com/hy/article/152444


The meeting with Georgian PM was non-formal and took place in Bolnis, Georgia - a town heavily populated by ethnic Armenians. The residents were unaware of the visit and were surprised to see the leaders' coming out of cars.



Prosecutor have pressed charges against a gold mining company which operated illegally near river Shakhkul on 2017. Over 1km of land was processed, and 18KG gold was stolen. Total damage to state is assumed to be 327.5mln.



On 2018, various regional police departments recovered 708mln in funds stolen by politicians and the private sector.



aaaaAaaaAandd we have the first Parliament fight of 2019!

LHK Babajanyan (1in.am chief journalist, pro EU, Russia critic) wants all Armenian ambassadors to other countries to pass through Q&A in Parliament before being confirmed.

He criticized the former ambassador to Ukraine, who is a relative of BHK leader Gagik Tsarukyan. Called the ambassador a "Russian interest peddler, participant of a criminal network, being unable to strengthen ties between UA-ARM, and someone who operates a secret business in Ukraine". He accused the ambassador of issuing diplomatic licenses to individuals from the criminal world.

BHK MP Abovyan responded, calling the remarks defamatory, false. He defended ambassador's work, and called Babajanyan's speech a PR stunt.

Other LHK and BHK members joined the verbal battle before being interrupted by Speaker Mirzoyan.

https://armtimes.com/hy/article/152464 ----- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BciL1Kkxhu8

(verbal fight) https://youtu.be/ZpvENnYJSkU?t=19


Deputy PMs Tigran Avinyan and Mher Grigoryan will keep their jobs.



ARF releases a statement. They plan to win the next elections and "send QP back to home". They say QP doesn't have the right members with experience to solve the nation's problems, and that ARF has what it takes to govern the country.



Yerevan municipality will make more changes on how it plants trees.

The newly planted trees will need to be at least 2 year old, 4cm in diameter, and be planted only in areas where irrigation system exists. New irrigation networks with a total 5km length will be built this year alone. New trees and bushes will be of a kind that blossom. The greenhouses will expand. More in article...



ANCA advises American-Armenians not to support Senator Kristen Gillibrand as a 2020 presidential candidate because of her pro-Turkey and somewhat anti-Armenian political record



Armenian and Azeri FMs held a 4-hour meeting in France to discuss Artsakh issue, preparing two peoples for peace, regional development



Spanish TV releases tourism themed documentary about Armenia, its history, genocide and culture.


[eats dolma in Spanish, cries in Turkish]

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