2020 November 8

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Nov/8/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Artsakh (Karabakh) \\ battles & analysis \\ Shushi, Martakert, Berdzor \\ Azerbaijan targets civilians \\ international response & diplomacy \\ humanitarian aid & demonstrations \\ geopolitics & other news \\ Bayraktar downed again \\ other news...
by ar_david_hh

Your 10-minute Sunday briefing in 2591 words.

Artsakh Republic

A 14-minute legal talk on why Artsakh is de jure an independent state.


November 8 timeline // battlefield and analysis // foreign response & politics

1:28: the first female volunteer squad has passed the exam after training. First lady Anna Hakobyan is among them.


1:33 European Parliament MP Lefteris C.: the European Union can and should take action against Turkey and Azerbaijan. Tolerance towards Turkey has recently led to new crimes against Cyprus, Greece, Armenia, Artsakh, and Syria.


2:11 Artsakh govt: In parallel with the battles, the enemy continues to target peaceful settlements with long-range missiles. The alarm signal was activated three times in Stepanakert during the last hour. The bombing of residential areas is indiscriminate. There are no victims but the damage is significant.


Photos showing last night's damage in Stepanakert


Video showing the damage to the musical school. 90 schools, preschools, and cultural centers gave been targeted by Azerbaijan since September.



8:50 Artsakh president Arayik: Dear compatriots. I greeted one of the hardest dawns of my life in Stepanakert's Renaissance Square. We stand with the defenders of our Motherland until the end. The life-and-death struggle continues.


9:00: army shoots 2 Azeri drones on the eastern front.


9:38: Artsakh govt: capital Stepanakert was bombed overnight. 8 long-range missiles were used against residential buildings and other civilian infrastructure. No casualties according to preliminary data. Other settlements were relatively calmer.


9:53 Artsakh govt: Shushi remains an unattainable dream of the enemy. Although there are many destructions in the city, the fortress city is withstanding the blows.


10:07 MoD spokeswoman Shushan: the battles continued all night. They were intense near Shushi and south-east of it. We conducted precision strikes and repelled numerous attacks.

During battles in various locations, we destroyed a large number of enemy troops, 4 tanks, 20 armored vehicles, 11 other vehicles, 2 drones.

At dawn, an accumulation of enemy equipment and personnel were observed in the south-eastern and north-eastern fronts. Army controls the operative-tactical situation and takes steps to destroy the targets.


11:33 army spokesman Artsrun: heavy and decisive battles are taking place in Shushi. May the victory be with our heroes.


President Sarkissian gave an interview to Ukraine24. "Without the negative influence of Turkey, this war could not have happened at all.".

Full video: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034308.html

13:35 army spokesman Artsrun: The battles continue in Shushi, wait and believe in our army.


13:40: army shoots a Turkish Bayraktar drone in south-eastern front. Photos:


14:46 WarGonzo reporter: Azeri troops are retreating in Martuni direction. An aircraft was shot in the south-eastern front.


14:58: Armenian troops launched an attack in three wings in Berdzor (Lachin) direction. "Enemy infiltrator groups are discovered and destroyed one by one. The precise artillery fire has caused fear and terror among them, they have great losses of military equipment and manpower," said a local commander.


15:06: a video recorded in Saudi Arabia was incorrectly presented as an evacuation out of capital Stepanakert. A large number of cars are seen on a curve road.

Another video, recorded in an Azeri restaurant in Baku suburb, was presented as being from Shushi's castle.

Another 2013 Armenian video was presented as being from a building near the Shushi mosque.




15:13 WarGonzo video: Shushi has been under constant bombardment for over 12 hours now. Turkish TR-107 missiles are also being used. I got lucky; our car was hit with shrapnel but we survived.

The battles are hot on the outskirts of Shushi. Azerbaijan does not stop the attempts to take control of the city. According to our information, in fact, Azerbaijan has accumulated all its forces into one fist to achieve success. The battles are hard. The Artsakh Defense Army is resisting in all directions of the front.



15:29 army: Azerbaijan has lost 7630 soldiers, 264 drones, 16 helicopters, 25 aircrafts, 784 tanks and armored vehicles, 6 TOS.


16:50: Kazakhstan denied selling weapons to Azerbaijan after a suspicious cargo flight was detected with the use of online tools.


17:18: photos of soldiers from the front lines:


17:39 army spokesman Artsrun: Gyorbagyor2020. Don't forget for history.


17:58 Shushi mayor: last night we bombed the Shushi outskirts where the enemy gathered. They used their pickup trucks to move towards Isa along the gas pipeline. That's where they were destroyed. The battles continue.


18:02 spokesman Artsrun: there were also heavy battles near Martuni. We organized two attacks today. It's stable now.


18:37: CNN Turk gets caught fabricating news. The reporters went to an area in the south that was invaded by Azeris last month and presented it as a newly captured area.


18:45 spokesman Artsrun: the battles continue in Shushi and the outskirts. Wait for official information. Refrain from making assumptions.


19:04 Artsakh govt: Stepanakert was bombed again at 18:30; one civilian injured. The enemy tried to use aviation against Martakert. Martuni was shelled with artillery.


20:08 spokesman Artsrun's TV interview: The battles are currently taking place inside and around Shushi. Our troops are waging a heroic struggle to defend the town in some positions where Azerbaijani or mercenary forces have appeared, to neutralize them, and to regain full control.

Azeris weren't expecting this level of resistance in Shushi. I don't want to make premature assessments of Shushi, neither optimistic nor, moreover, pessimistic. Just trust and believe in our troops. Our army fought hard all day, fought very competently with all kinds of troops. Let's wait.

The outcome of the battle for Shushi, which has been ongoing for four days with different stages, could possibly become clear tomorrow. I hope it will end tomorrow.

Our regrouping was important to preserve the combat-readiness of the army. When it's preserved, it allows you to counter-attack at the right moment. The fighting spirit is high among soldiers.

Some parts of Shushi and some of the areas around a road leading to Shushi is under Azeri control. They did not cut our supply route, however.

There used to be a time in the 1990s war when Shushi was completely under Azeri control but we liberated it. There is a symbolism around Shushi but in practice, no single location decides the fate of all war. When you have the dedication and will to fight until the end, you succeed.

We were hoping that the attack on Shushi was stopped yesterday but the enemy brought reinforcements. These are no longer small infiltrators groups anymore. It's the Azeri-mercenary army. Some artillery and armored vehicles were also brought.

Q: is our entire military potential concentrated on Shushi?

A: No. There are battles on other fronts, too. In the morning battles took place near Martuni. Azeris captured a position but received artillery fire, lost manpower and equipment, and had to leave the position. We were expecting a second attack here but it did not happen.

There were battles west of Hadrut. The front line is not a straight line as in WW2. It's more localized positional warfare. There were heavy battles there. We repelled two attacks; they failed to take any positions. The battles continue.

If in these locations we can make a breakthrough, there can be a major turn of events. [encircle or cut Azeri supply line]

The battles were noticeably more intense today. They launched two unsuccessful attacks in Martuni direction.

Q: any updates from Stepanakert?

A: there were some panic-inducing rumors yesterday. I established a connection with Stepanakert today. Civilians continue to live their lives. Azeris bombed it several times.

Q: what's the solution to Azerbaijan constantly replenishing their forces with new mercenaries? Aren't our resources limited?

A: that's not a decisive factor. We aren't sustaining the types of losses that can break our potential. Our casualties reduced after the first 15 days. We gained technological abilities to neutralize enemy technologies, we fight smarter, we fight in mountains and forests. Winter warfare is going to be harder for Azerbaijan. Also, the mercenaries aren't the majority of the Azeri army.

Q: what can civilians do here to help the army?

A: We have an oversupply of warm clothes. Sometimes the donors use their resources on unnecessary equipment. We need to work closely with the govt to learn what's needed.

The army draft continues. The recruits appear on time, undergo training (length depends on their duties), and receive weapons. The practice shows that it's best not to rush this process. Yesterday, near Shushi, we used a mobilized force and it turned out to be quite literate. Why? Because the officers heavily trained them for 10 days with maps and hands-on training.

https://www.facebook.com/lurer1tv/videos/856734831802807/ , https://t.me/infocomm/25723 , https://t.me/bagramyan26/22963 , https://t.me/reartsakh/6207 , https://t.me/bagramyan26/22964 , https://t.me/infocomm/25724 , https://t.me/infocomm/25725 , https://t.me/bagramyan26/22966

20:45 army: we shot two drones north-west of Stepanakert. The front lines remain tense. We detected an enemy convoy in the south-east and used precision strikes; several vehicles and personnel were destroyed.


21:23: Nikol Pashinyan has congratulated Joe Biden, spoke about AM-US relations, Biden's friendly record, and spoke about the ongoing war and the need to respect Artsakh's right to self-determination.

Full: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034351.html

21:20: video showing the failed Azeri attack towards Berdzor (Lachin) which left several destroyed vehicles and numerous bodies.



22:00 army spokesman Artsrun's briefing: last night and all day today, there were intense battles on several fronts.

In the north, Azeris used artillery then small groups of forces to attack but were thrown back.

Towards Martuni, Azeris had a temporary success but were thrown back to original positions.

Inside Shushi and its nearby rocks and roads, the intense battles continued all day. Lesser-intensity battles continue right now.

Berdzor (Lachin) battles were intense. Azeris attacked multiple times with a goal to advance to Berdzor, possibly with a hope to then reach their comrades who're fighting in Shushi. After sustaining heavy losses, they were repelled. They began routing.

The current trend is positive, our forces are successfully blocking Azeri advancement attempts, but the battles still continue. This is the 4th night of Shushi battles. I know that today Ilham Aliyev claimed they captured the town, however, the battles still continue.

Q: can you give geographic details on how Azeris entered the city?

A: No, but I've seen lots of unnecessary rumors.

The army continues to fight selflessly. Today, our commanders fight alongside the troops with weapons in their hands. They shoot tanks and vehicles. Wait for official information. I'm confident that our army will win the battle.

Q: will the Shushi battle end tomorrow?

A: I hope so. Knowing details about the size of forces Aliyev involved to enter Shushi, and knowing details about us, I hope that the battles will conclude tomorrow.

Q: will the war end when the Shushi battles end?

A: I don't think so.

Q: what did General Seyran Ohanyan do that prompted the Azeris to get upset and spread fake news about him being wounded, and for Arayik to praise him saying "Seyran taught them a good lesson"?

A: Legendary commander and my mentor Seyran Ohanyan, who liberated Shushi in the 90s, is a legendary Shushi defender today. I believe that - also thanks to his command - we will finish the job with glory. The rumor about him being wounded is false. He is fighting alongside the troops.

  • Q: did Azeris earlier unsuccessfully use the same attack strategy used by Armenians in Shushi in the 90s?

A: I understand the symbolic meaning of Shushi and your interest in it, also thanks to its close proximity to capital Stepanakert, but let's put the euphoric or depressive rumors that we hear from our friends and families aside.

The heavy battles continue. I trust our soldiers. I know we will win because I speak with dozens of confident commanders every day whose information I pass to you every day. We will win.


22:32: online flight radar shows a cargo flight from Russia to Armenia. It's most likely carrying weapons by judging from its flight path.


23:23 spokesman Artsrun: more Turkish Bayraktar drones have been downed here than anywhere else in the world.

⬇ զգետնվել ⬇ : https://news.am/arm/news/612197.html

humanitarian aid & demonstrations

The Swedish-Armenian community will send 22 tons of clothes and basic necessities from Södertälje. Armenians, Swedes, and Assyrians joined the campaign.


A group of Russian scientists organized a campaign in support of Armenia and will donate the proceeds from the sale of their books and scientific research to Armenia.


Grandmaster Levon Aronyan and Manuel Petrosyan are playing against 20 Artsakh kids. The tournament is called "Mate to Terror". In Armenian, the "mate" is spelled as "mat" which means "finger" so the motto is "middle finger to terror".



A demonstration was held in San Sebastian, Basque, Spain. The attendees laid flowers on the Armenian Genocide memorial. Non-Armenians were also present. They demand the "international community's response against the terrorism committed by Turkey and Azerbaijan."



Levanese-Armenian violinist Ara Malikian shared a snippet from his new album "Artsakh"

Video: https://style.news.am/arm/news/74782/ashkharhahrchak-jutakahar-ara-malikyann-ir-nor-arcakh-albomic-hatvats-e-nerkayacrel-video.html

Zhanna Levina, the wife of showman Garik Martirosyan, shared a photo with the tricolor in solidarity with Armenia:


Volunteer doctors arrived from the US, France, and Russia to treat soldiers. It's coordinated by Diaspora Committee and Healthcare Ministry


A group of Armenian entrepreneurs from the Netherlands and Belgium have donated 209,000 Euros to Artsakh.


regional kerfuffle

Opposition and independent Turkish politicians have joined with calls to fire the Finance Minister Borat Albayrak, the son-in-law of Erdogan, amid Lira's plunge.

"There is a fire in the economy. There is a problem with the car engine; you just change the tire and you want it to move. You have made this wonderful country miserable, " wrote former PM Ahmet Davutoğlu.

Hours later, Albayrak made an Instagram post to announce his resignation as Minister.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034325.html , https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/turkey-berat-albayrak-finance-minister-resigns

Austrian MFA: Turkey won't join the EU in the next 30 years. For many years, we believed that the already-frozen membership talks should be completely suspended.


More German opposition MPs have joined the calls to ban Turkish extremist-terrorist organization Grey Wolves in Germany.


Russian police in Bashkiria arrested 36 gang members who allegedly extorted businesses from local Armenian owners. Some of the suspects are members of the Turkish extremist group Bashkort. Authorities are examining a possible terror plot after finding weapons.




An asteroid hit Lebanon's northern Akar region and caused a fire in a farm. https://news.am/arm/news/612196.html

other news from Armenia

COVID stats: +4,790 tested. +2,175 infected. +26 deaths. +921 healed. 40,281 active.


Roma's midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan scored 3 goals (hat trick) during the match against Genoa and placed Roma in the 3rd place in the tournament. He dedicated the victory to Armenia.

https://sport.news.am/arm/news/116451/ , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034350.html

"Buy Armenian" campaign. Nairian Face is an eco-friendly Armenian cosmetics/soap/shaving company that "uses natural ingredients like rose oil".


How to help Artsakh & Armenia

www.1000plus.am (international, medical help for former soldiers)

www.HimnaDram.org (international, for Artsakh)

www.ArmeniaFund.org (U.S. tax-deductible, for Artsakh)

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