2020 October 16

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Oct/16/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Artsakh (Karabakh) \\ international media reports Azerbaijan's war crimes \\ efforts to recognize Artsakh Republic internationally \\ demonstrations & donations \\ battlefield & casualty report \\ more details about Syrian jihadists \\ Islamic scholar's message
by ar_david_hh

Prior events:

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prominent Islamic scholar calls for the Muslim world to support Armenia

Sheikh Imran Hosein: "Allah gave Muhammad a mission. This is the mission of anyone who follows Muhammad, peace be upon him.

You will be the best of all people if you stand up for what is right. And if it is unjust, a lie, or oppression, you stand up against it.

You do not push this mission for local or nationalist agenda. You do it on the basis of faith.

If you fulfill this mission, the [heaven] is there for you. But if you betray this mission then you must have other loyalties; your loyalties are not to the truth. Then what is your fate on Judgement Day?

It is now plain and clear that it is the godless government of Azerbaijan that is lying. I cannot visit Azerbaijan because of the godless government, but I can visit Armenia because its people have suffered."



collection of information about Syrian jihadists recruited by Azerbaijan


more jihadists complain about mistreatment and casualties

A militant revealed that Turkish handlers told them their contract was for guarding Turkish military objects in Azerbaijan before finding themselves on a battlefield.

Militant: we had many casualties, about 5-10 deaths a day. A sniper once killed 28 men. Azeri soldiers were there but didn't help. They stayed 200 meters away.

Many [militant] Hamza group members have returned to Syria. Out of 1,000 men probably 300 have returned. Many have died. We took a civilian flight from Baku to Ankara, then a military flight from Ankara to Gaziantep.


what else did you expect?

Armenia's National Security Services agency has denied Azerbaijan's allegations that Armenia is "plotting" things within large Azeri cities. "Baku imported large quantities of jihadists, lost control over them, and now they blame us for the negative developments in their cities."


jihadist cells being destroyed in Syria

RV VoenKor (military correspondent) reports that Russian airstrikes in northern Syria continue to target the terrorist cells that recruit militants for Azerbaijan and elsewhere.

Turkish soldiers sent an envoy to the north-western Jisr ash-Shugur region of Syria to coordinate and regroup several terrorist cells. This was verified with aerial surveillance.

In the morning, Russian Su jets targeted those camps and equipment.

Video: https://t.me/wargonzo/3758


Azerbaijan's war crimes

A civilian was killed yesterday in Karmir Shuka after Azerbaijan used an cluster bomb illegally. The photo of the vehicle and shrapnel holes:


Azerbaijan also bombed the settlements Togh, Tigranavan, and Aghavno early in the morning.


Azeri soldiers published a video yesterday in which they were seen executing two Armenian POWs. British Bellingcat investigative-analysts have verified the authenticity of the video and that the shooters were Azeri soldiers.


"Evidence mounts of war crimes in Nagorno-Karabakh"


the flags

Los Angeles Armenians installed the flags of the Artsakh Republic and Armenia on the Turkish consulate building.


"Time for the World to Recognize Artsakh Republic"

Article by Modern Diplomacy outlet:


October 16th arrives / the battlefield / international response / donations

23:56 a group of activists cleaned up the rubbles from St. Ghazanchetsots church in Shushi that was bombed twice earlier.


7:21 Past newspaper article: several Russian outlets began writing about Azerbaijan's failed blitzkrieg in the first days. Azerbaijan overestimated its powers even with the help of Turkey. They have lost huge quantities of armored vehicles and personnel.

Now they need to bring as many troops as possible to the battlefield but fewer people are willing to fight. As intox.ru writes, many Azeris have either seen their neighbors' funerals or have buried a relative themselves. It makes them question the importance of a land they don't even live on.

Although not reported officially, there have already been several instances of draft evasion. Ordinary people don't want to die for their president.


7:52: members of Armenia's political opposition are also on the battlefield. Several journalists and politicians have been there for over a week now. HHK MP Armen Ashotyan, a doctor by profession, was drafted to aid the wounded.

ex-MP Aragats Akhoyan has just returned from the front. OEK leader Arthur Baghdasaryan's son will be drafted soon, and so will a former governor and his son.

Singer Arsen Safaryan and several other show-business artists are still defending the front lines.


8:58 BREAKING: The City Council of Milan has unanimously recognized the independence of the Artsakh Republic and urged the Italian government to follow suit.



10:27 Adekvad activist Arthur Danielyan writing from front lines: Azeris shelled our trenches for 5 days and one of their tanks eventually managed to succeed. One of the 240 shells hit close and wounded one of our boys; the first casualty. The ambulance arrived fast. His life is not in danger.

In the afternoon I returned to the trench to check the situation and saw "AC Milan" (soccer club) written on the wall. Those who know me understand what that means to me. There are, indeed, some people in the new generation who value real soccer.

I then left the trenches during the shift rotation and saw on the news that city Milan has officially recognized the Artsakh Republic. So I write this for Milan to know that we recognize them back.


9:02 army spokesman: after an hour-long intensive artillery fire in the north, Azeris launched a large-scale attack with multiple waves, with an attempt to capture our positions, but our brave and knowledgeable fighters repelled them while inflicting heavy casualties.


10:07: the most recent Azeri losses are 120 soldiers, 1 drone, 6 armored vehicles, 1 aircraft.

Overall 16 helicopters, 4 SMERCH, 552 tanks and armored vehicles, 4 TOS, 1 Uragan, 181 drones, 21 aircrafts, 5959 soldiers.

Non-official sources have so far calculated $1.5b in damages to Azeri equipment.




10:33 army spokesman: heavy battles continue in the north. While repelling an attack, our strikes caused the Azeri infantry to rout.


Footage showing the destruction of Azeri military equipment, artillery strikes against their positions, and dozens of Azeri souters routing.


Another footage from the same battle, showing artillery strike against the routing enemy troops and an armored vehicle.


10:51: Armenians held a demonstration in Montreal, calling for the official recognition of the Artsakh Republic and condemnation of aggression.


11:01: there are growing calls to boycott Turkish products in Armenia. Some shop owners who sell mainly Turkish goods are changing their inventory to Chinese and European products, while others continue to resell Turkish clothes at a heavy discount.

The Turkish clothing retailer LC Waikiki, which has a contract with two Armenian branches, says they have donated to www.HimnaDram.org and will provide discounts for Artsakh residents.

Armenians import $22m Turkish clothes annually.


11:39: Armenians gathered in Capitol Hill to urge the Congress to recognize the Artsakh Republic, sanction Turkey/Azerbaijan, and to end military aid to them.

Videos: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1031755.html

12:04 MFA Mnatsakanyan to CSTO military bloc chief: Azerbaijan's irreversible conversion into a terrorism hub is a threat to CSTO and the region. Azeris ignore the ceasefire agreement and continue to target civilian settlements.


12:15: army published photos of soldiers defending the front lines.


12:40 MFA to UN chairman: Azerbaijan's actions are a direct threat to the existence of Artsakh residents. The international community should recognize Artsakh's right to self-determination and take sufficient action.


13:19: the Finance Ministry has drafted a bill to ban the import of Turkish products. It's for 6 months per EAEU rule, and is needed for "security and economic reasons." The total Turkish imports were $270m last year.

The ban on tourist flights to Turkey is not being actively discussed "but it's not ruled out."

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1031762.html , https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/198834

13:25: little Mher is donating his year-worth piggy bank to www.HimnaDram.org. He was collecting the money for travel to Egypt.


13:30: Armenian demonstrators shut down several major interstate highways between European countries and asked for media outlets to cover the Artsakh topic. A group of media outlets sent crews, after which the highway between France and Belgium was opened.

Highways connecting eight other EU states were also closed. Here is the map.

Demonstrators then gathered in front of the European Parliament building.

The leader of Armenian Academics in Germany says the demonstrations achieved their goal of raising awareness. Major German outlets began covering the topic, and despite some negative economic impact due to highways being closed for hours, the media coverage was positive.

Videos: https://youtu.be/eeKUODkXPrs







https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1031763.html , https://factor.am/296092.html , https://www.1in.am/2841452.html

13:45: the French city of Valance has painted its entrance logo with the colors of the Artsakh flag.


13:47: since Azerbaijan keeps its deaths secret, activists have found the names of some of the deceased. Here are images and videos of identified ones:










13:57: Armenians held a demonstration in front of the Swedish parliament, asking for the official recognition of the Artsakh Republic.


14:15: the names of 29 more deceased Armenian soldiers were identified and published, bringing the total to 633.

ex-BHK MP Rustam Gasparyan was wounded; his son died.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1031766.html , https://news.am/arm/news/608204.html

14:27: president Sarkissian spoke with the British "The Critic" outlet. "This war will end in two days if Turkey withdraws its troops."

Full: https://news.am/arm/news/608236.html

14:39 Armenian MoD: Azerbaijan is fabricating the claim about a missile strike on Ordubad, Nakhijevan.


14:41: the Armenian General Benevolent Union fundraiser has collected $5m. They will match the donations and double it to $10m.


14:45: Greek MFA visited Armenia. He expressed solidarity with Armenians and condemned the Turkish involvement in the conflict.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1031773.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1031781.html

14:55: Artsakh army has issued awards to more soldiers. Captain Gevorg Balayan shot 6 tanks and 7 armored vehicles. Private Harutyun Vardanyan was awarded for shooting 3 tanks and 3 vehicles in the south. Lt. Colonel Armen Israelyan received a medal for organizational skills.


14:56: Russian TASS journalists went to Martuni and recorded the damage done to the civilian infrastructure. Five Martuni residents have died since the beginning of the war.


15:03: 20 French Parliamentarians have asked the French government to immediately recognize the Artsakh Republic.

Nikola Aznavour, the son of Charles Aznavour, has asked the French president Macron to recognize Artsakh.




15:11: Armenian and Iranian military officials met to discuss the situation on the southern border with Artsakh-Iran. The Armenian delegation has informed that Azeris continue to endanger Iran by placing their troops too close to the border.

Artsakh govt to Iran: if the situation remains unchanged, we reserve the right to carry out destructive strikes on the Azeri forces in this area, and the Azeri political-military leadership will bear full responsibility for the outcome.


18:03 LHK MP Marukyan: Azerbaijan has once again accidentally bombed Iran, per Iranian sources.

Video: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=256401075809658



15:18: president Sarkissian gave an interview to American CBN News, spoke about Turkey's destabilizing role, the recruitment of jihadists, the goal to commit ethnic cleansings.


15:25 MoD of Armenia: we urge the international community and the Minsk Group to address specifically the side [Azeris] that refuses to establish a ceasefire and avoids the installation of border monitoring mechanisms.


15:27: AccessNow free speech organization criticized the Azeri government's censorship of the internet, saying "it puts lives further at risk."

"Internet shutdowns restrict access to vital information, prevent people from communicating with loved ones, limit the effectiveness of emergency responders, and suppress reporting of human rights violations. Especially during times of conflict, dependable internet access can help civilians access credible information which can be the difference between life and death."

"The Azerbaijani government — led by President Ilham Aliyev, who took power in 2003 after his father ruled for more than a decade — has a long history of suppressing the free flow of information and silencing critical voices."



15:30: Azeri soldier Yulsiv Nuraddin Bakhtiyar oglu was captured in Artsakh ten days ago. He sustained a wound and is currently receiving treatment in Artsakh hospital after surgery. "This is the hospital that Azerbaijan was bombing," said one politician, referring to an incident on Wednesday.

"Let the Azeri soldiers know that it's safe to turn themselves in, that they will receive humane treatment, that it's not necessary to use the last bullet and die," said an analyst.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1031785.html , https://news.am/arm/news/608250.html

15:35: Armenians held a demonstration in the Netherlands.


15:44: a demonstration was held in front of the UN office in Yerevan. Protesters demanded the UN speak up against Azerbaijan's mistreatment of Armenian POWs. "The terrorism will spread to Europe tomorrow."

The demonstrations stopped when the UN representative decided to visit the wounded civilians in a hospital.


, https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1031787.html , https://factor.am/296164.html

15:48: 34 civilians have been killed in Artsakh since the war began.


16:12 Pashinyan to Swiss RTS news: Armenians have repeatedly agreed to a compromise and were close to signing a document in 2011 to give the surrounding regions to Azerbaijan, but Azerbaijan refused the deal because they didn't want the remaining part of Nagorno-Karabakh (Armenian population) to have right for self-determination. Azerbaijan's goal is to remove the Armenian population.

Therefore, in the case of Nagorno-Karabakh, the international community should accept the principle of secession for the sake of salvation, and recognize Artsakh's independence.



16:22 Russian ruling-party MP Vitali Milonov visited capital Stepanakert: Today we met President Arayik Harutyunyan. In these difficult times, our hearts are with our brothers. An armed solution to the conflict by Azerbaijan and Turkey is unacceptable. We have high hopes that the peaceful skies of Artsakh will be reliably protected from aggression and that no UAV will take any more lives. Karabakh land is beyond the powers of ISIS bandits.

(Azeri MFA later banned the Russian MP from ever visiting Azerbaijan.)

https://news.am/arm/news/608261.html , https://t.me/infoteka24/9123

17:00: Armenian demonstrators shut down a road leading to a port in Hamburg to raise awareness of the issue. "We want peace."

A German outlet covered the topic and spoke about Azerbaijan's use of bombs against kindergartens and a hospital.



18:05: little Gor plays guitar to fundraise for soldiers.


18:07: the Armenian Relief Fund has sent 60 tons of aid to 7,000 Artsakh refugees residing in Armenia.


18:36: the "3 fish" (3dzook) merchandise business is donating its revenue to Himnadram. They sell shirts, mugs, and other stuff with various war-related logos. 2.7mln Dram collected.

Founder: https://youtu.be/Mp304l5YKHo?t=22


18:44 army spokesman: heavy battles continue. Every minute a history is made, the story of our right to exist. There is no other option but to win.


18:45 ex-BHK MP Ruben Gevorgyan: the defense army is heroically fighting against the Turkish-Azeri-terrorist army. Eventually, we'll force a ceasefire. Our Union of Sworn Freedom Fighters has gathered 220 volunteers. We sustained 3 KIA, 7 wounded, 2 MIA.


19:04: a video was shared on social media allegedly from a hospital in Azerbaijan. A man complains about doctors leaving the wounded to die without care.

"No one is treating him. Go check him. Aren't you on duty? What is your name," yells the emotional man at a group of employees.




19:02: Pashinyan has thanked Canadian PM Justin Trudeau for ending the sale of military components (for drones) to Turkey. He also spoke about the importance to respect people's self-determination in the Karabakh conflict.


19:12 Pashinyan: The principle of "secession for salvation", which is a modern manifestation of the principle of self-determination of peoples, entitles certain groups to break away from any state when there is a risk of discrimination, widespread human rights violations, or genocide.

In particular, this should be the basis of our concept for the settlement of the Karabakh conflict.

By involving the mercenary terrorists in this conflict, Turkey and Azerbaijan provide a valid reason to achieve such an international understanding. Armenians around the world should focus on this issue.


19:09 SOAD's Serj Tankian on Instagram: Using child actors to gain international sympathy is typical of the deceitful government of Azerbaijan. Disgusting. (it's a video of how Azeris preparing a propaganda poster of a child with rubbles in the background)



19:10: soldiers sent a video from front lines about how they shoot flying objects.


19:26: governor Csaba Borboly of Romanian Harghita province has expressed solidarity with Armenia and Artsakh. He participated in an Armenian demonstration.


20:05: Azeri outlets are spreading fake news about a group of Armenian mothers, who lost their sons, allegedly protesting in front of the govt building. The photos are from 2010-2017.


21:21: Pashinyan participated in the funeral of private Marat Manukyan and met his family.


22:00: Azerbaijan used heavy missiles to indiscriminately shell the capital Stepanakert and Shosh. One civilian was killed and three injured.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1031830.html , https://t.me/infoteka24/9119 , https://t.me/infocomm/23522

22:02 army spokesman's briefing: after long artillery and airforce bombardments in north and south, Azeris launched a widespread attack. After two fierce battles in the north, we repelled their attacks. They couldn't capture any positions.

In the south, the heavy battles continued all day. In some areas were regrouped (presumably meaning retreated from some positions). The positional changes are normal when the battles are heavy. There isn't any significant situational change around Hadrut in the past few days.

Throughout the day, Azeris conducted airstrikes during which we shot down yet-to-be-identified UAVs.

[presents Harutyun Dokhoyan, the hero soldier who destroyed 5 tanks, 1 armored vehicle, 1 TOS missile unit]


22:15: Pashinyan gave an interview to the French Libération outlet and reiterated that the "succession for salvation" principle needs to be applied to the Karabakh conflict.


22:19: Pashinyan met the troops and gave a speech



23:41: the air sirens were used in the Republic of Armenia's southern Kapan city. "Dear residents, please move to the nearest bomb shelter."

It was allegedly a test siren and the residents were notified via SMS.

https://news.am/arm/news/608336.html , https://twitter.com/301_AD/status/1317193071155707906

23:55: Russian outlet Kommersant writes, citing its sources, that Turkey's Minister of Defense was personally in charge of organizing the attack against Karabakh.

Some 600 Turkish forces stayed in Azerbaijan after the joint training before the war. 120 flight experts, 50 instructors, 90 consultants, 20 drone operators, etc. (their locations are also mentioned)

The article also mentions the recruitment of 1,300 jihadists, 150 of whom are from Libya.



COVID stats

+4005 tested. +1465 infected. +10 deaths. +422 healed. 12549 active.


top-5 most popular translated books in September

5) Էլիֆ Շաֆաքի «Ստամբուլի բիճը»

4) Խալիլ Ջիբրանի «Մարգարեն»

3) Խալեդ Հոսեյնիի «Եվ արձագանքեցին լեռները

2) Դանտեի «Աստվածային կատակերգությունը»

1) Աբբա Պրևոյի «Մանոն Լեսկոն»:



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