2020 October 19

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Oct/19/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Artsakh (Karabakh) \\ the Syrian jihadists \\ battlefield & analysis \\ videos \\ north and south fronts remain active, but civilian bombings have reduced \\ casualty report \\ international response & humanitarian aid \\ Pashinyan gives details \\ Levon Aronyan
by ar_david_hh

Prior events:

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2-minute video explaining the conflict.


about jihadists recruited by Turkey and Azerbaijan

134 jihadists are confirmed dead now, according to a Middle East reporter from Al Mayadeen. Bodies of 92 have already been transported back to Syria.


Russian Ria Novosti has learned that Turkey sent another group of 1,000 Syrian jihadists to Azerbaijan last week.



Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has learned about the presence of 2050 Syrian militants in the Karabakh front. The transfer of 400 militants, consisted of Al Hamza, Sultan Murad, and other cells, was paused when the recent ceasefire agreement was reached.

SOHR reports that the militants who are in the front lines have found themselves under serious pressure. Some have refused to fight and went back to Syria without getting paid.


Armenians met Donald Trump in Los Angeles yesterday

Los Angeles Armenians, holding Artsakh signs, gathered near the building attended by President Trump. They were mainly Trump supporters waving Armenian and the U.S. flags. Trump showed "thumbs up" from his car




During his speech to the crowd, Trump saw an Armenian fan and mentioned meeting Armenians in Los Angeles, saying "They're great business people. We're working on something [about Artsakh]. People in Armenia have a great spirit for their country."




Bloomberg: Erdogan Does What He Can Get Away With

"Erdogan has again avoided barbs at Putin, but he has name-checked Russia in his attacks against the international community for failing to hand the Armenian-majority Nagorno-Karabakh region over to Azerbaijan.

And for the first time, Turkey is intervening in what Moscow regards as its sphere of influence: the Caucasus is closer to Russia — not just geographically but also in historical, cultural, strategic and economic terms — than Syria or Libya."


[text in square brackets are comments added by me]

Pashinyan gives context and lists the options:

1) What is this war for? For the status of Nagorno-Karabakh.

2) Could we have avoided this war? Yes, if we agreed to give the [7] regions to Azerbaijan and receive an unclear status for Nagorno-Karabakh [no independence], an unclear time-frame for resolving its status [possibly another war], and no mechanisms to clarify its future.

3) Could we have achieved any "status" for Nagorno-Karabakh through negotiations? No, because the last chance was in 2011 in Kazan [where Armenian president Serj Sargsyan agreed to give away the 7 regions in exchange for keeping the remaining Nagorno-Karabakh out of Azeri control. Ilham Aliyev rejected the offer because he wants everything, including the lands historically inhabited by Armenians].

4) Can we stop this war now through negotiations? Theoretically yes, if we agree to the Point-2 above but with worse conditions [no autonomy for remaining Nagorno-Karabakh].

5) Can this war resolve the issue of the status of Nagorno-Karabakh? Yes, if we make successes in this war.

6) Can we succeed in this war? Yes, if we focus our national potential around that goal and selflessly commit to that goal.


October 19 events / battlefied / international response / humanitarian aid

1:10: MFA Mnatsakanyan spoke with MFAs of Canada and France.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032030.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032029.html

1:56 army spokesman: our Lieutenants and Generals stand shoulder to shoulder with 18-year-old conscripts to stop the enemy tanks at the cost of their lives.


9:11 MoD: on October 18th, Azeris launched an attack in the south with the use of seven tanks, including one T-90, and five BTR armored vehicles. Their goal was to rapidly advance at an important section of a frontline to assume firing position and to apply psychological pressure.

Thanks to the professionalism and high morale of Colonels Stepan Gevorgyan and Stanislav Yeremin, and anti-tank Private Garik Arakelyan, the Azeri advancement was stopped and they were thrown several kilometers back.

This morning, despite the ceasefire agreement, Azeris resumed the artillery strikes in the north and south. The army took measures to suppress the fire and is in control of the situation.

https://t.me/ShushanStepanyan/23 , https://t.me/ShushanStepanyan/24 , https://t.me/infocomm/23736 ,

10:20: LHK Party has sent a letter to the UN Security Council urging them to declare a no-fly zone above Artsakh to prevent a humanitarian crisis, citing the Azeri-Turkish airstrikes against civilian settlements and infrastructure.


10:33: the army gave medals to several Majors, Captains, Lieutenants, and Privates, for destroying enemy personnel, capturing their position, planting mines, then leaving the area.

Others were awarded for shooting 4 drones.


10:41 President Sarkissian to Kommersant: for the Armenian side, victory means preserving their home. Even if Azerbaijan succeeds and occupies some territories, it will not end the conflict. The war of thoughts, the war of stories, the war of human emotions will continue. There is only one way for all parties to agree on how to continue living.

Full: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032037.html

11:03: Azerbaijan bombed the civilian settlements Martuni, Aygehovit, Ishkhanadzor, Vurgavan.


11:42: in the past few days, the Azeri drone explosions struck two schools in Armenia's Gegarquniq province. Windows were shattered and walls were cracked. No injuries.


11:26: the Emergency Ministry has also been gathering and sending aid to Artsakh residents and refugees. 147 trucks were sent in the past few weeks. The donation volumes have increased.



11:44: Greek-Armenian demonstrators condemned the aggression against Artsakh. They marched from Alexandroupolis to the Turkey-Greece border checkpoint and shut it down.




Armenians in Aleppo gathered in support of Artsakh and Armenia:


11:47: "Don't be blind" was the message that Artsakh refugees had while protesting in front of the UN office in Yerevan. "Your silence is a new genocide." "Erdogan terrorist."



11:51 Canadian CTV News: Montrealers call for independence for The Republic of Artsakh amid conflict with Azerbaijan



12:09: Iran says they'll respond if bombs fall in their territory and harm civilians again. The prohibited the civilians from sitting near the borders to watch military actions in Artsakh.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032050.html , https://t.me/infoteka24/9424

12:20: Armenians organized a demonstration with a car caravan in Varna, Bulgaria.


12:21 WarGonzo reporter: since the govt of Azerbaijan keeps their casualties secret and there are many parents who're unable to reach their sons and haven't heard from them in a while, there is a Telegram channel that collects and posts the names and photos of identified deceased Azeri soldiers.


12:29 army: the heavy battles continue in the south. Our soldiers are "wearing out" the enemy.


12:32: volunteer QP MP Sasun Mikaelyan received a shrapnel wound in his foot and back. His condition is stable.


12:50 army spokesman: Nari Syuni and Nare Khlgatyan have formed a female unit. Our daughters and sisters are our honor. We will win with their help.

Female fighters released a video: https://youtu.be/aKvlcjg3eiE?t=27


13:08: female LHK MP Srbuhi Grigoryan will volunteer to join the army. She will appear in the military commissariat in Syunik.


13:11: a plane with humanitarian aid was sent from Los Angeles to Yerevan with the help of www.ArmeniaFund.org .

Video: https://youtu.be/qQwYxMY69fc


13:23: Sean Combs (Puff Diddy) has joined his fellow rappers The Game and Xzhibit and shared a note of support for Armenia with his 17m Instagram fans.


13:27 army spokesman: the heavy battles continue in the south.


13:28: the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo says Francophone organization will donate $50,000 to Artsakh residents. They are in touch with the TUMO tech school's branch in Stepanakert. She will visit Yerevan in a few months.

"Baku, with the help of Turkey, is the obvious aggressor in this conflict. France, USA, and Russia should help to immediately end the war and decide the fate of Karabakh and its residents."

"The law prohibits Paris from recognizing objects not recognized by France, so we can't do what Milan and Geneva have done, but we'll send a group of young French observers who will travel to Karabakh and document the events."

"Erdogan is encouraging the ethnic cleansings of Karabakh residents."

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032061.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032063.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032064.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032069.html

13:47: world-famous violinist Sergey Khachatryan donated the revenues from his La Scala concert to Artsakh's children.



13:48: Azerbaijan has lost 6,259 soldiers, 4 TOS-1 "Solntzepyok" missile units, 2 Smerch missile units, 566 tanks and armored vehicles, 22 aircraft, 16 helicopters, 195 drones, etc.

In the latest battles, they also lost 9 drones, 12 armored vehicles, 150 soldiers.

Unofficial sources have calculated >$1.5b in known damages to the equipment.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032065.html , https://t.me/SputnikArmenia/8785 , https://t.me/infocomm/23770

13:58: Artsakh President Arayik met the four German MPs who arrived yesterday, and thanked them for their efforts.



14:14: Armenia has filed a report with the European Court for Human Rights about the videos in which Azeri soldiers are seen executing prisoners of war, and the photos of beheadings.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032070.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032078.html

14:33: U.S. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has introduced a resolution urging the White House to begin the process of terminating Turkey's NATO membership, citing its cooperation with Al-Qaida, ISIS, and other terrorist cells.

The document also mentions Turkey's hostile actions in the Karabakh conflict, its "blockade of Armenia which has friendly relations with the U.S.", and Turkey's use of F-16 jets against Armenia and Karabakh.

Copy: https://factor.am/297197.html


14:41: demonstrators gathered in front of the U.S. embassy in Yerevan and called for the official recognition of the Artsakh Republic. An embassy official promised to send a letter to Washington.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032074.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032084.html


15:13: Armenian MoD refuted the Azeri claims of targeting the Baky-Novorossiysk oil pipeline.


15:35: Turkish intellectual and journalist Ali Ertem, who has recognized the Armenian Genocide in the past, has called for the world to recognize the independence of the Artsakh Republic.


15:39: here are photos showing the destruction to civilian buildings in Stepanakert, caused by Azeri Polonez missiles.


15:40 president Sarkissian to POLITICO: NATO should explain Turkey's involvement in the Karabakh conflict. Turkey's actions in the Caucasus could also pose threat to the EU.

I understand that Europe is busy with COVID-19. While the Karabakh conflict is not a biological virus, it is a virus of instability and war.



15:41: Azeri Haqqin outlet circulated fake news about Iran downing an Armenian drone. Armenian social media spread fake video claiming to show a missile strike at an Azeri soldier while he sings; the video is from another conflict.

https://t.me/infoteka24/9369 , https://t.me/infoteka24/9370

15:42: American MMA fighter Dillon Denis wore a shirt with "Artsakh Strong" logo.


15:46: Stepanakert residents are having a party in a bomb shelter.


15:47 Russian MFA Lavrov: both sides of the conflict, and third countries, should end the divisive rhetoric. There needs to be a system to monitor the ceasefire on the ground because the last two ceasefire agreements made no difference.


16:27 economist: Turkey's foreign exchange reserves have depleted by $10b already, from $51b to $41b. There is a 37% inflation; 8% in the past 7 weeks.


16:58: the membership of Gyumri's Aeromodeling Club went from 20 to 1,500. Students learn how to build and operate drones, use computer software to control them, flight training, etc.



17:00: the army has identified the names of 19 more soldiers who died. The known death toll is 729. Among them is a judoist from Armenia's youth team, and BHK MP Sergey Bagratyan's nephew.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032099.html , https://factor.am/297410.html , https://news.am/arm/news/608732.html

17:58: Pashinyan, the President, the church leader, and Parliamentary parties held a Security Council session.

Later, Pashinyan met non-Parliamentary political parties.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032107.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032118.html

18:05: the Armenian Bar Association has asked the Vatican to recognize the Artsakh Republic.


18:37 Pashinyan to Russian TASS outlet: "Russia has the legal right to carry out anti-terror operations in Karabakh because the Syrian militants, imported by Azerbaijan, pose a direct threat to Russia. These [northern Syrian, anti-Assad, anti-Russia] militants view Russia as their enemy. The question is, will Russia wait until these groups infiltrate southern Russia before taking action against them?"

"Turkey is the main reason why there is no ceasefire. Its main goal is to end Russia's influence and reputation in the south Caucasus."


https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032110.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032112.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032117.html

18:43: Martakert city was bombed earlier. It still doesn't have electricity and gas but some infrastructure was lately repaired, say the journalists from the scene.


18:48: the army released footage showing the destruction of Azeri positions and vehicles.


19:40: soldiers sent a video from the front lines


20:00: volunteers are converting (220V) and putting together Uninterrupted Power Supplies for soldiers. "We've sent 1,500 units so far in the past week."


20:07: Turkish soccer player Umut Bulut has urged the government of Azerbaijan to collect the dead bodies from battlefields after a video was circulated showing how wild boars eat the Azeri bodies.


20:11: Norwegian-Armenians held a demonstration against the Azeri aggression.



21:00 CivilNet's Tatul: the skies above Stepanakert and Shushi are relatively calm. Many civilians have left the bomb shelters and slowly returned to their daily lives during the daytime. This happens every time the bombs stop falling for a day.

From Stepanakert: https://youtu.be/9ZhaGiidtUA

21:10: the leader of Italy's Forza Italia (Berlusconi) party Mariastella Gelmini has expressed her support to the Armenian people.

"We stand with the Armenian people, with whom we share a European and Christian identity, and urge the Italian government and the entire international community to make clear efforts to ensure that Armenia is not attacked."


21:13: A group of Armenians in Moscow removed a highway-side poster installed by Azerbaijan that read "Karabakh is Azerbaijan."


21:14: Armenians organized a demonstration with a car caravan in Montevideo, Uruguay.


21:15: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will meet MFAs of Armenia and Azerbaijan in Washington on October 23rd.


21:28: an interview with Israeli photojournalist Gilad Sade who visited Artsakh to document the situation:


21:30: Iranian journalist Pooya Hosseini shared photos showing a Libya-based ISIS fighter Mahdi al-Harat, the third man in command, kissing the forehead of president Erdogan for his support against Libyan General Haftar's army. (Turkey supports the western fraction and terrorist cells, while France and others support Haftar's army in the east.)

The closes ties between Erdogan and the terrorist have long been known: https://www.eurasiareview.com/28092017-mahdi-al-harati-a-libyan-force-multiplier-oped/



21:33: Which U.S. states have recognized Artsakh or its right for self-determination so far?

Rhode Island House, Massachusetts House, Maine House, Louisiana Senate, California House and Senate, Georgia House, Hawaii House, Michigan Senate, Colorado Senate.


21:35 interview w/army spokesman Artsrun: What percentage of Azeri armored vehicles have been destroyed? It's hard to say. Sometimes they can advance and take some of their destroyed vehicles for repairs. Sometimes they import new ones. But the main portion of their armored vehicle fleet is destroyed.

What's the monetary damage to their army? Billions of dollars. I've seen complaints from Azerbaijan stating that those funds could have helped the economy instead, especially since the oil prices and oil reserves are only going to get lower.

The last time the world has seen a war with this intensity was in 2003 in Iraq. Over 600 tanks and armored vehicles, thousands of artillery units, over a thousand drones, dozens of thousands of bombs.


22:00 army spokesman's briefing: the battles resumed in the morning. Azeris tried to attack in north and south.

They were thrown back in the north after two attempts. In the south, the battles continued throughout the day without significant positional changes by either side. The southern battles are milder at the moment.

[He then presents Artsak Hovhannisyan, the father of the fallen hero Albert Hovhannisyan, that famous artillery guy on billboards.]

Our unity is important. Your donations to www.HimnaDram.org or www.1000plus.am are important.


23:29: lil' Vahe sells nuts for 100 Drams on Northern Avenue. His family has collected 2mln for donations to Artsakh.


23:43: the army released a video showing the remnants of a downed Azeri drone.


Levon Aronyan defeats the world champion

Altibox Norway Chess competition was held. Grandmaster Aronyan won the matches against Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana and improved his FIDE ranking by moving from 9th to 6th position.

He finished third in the Altibox Norway Chess competition.

"Now the war is the main topic for every Armenian in the world. I will return to my homeland and do everything I can to help my country."

https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/199046 , https://factor.am/297465.html


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