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Daily news wrap-up

Mar/1/2021 news: (1) History: March 1st crisis & Armenia's recent politics (2) Pashinyan holds a rally, responds to GCoS, Constitutional reforms, offers snap elections (3) GCoS criticized for politicization & March 1st participation (4) Opposition rally (5) Russia-Pashinyan resolve Iskander dispute
by ar_david_hh

Your 18-minute Monday report in 4735 words.

Artsakh Parliament resolution about the occupied lands

The Parliament officially declared that the actions committed by Azerbaijan are classified as an occupation of legal Artsakh lands. "Artsakh Republic's independence in Sep/2/1991 was based on international and USSR law."

Full: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1044795.html

LHK leader Marukyan offers a solution to de-escalate and hold snap elections

LHK Marukyan: Pashinyan gives up on the attempt to fire the GCoS chief over the letter, and re-hires the deputy GCoS who was fired earlier. Then snap elections are held. //

A ruling QP MP found such pre-conditions unacceptable because the "GCoS should not be part of political agreements." The ruling party accepts the second part of Marukyan's offer, about elections.

LHK Marukyan: Okay, but I'm waiting for Pashinyan's official response. Let's all leave the army alone and go for snap elections. Dissolve the Parliament and hold elections. //

QP MP: GCoS is fired, then political consultations are held around snap elections.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1044797.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1044803.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1044827.html , https://factor.am/343182.html , https://factor.am/343238.html

Pashinyan and Russia settle dispute over Iskander's quality

Serj earlier criticized the army/government for not using the Iskander missiles sooner during the war. Pashinyan responded, saying the missiles purchased by Serj were often not exploding.

Russian Defense Ministry felt offended over the portrayal of Iskander in a negative light, and responded, saying Iskander was never even used during the Artsakh war, contradicting both Serj and Pashinyan. However, there have been videos claiming to show how Armenians used Iskander.

Today, Pashinyan backtracked on his Iskander claim, "As a result of the combination of existing facts and data, the Prime Minister of Armenia came to the conclusion that he was not properly informed about this situation. Moreover, the Prime Minister's statement has nothing to do with the content and quality of the Armenian-Russian allied relations in the sphere of military-industrial cooperation," said the office.

Vladimir Putin's spokesman Peskov expressed satisfaction over the message. "It is very important that the truth has been restored in this matter."

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1044791.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1044806.html

Pashinyan calls for a rally on March 1st

Over the weekend, Pashinyan called for a meeting and a rally at 6:30 pm in Republic Square. March 1st is a symbolic day. He will talk about the March 1st trial, the judicial system issues, the need to preserve civilian rule and democracy, and President Sarkissian's "unclear and unfounded" decision not to fire GCoS Onik Gasparyan. "Armenia cannot have more 'March 1st' clashes. We don't have enemies within Armenia."

https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/207752 , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1044751.html

civil society groups and ruling party are unhappy with president Sarkissian's decision

Sarkissian refused to fire GCoS Onik Gasparyan over the weekend. The ruling party members called Sarkissian's reason for "finding conflicts with Constitution" to be unfounded.

QP MP Vahagn accused Sarkissian himself of violating the Constitution, he said "there is enough evidence to launch a process to fire Sarkissian for the gross violation of Constititoon and the arbitrary decision not to sign it."

LHK leader Edmon Marukyan responded with a sharp critique, saying that if the president is removed, it would be the "final nail in the coffin." There is no official talk by ruling party leadership about "firing" the president, however.

President Sarkissian responded, saying his decision received an inadequate response. "I do not protect the interests of any political force."

Several prominent civil society NGOs, including Helsinki Committee, Gyumri's Asparez, Informed Citizens, etc. published a message condemning President Sarkissian and accusing him of violating the Constitution. "The President's decision does not hold legal merit and supports the GCoS's unconstitutional statement.

President's decisions violated Constitution's 133, 155 clauses, and Military law's 40th clause.

In the past, the president has fired two other GCoS chiefs under similar circumstances, without raising concerns that he raised today."

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1044761.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1044786.html , https://factor.am/34296thatl , https://factor.am/342983.html

GCoS chief Onik Gasparyan and other generals are criticized for "March 1st participation"

GCoS Onik Gasparyan is being criticized for his alleged role in the 2008 March 1st events. March 1st plaintiff layer [citizen vs Kocharyan] and former fact-finding mission member Seda Safaryan said:

We've so far tried not to talk a lot about Onik Gasparyan, thinking that he is a military and perhaps he broke away from the former regime [after the revolution] and serves for the country now. But I was wrong. I don't know what Pashinyan was thinking by giving Onik the General rank.

During March 1st events, Onik Gasparyan brought soldiers from the Vayk military station. Jirayr Poghosyan was a tank unit commander who brought tankers from Artsakh to areas near Yerevan. Murad Abrahamyan, Arsenyan, and many others [presumably people who co-signed Onik's letter] have taken part in March 1st. These people cannot break their ties with the former regime. So who is harming the army?


Security Council meeting is held / Condemns the GCoS's political statement

Pashinyan and other officials held a security council meeting today. GCoS Onik Gasparyan did not attend.

The Council released a statement condemning the efforts to involve the military in politics, and called for President Sarkissian to fire GCoS chief Onik.

Council chief Grigoryan later: President Sarkissian cannot interpret the Constitution the way he wishes.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1044787.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1044793.html , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfOR0uYWpPc , https://factor.am/343166.html

Pashinyan pays a visit to President Sarkissian

They discussed the political situation.


Original documents showing Sarkissian's refusal to fire GCoS, and Pashinyan's counter-complaint telling Sarkissian that the reasoning behind his refusal is "unfounded".


Lisagor, Shushi population begins to return to their homes

Lisagor village is near the Lachin corridor, in Shushi District. The IDPs will begin to slowly repatriate in the Spring when the weather gets warmer. The mountainous and cold terrain didn't allow them to do so sooner.

The electricity, gas, and telephone services have resumed in the village. The municipality and medical centers are functional. A few teachers and students have already returned.

Mayor Nasibhyan criticized "fake news that was circulated recently, claiming that we were told to leave the village within 3 days."


rumors & rebuttals: information warfare continues

NSS denied rumors that a group of Turkish soldiers were allowed to enter Armenia. "Refrain from spreading unverified rumors and misinformation."


Foreign Ministry denied rumors that Turkish TRT outlet asked to visit Armenia and cover Pashinyan's upcoming march.


Deputy General Prosecutor denied media "conspiracy theories" that he was pressured to launch a felony case against President Sarkissian. He accused media outlets of presenting an out-of-context photo, taken during a routine meeting with Parliamentary colleagues, judges, and police, during legal reform discussions, to claim that it was a nefarious meeting where they were "colluding" around things.

The meeting was in Tsakhkadzor's Arara rezort, and not in some restaurant, he said. "The deputy general prosecutor was invited to participate in the discusions around criminal code reforms."


Nationalists are up in arms over the Garegin Nzhdeh statue in Artsakh again, amid misinformation that it was being removed. Today's complaint is over the covering of the statue with a cloth/plastic. The municipality said the sculptor himself covered it before he can finalize the work. Its opening ceremony is this year. Sorry, but Traitor 404.


Ruling party MP denied claims that they were pressuring public workers in a province to participate in today's March 1st rally, and called a video shared by opposition activists inauthentic and staged. There was a video of Pashinyan supporters in Gyumri using a bus to head over to Yerevan; they denied being pressured.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1044792.html , https://youtu.be/HwZZnBZ30Ns

A group of former regime activists entered government and Yerevan municipality buildings and urged workers to join them. They claimed the workers were being pressured to join pro-Pashinyan rallies. The Yerevan municipality responded, calling the accusations a lie, "No one can force any worker to attend any gathering. We urge you not to provoke and spread misinformation."

A similar flashmob took place earlier when a car insurance office was broken into by former regime activists, who made unfounded accusations that they were running internet bot farms.


IRS also published a similar message denying the opposition's claims that they instructed workers to join protests.


Artsakh authorities denied the regime's rumors about allegedly sending law enforcement agents to participate in Pashinyan's rally. "The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Artsakh is a depoliticized structure, whose mission is to ensure the internal security of the country. The Ministry is not involved in any political process."

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1044781.html public officials pay tribute to March 1st victims

Deputy PM Avinyan: 13 years ago, our state and society were shocked when the protest disputing the official election results was fired upon. There won't be any March 1st in Armenia anymore.

Full: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1044782.html

President Sarkissian: the March 1st events are painful for all of us. The political struggle must not go beyond the bounds of legitimacy, it must not lead to shocks, instability. Contradictions must not turn into an atmosphere of intolerance and mutual hatred.


Speaker Mirzoyan: I call upon all individuals, civic groups, parties to put aside their political differences in memory of the victims of March 1, to stand together to reject violence and threats as a tool for resolving political processes.


Ind. MP Babajanyan and his "For Republic" party laid flowers in memory of March 1st victims. "What happened 13 years ago was a challenge to Armenia's democracy, statehood, and the people's government. We believe the public understands the meaning of March 1st, when for the first time, the army - which was de-facto in war - was involved in politics, leading to blood on Yerevan streets."


History flashback: what is "March 1st"? / What happened in 2008 and 2018? / Constitutional Court changes / 2020 referendum

Presidential elections were held in 2008 to choose a predecessor for the departing president Robert Kocharyan. The latter's ally Serj Sargsyan ran against the first president Levon Ter-Petrosyan (LTP), who at the time was aided by Nikol Pashinyan.

LTP camp pointed out irregularities and accused the authorities of falsifying the elections in favor of Serj. The case reached the Constitutional Court, which was supposed to decide to certify the election results or not. It did, amid LTP's criticism.

Later, when Wikileaks leaked the United States diplomatic cables, including from Armenia, it showed that [at least] one of the Constitutional Court judges was pressured by the regime to certify the election results. Critics later accused the Constitutional Court of being Kocharyan's and Serj's puppet.

Another criticism was over Serj's 2018 plan to expedite the appointment of his party member HHK MP Hrayr Tovmasyan as the Constitutional Court chief. In 2018, the new Constitution was supposed to come into law. According to the new Constitution, the Constitutional Court judges would have limited terms. But if a judge was appointed before the activation of the new Constitution, they would have lifetime privileges.

To gain the lifetime privilege, Serj and HHK decided to appoint their MP Hrayr Tovmasyan before the activation of the new Constitution, but they didn't have enough time due to beorocratic reasons, and according to a pending felony case, they falsified documents to claim their man was appointed as a judge in time.

HHK MP Hrayr Tovmasyan ended up becoming a Constitutional Court judge. Serj also "made an agreement" with the Court chief so the latter would resign to allow Serj's man to become the president of the Constitutional Court. This is another reason why the Court was accused of being Serj's puppet.

All of this, and other complaints raised over time, served as a basis for the Pashinyan administration's post-2018-revolution push to "clean" the court. Pashinyan, however, was told to be careful by international experts, so his administration settled on a "compromise" deal, according to which, only the judges who had served over X number of years would be forced to resign, which is in-line with the new Constitution's spirit, which states that judges should have limited terms.

The "court cleanup" was placed on a ballot and a national referendum was scheduled so the public could decide. The referendum never took place because of the pandemic, so the Parliament decided to hold a vote instead. The supermajority voted to approve the reforms.

A few Constitutional Court judges were fired (but not HHK MP Hrayr Tovmasyan). The Court is not filled with pro-Pashinyan judges, however, because many old judges kept their seats, and the new judges who were appointed recently were nominated not exclusively by the authorities, but also by independent parties and fellow judges. One of the judges is strongly anti-former-regime.

Back to 2008 events... After the disputed election certification by the Constitutional Court, LTP and Pashinyan held protests in February. Kocharyan administration brought the army to Yerevan to suppress the protests. Today, Kocharyan is going through a felony trial for this. The prosecutors argue that the use of the military was illegal and that the army was involved before an emergency situation was declared.

LTP/Pashinyan supporters were brutalized by police on the morning of March 1st while sleeping in tents in front of the Opera building. Fabricated gun charges were filed. The European Court for Human Rights would later side with camper(s) against the police.

Later that day, the events turned violent, leaving 10 people dead. Videos were circulated showing how the authorities opened fire at retreating protesters. Kocharyan claims authorities acted in self-defense.

Kocharyan administration placed Pashinyan, one of the protest leaders, on the wanted list. The latter hid in a friend's house for a year, while creating the impression that he was in Greece(?). He later turned himself in and was imprisoned. His arrest was viewed as political persecution. Pashinyan later thanked human rights organizations for supporting him and his release.

After the 2018 revolution, the Pashiyan administration launched a March 1st investigation, an idea widely supported by the public. Several former regime officials are accused of covering up the use of military rifles against the civilian protesters.

In one instance, for example, the former General Prosecutor is accused of coordinating an effort between agencies to tamper with evidence by replacing bullet shells with civilian bullet shells fired at a gun range; he is currently residing abroad. In another instance, a law enforcement official is accused of shooting at a protester.

The main defendants are Robert Kocharyan, his aide, and army official Yuri Khachaturov. None are being charged with murder or issuing orders to murder. Their charges are relating to the illegal involvement of the military, aka toppling the Constitutional Order.

Kocharyan and his aide are also charged with multi-million-dollar bribery in a case relating to a mining industry businesswoman who came forward and testified that she had to pay a bribe "to be able to do business."

Kocharyan and other defendants have made numerous attempts to delay the trial since 2018, with hope for "favorable winds". They also asked the Constitutional Court to decide whether the law, which Kocharyan is accused of violating, is even Constitutional at all. This case is still active.

Tags: #March1st #March1 #ConstitutionalCourt #2008elections

former regime resumes the protests

They gathered on Baghramyan street and marched towards the National Academy of Sciences building to urge their supporters to join. Several academy members called for authorities not to fire experienced military officials.


They marched to President Sarkissian's office to urge him to continue support GCoS Onik Gasparyan.


The army is with us, we must finish what we started, said March 1st defendant Yuri Khachaturov during the rally.


nationalists hold a rally

Sasna Tsrer organized a march with torches denouncing the former and current governments.


Pashinyan holds the March 1st rally / Addresses GCoS / Use of military / March 1st, 2008 / Constitutional reforms / Snap elections

The meeting began with the national anthem and a moment of silence for the fallen in the 2020 war and March 1st, 2008.

Pashinyan: I know we're going through difficult times, but today, in this square, the first day of this spring, let us recharge with each other's spirits and optimism. [He addresses opposition's claims that people were brought to participate in the rally.] Show the participants from the first to the last row. [crowd chants]

about mistakes

We have reached a point where we cannot make mistakes anymore. In our 31-year history of independence, we have made every possible mistake that we could have made in theory and practice.

After the revolution, too, we made every mistake possible. I'm talking about me. I apologize for every mistake I have made, in front of the entire Armenia, Artsakh, and diaspora. I've thought a lot about where I made mistakes. I can list them, but what's most important is why we made such mistakes. One of our biggest mistakes was being too beloved by the public [talks about how they tried to be perfectionists which lead to bad decisions.].

choosing between the lessor of evil

Sometimes the decision was between bad and worse but we refused to make such a decision, thinking that the people did not elect us to present "bad" solutions. [possibly referring to his refusal to give away 7 regions as pre-agreed upon by Serj]. People gave us power so we can present between good and better, and despite our efforts towards good and better, it turned out that bad and worse were rooted so deeply that the choice was inevitable and we had to make a "bad" one.

Mistakes were made not only by our administration. As a Prime Minister, I'd like to apologize to you on behalf of every government since the independence. [talks about the need to learn from mistakes to build a powerful counrrry]

people's rule

We must preserve our values and achievements we've had since the 2018 revolution. We talk about mistakes a lot, but we've also had successes. We must preserve our achievements. The biggest one is people's power to form a government. It cannot be threatened. Only people can choose a government.

Kocharyan's use of military against civilians

The 2008 March 1st was one instance of people fighting for that right. Then-government brought the army against the people and decided to execute them. There are defendants who stand on trial today. The case has been resolved [as in we know who did it, referring to Kocharyan & Co].

The court must hear all arguments and evidence, which is why the defendants do everything possible to delay the trial. They don't want secrets to come out during the trial.

They delay the trial with a hope [to get away one day]. We don't know who actually pulled the trigger on March 1st partly because they took steps to cover it up. They collected bullet shells and replaced them with others, and tempered with other evidence, to cover the crimes.

GCoS Onik Gasparyan's letter

Today, these are the same individuals who want to bring the army against people again. GCoS's letter is a direct result of pressure by these individuals. Serj Sargsyan [former militaryman] used his influence over certain circles to urge them to go against the people.

The GCoS statement is illegal. The Constitution states that the army must remain politically neutral. The GCoS has taken a political opposition's side, thus violating the Constitution.

about double-standards accusations that a group of soldiers joined him in 2018

During the 2018 revolution, when certain soldiers began displaying political activities [some rank-and-file soldiers joined the Pashinyan movement at the time], our QP party released a statement on April 23rd saying, "All soldiers must return to their service locations. No soldier or officer must take part in these protests. Your support is needed in the form of you during your military duties. We remind that the army must be apolitical and not involve in internal politics." We made this statement on April 23, 2018.

Certain political parties want to bring the tanks against you today. GCoS Onik must resign [some people in the crowd chant Onik traitor]. The GCoS made the statement under the pressure of Serj and the former regime. We cannot allow tanks to run over people.

no vendettas in army

Thank God, the army and GCoS Onik Gasparyan haven't crossed the red line yet, and I hope they won't, but Onik must still resign. There will be no vendettas in the military. Doesn't matter who signed and who didn't. Onik himself is responsible for that letter, under the pressure of Serj Sargsyan.

When the GCoS Onik follows orders of the reject [Serj], that's the biggest "treason". [crowd chants] Onik placed that letter on the table and urged generals to sign. After signing, the decision to publish the letter was also made by Onik. He must leave, everyone else must return to their duties.

Some political circles have convinced the army that the government placed all the blame on the military and wants to arrest everyone and use them as a scapegoat. They managed to convince hundreds of military people. They did this to shield a few cowards behind the very many great heroes who fought in the war. We know who the heroes and cowards are.

Dear Onik, you have made a big mistake. You disobeyed orders by your commander, instead, choosing to follow orders from the person rejected by the people [Serj]. This is the biggest humiliation for any officer.

president's refusal to fire Onik

I hope President Sarkissian, being an experienced politician, will make a decision in the best interests of our nation.

Constitutional reforms

The Constitution adopted in 2015 that went into effect in 2018, has already shown many flaws. We have seen that it allows many Constitutional crises. I think we should work towards a general referendum this October. A semi-presidential state should be on the table. Every political party and civil society must take part in discussions. [there are already Constitutional amendment talks launched back in 2019]

Meanwhile, there are certain things that can be changed in the Constitution without a referendum. It can be done in Parliament. Within the next month, after consulting with every party, we must make reforms. These issues were raised by civil society groups, Parliamentary parties, the president. Our biggest goal is the creation of a Constitution that prevents crises.

snap elections

Earlier I offered the opposition parties to hold snap elections. They continuously rejected it. We said that if the opposition doesn't want it, then it's pointless to hold one. However, today, LHK leader Marukyan claimed that we made an offer for snap elections only on paper, knowing they would reject it, that we allegedly never intended to hold elections.

I would like to publicly declare that if Parliamentary parties accept our old snap elections offer, we will go for it, we will hold elections. We are confident that our people have the power to hold legitimate elections.

The opposition failed to hold protests on the streets and show that the public has rejected us. I'm launching the challenge: let's hold elections and find out who is being rejected. Let's find out if the public forgives us. The only winner should be the people, who should have control over the military and the government.

Glory to Armenia, Artsakh, our Army, our hero soldiers, hero generals and officers, and our fallen soldiers, their families. I bow in front of you. And if you can, forgive us for our mistakes [gets emotional]. [The crowd turns on the flashlights.]

[talks about why certain public discussions over POWs only harm the swap process.]

politicization in the judicial system and military

We have never had and do not have enemies within Armenia. That doesn't mean we cannot establish the rule of law in Armenia. We won't achieve that for as long as we don't rule out the politicization of the military and the judicial system. We saw such politicization attempt recently [Supreme Court chief was accused of making an anti-Pashinyan statement while instructing judges to be "lenient" on opposition figures.]

[condemns opposition figures for direct incitement of murder towards government members.]

[the crowd walks through Mashtots Avenue to lay flowers n memory of March 1st.]





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GCoS chief isn't backing down

GCoS released a message saying they are acting within the Constitution, in favor of the public. They condemned the accusations against specific military officials, about their alleged violation of the law.


families of POWs urge politicians and Vanetsyan not to politicize the topic

54 families from Shirak: Today, the issue of freeing our boys from captivity is being addressed by political and non-political forces. If there is anyone who can contribute to the return of our boys, we ask them to act on it first, before talking.

We know who truly wants to help us and who uses the POW topic for personal gain. We urge them not to hinder the POW exchange process. We don't side with either political force. //

The families spoke about opposition leader Arthur Vanetsyan's recent statement that he would bring back POWs within a few days if he came into power. "Do that if you can, before you speak. Let it be 1 week instead of a few days. Don't trade our children [to gain power]."


the list of social aid packages for Artsakh refugees, Armenian residents, and soldier families

100,000 residents have so far received ֏68+15K/mo totaling ֏7B.

30,000 who lost their homes received ֏300K totaling ֏9B.

3,000 received ֏250K payments for damaged buildings, totaling ֏700M.

3,020 residents were paid ֏222M in subsidies for helping Artsakh IDPs with temporary shelter.

160 refugees received help with finding jobs and subsidies. ֏52M.

125 refugees received job retraining courses/internships. ֏28M.

14,700 kids under the age of 5 received ֏293M in aid.

Gas and electricity utility bill subsidy worth ֏1B.

Aid to help Artsakh pay the pensions ֏940M.

Aid for ArtsakhPost post office ֏25M

108,000 Artsakh residents residing in Artsakh have ֏30B allocated for them.

Labor Ministry provides 1,500 houses to Artsakh refugees in Armenia.

Full: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1044830.html

The list of social aid packages for soldiers and families who were affected by war:


71 residents in Syunik, including the residents of Shurnukh and Vorotan villages who lost their homes, have received a ֏300K payment plus monthly ֏68K.


Armenia-EU comprehensive cooperation agreement comes into force

The last remaining EU state recently ratified the EA-AM agreement. It begins today. The two sides will cooperate on democracy, rule of law, human rights, labor market and jobs, legal reforms, nature protection, education, and research.

These are difficult times for Armenia, but the European Union continues to stand by the Armenian people, said an EU representative.


Economy Ministry met French representative to discuss economic cooperation

... around transportation, reservoir construction, agriculture, industry, etc.


քյառթ or not to քյառթ, that is the question

Pashinyan's son was criticized for wearing colorful clothes: a green sweater, yellow jacket, orange beanie (basically a sus from Among Us).

Actor Sos Janibekyan sarcastically responded, "Dear Ashot, you are a son of a politician, why don't you wear all black and drive a black box at 120km/h speed on Tumanyan St. while running on the red light. Also, don't visit bookstores, visit casinos and throw the chips at the dealer's face."


13 new buses enter Yerevan fleet to serve Route 99

Babajanyan St.-Center-Zeytun-Urology Center. The city reminds residents that from now on, you pay when you enter the bus, and not during the exit. NO MORE էս էրկու հատ ստացի մեկը հետօ կիչնի, ձյաձ. Yet another Armenian tradition ruined by Nikol.


COVID stats

9033 tested. 423 infected. 202 healed. 5 deaths. 4693 active.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1044742.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1044776.html

Russian peacekeepers have built 4 more districts with modular housing units in Artsakh

It improves the peacekeepers' daily lives and provides services.


Armenian boxers won medals

... during the international competition held in Bulgaria. Narek Minasyan won silver under suspicious circumstances, after referees gave the victory to the host Bulgarian fighter, writes the article (nothing to see here, scroll down).


Hovhannes Gabuzyan becomes Armenia's chess champion

The 81st tournament is over. He won with 8.5/11 points after defeating Manuel Petrosyan in the finale.


today in history

1867: writer Nar Dos is born

1992: Bosnia declares independence

1995: privatization process begins in Armenia

1998: Titanik movie becomes the first billion-dollar film

2002: Spain switches to Euro


donations to Artsakh & recovering soldiers

www.1000plus.am (recovering soldiers & their families)

www.HimnaDram.org (for Artsakh & Armenia)

www.ArmeniaFund.org (U.S. tax-deductible)

archive of older news



All the accused are considered innocent unless proven guilty in the court of law, even if they "sound" or "appear" guilty.

Link to original report and comments: https://www.reddit.com/r/armenia/comments/lvjo3z/mar12021_news_1_history_march_1st_crisis_armenias/

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