2021 April 14

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Daily news wrap-up

Apr/14/2021: (1) Pashinyan reveals details about negotiations, war operation in south, tank attack, Onik Gasparyan, addresses Lele Tepe accusations, General Mosi's plan to surrender northern Artsakh, the "referendum", 5+2 land giveaway, army reforms (2) More benefit for families w/several children
by ar_david_hh

Your 21-minute Wednesday report in 5225 words. Pashinyan denies claims of stopping army mobilization during war, accuses General Movses Hakobyan of planning to surrender 7th Defense Ring:

[Pashinyan was asked to comment on opposition general Mosi's accusation of stopping mobilization during the war.]

How do you imagine this: I go on Live broadcast and urge the whole nation to rise and fight, then I pick up the phone and order to stop the mobilization? The accusation is absurd.

General Movses Hakobyan gives hysterical interviews every day and talks about various things. He was trying to give away the 7th defense ring during the war [northern Artsakh it appears to be the southern Martuni region, near Hadrut].

I made a different decision, as a result of which the 7th ring is to this date under Armenian control. There are witnesses who are present here today. That was also the only military order I gave during the war.

[Update: General Samvel Babayan recently gave an interview during which he claimed that Movses Hakobyan refused to lead the defense of the southern ring. This may or may not be the same incident.]

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1048965.html https://youtu.be/mtWSEJ-mWnY

Pashinyan denied ordering an operation to capture southern Lele Tepe hill for "optics":

[Former regime accused Pashinyan of ordering to recapture Lele Tepe hill for PR purposes.]

They claim that I ordered to recapture Lele Tepe because Serj Sargsyan gave it away and that we had 700 deaths as a result of my order. It's complete nonsense.

A general authored the operation in the south, a general approved that operation, a general assessed the risks of the operation, and the decision was made by generals who had the ability to do so. I was moderating the discussions and never expressed my opinion on it.

I asked the highest-ranking general and he said the operation was a good idea, after which he assessed the situation and reported that yes, it can and should be carried out.

All episodes of the war must be investigated. There must be a fair investigation.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1048967.html https://youtu.be/mtWSEJ-mWnY

Pashinyan about the failed tank attack in the south, opposition general's son:

[Context: General Samvel Babayan recently gave an interview and said they organized an assault operation to cut off Azeri troops in the south, and that hundreds of Azeri troops were killed after they mistook Armenian tanks for Azeris because Armenian tanks were approaching from the rear. The operation eventually failed because - according to General Babayan - some tank brigade commander refused to fight. An MP asked Pashinyan today to provide more details about the southern "Lele Tepe" operation.]

Lele Tepe hill has nothing to do with that tank operation. The former regime invented the Lele Tepe idea as a propaganda tool. They want to present it as an attempt by me to PR myself by capturing the hill. Lele Tepe has nothing to do with it. That word was not mentioned during the operation discussions.

What was the southern tank operation about? At some point, in the 9th defense ring in the south, the enemy made a breakthrough and advanced to Jabrayil, then moved to Hadrut. That was our only defense crack (the one in Talish was closed). The question was what to do about the crack.

One of the most famous Artsakh war heroes suggested an operation to cut off Azeri troops from north to south. I organized a discussion in Stepanakert headquarters, participated by army command. I asked for their opinion.

CoGS Onik Gasparyan said it was an interesting idea but needed to be assessed. The defense army command was tasked with assessing it. They did, and informed CoGS Onik that the operation was possible. In turn, CoGS Onik informed me that it was possible.

The operation began and was successful for several hours. It failed because one of the tank brigades failed to do its part and did not participate the way it should have. Why? I don't know. It needs to be investigated. But the goal was to close the crack. Had we succeeded, we would likely have a different outcome.

That tank brigade's commander was the son of a famous opposition general. He failed to do his duties. We will investigate. Did he receive a call [from former regime] telling him "that's not where your enemy is, your enemy is in Yerevan, come invade the government building instead?".

[There goes the rumor that this southern operation is what lead to the southern defense crack.]

https://factor.am/359025.html https://youtu.be/-O5srFvEFco


Tags: #TankOperation #LeleTepe #generalson #general Pashinyan denies Onik Gasparyan's "third-day-warning" claim:

Former CoGS Gasparyan claimed that on the 4th day of the war (September 30), during a Security Council meeting, he allegedly presented our losses and said that the war must be stopped within 3 days.

I would like to officially announce that this is false. He did not say that. If necessary, we can declassify the September 30 Security Council meeting tapes. It's officially recorded.

Moreover, Onik Gasparyan said, "the opponent has not made any progress and our army is fulfilling its task and will do so until the end."

Before the war, during the Security Council meeting on August 21, Onik Gasparyan ensured that "on the Artsakh direction, we can use the available forces and means to push the opponent back per "no step back" principle, and to thwart the enemy's attack and destroy its groups."

This doesn't mean the political leadership wasn't taking steps to stop the war, however. We made three such attempts [October 10, 18, 26] for a ceasefire but Azerbaijan would violate it within minutes. There were additional meetings between diplomats. [talks about AM-AZ-RU-US meetings]

[Onik Gasparyan later responded, insisting that he presented the aforementioned report on the 3rd day, suggesting that the authorities could edit the content of security council meeting records to present it in a favorable way. hmmm either a jet fuel can melt steel or it cannot, time will tell]

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1048939.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1048991.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1049027.html https://youtu.be/qFUhmtAisKk


Pashinyan about Onik Gasparyan holding discussions with Serj Sargsyan:

[Pashinyan was asked to explain why he believes CoGS Onik Gasparyan conspired with Serj over the "attempted coup"]

Onik himself told me about his conversations with Serj. I know the content of their discussions. On December 19, Onik asked to meet Serj.

He also met Serj during the attempted coup. That meeting between Serj and Onik took place after Onik finished the meeting with President Armen Sarkissian.


Pashinyan about firing army officials:

[LHK MP asked about what his advisers told him based on army command's August 21 report regarding national security.]

At the time, my chief adviser Vagharshak Harutyunyan [now MOD] gave his opinion. It's classified. Both of my advisers asked me to make series of army terminations during the war, but I found the timing to be wrong under those conditions.


Pashinyan about accusations that he stopped Kocharyan and Levon Ter-Petrosyan from flying to Moscow to meet Putin:

Artsakh's former presidents Arkadiy and Bako met me and said they have an idea to hold a meeting between former and current leaders of Armenia and Artsakh. I agreed.

Then they told me that LTP and Kocharyan should visit Moscow and meet Russian elites, and only then hold the aforementioned meeting between Armenian leaders. I said OK, I can even help by giving a jet to LTP and Kocharyan.

Arkadiy and Bako then returned and said that LTP and Kocharyan want me to intervene and set up a meeting with Putin. I said there was a format-related problem with sending them as envoys. I'm already in touch with Putin routinely. Putin could ask me, "what is that you cannot tell me that you send an envoy for?".

I offered my option. I said let's organize a trip for former Armenian presidents to Russia, on a state level. The receiving end would be Russia's former president Dmitri Medvedev (deputy security council chief of Russia). Then, during this meeting in Moscow, we would ask to escalate it to a meeting with Putin and MFA Lavrov. That way, there would be no diplomatic format-related issue.

They [former regime] rejected my offer. They told me that even without my help, they have already secured a meeting with Russian MFA Lavrov. I said OK, then what do you want from me? They said they want [Kocharyan's passport returned] so he can leave the country. I agreed. Kocharyan received permission to leave.

That's the whole story. What have I done wrong?

Moreover, I received a call from Russia informing me that some Armenian officials want to bypass me and to meet them [Russians] directly. I said I don't have a problem with that.

https://factor.am/359056.html https://youtu.be/YfG999uegzo

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Pashinyan on why the war began in 2020:

The biggest reason is that Azerbaijan saw in 2019 that Armenia was on the course for strengthening and deep systemic reforms. They wanted to strike while Armenia was weak.


Pashinyan about October 19, Artsakh status, reveals details about his phone calls with Putin and Aliyev, Serj's deadlock, "fake" referendum:

There has been a lot of speculation about what happened on October 19 and afterward. After analyzing the situation and consulting with Artsakh President and army leadership, I decided that we must reach a ceasefire even at the cost of giving lands.

I summoned a Security Council meeting joined by parliamentary political parties, the President, and the Church leadership. The same day I summoned non-Parliamentary parties to notify them as well {Note: the story has been confirmed by an opposition politician who attended the meeting.}

Afterward, I called Vladimir Putin and informed him that we agree to a ceasefire in exchange for a 5+2 land return condition. [something Russia has been advocating for for almost a decade.]

That condition had been offered to Armenia under various formats in the past. We reached a common understanding with Putin on how to resolve the situation.

You are aware that there was also the topic of returning refugees, the topic about Azeri IDPs returning to Nagorno Karabakh. I told Putin that in principle, we have no objections if it's tied to the clarification of Artsakh's legal status.

Putin called Aliyev. We were then told that Aliyev was against withdrawing from the southern Hadrut region. Moreover, Aliyev wanted Azeris to return to Shushi and elsewhere, and that the return of refugees should not be tied to Artsakh's legal status. He always wanted all 7 regions returned at once, instead of the 5+2 format.

past negotiations

Azerbaijan refused to discuss Karabakh's status before and during the war. This was the main reason why the 2016 April war took place. Armenia has been subjected to consistent and continuous pressure to give up on at least the security zones (7 regions) without pre-conditions about Artsakh's legal status.

when and how the negotiations stopped

I want this to be clear because I know there will be questions on "could we avoid the war and at what cost?". We were pressured to agree to Artsakh being an autonomous province [as part of Azerbaijan] with some privileges. When the war began, I publicly said, "if we agreed to this offer, we could stop the war. Would you agree to that? If yes, we can resolve the conflict today."

Our administration inherited a deadlock and a pre-war situation. Remember what Serj said during his [pre-revolution] April 17 speech, "The negotiation process does not inspire optimism, but to be more specific, the negotiations have stopped because Azerbaijan's expectations are unrealistic and unacceptable for us."

On the same day, while answering MP Samvel Nikoyan, Serj Sargsyan said, "The April 2016 war was both a surprise and not a surprise, in the sense that we were hopeful that the opponent will exercise common sense and won't take steps that are harmful to both sides. The lesson is that from now on, we cannot hope that the Azerbaijani government will abandon its goal to resolve the conflict militarily."

Pashinyan continues: essentially, since 2017, we had a situation where Armenia had reached the red line and even crossed it.

Serj also gave an interview on November 17, 2016, to Россия сегодня outlet, during which he said, "We came close to signing the document on multiple occasions. Armenian and Karabakh would leave from those security territories which Azerbaijan refers to as occupied. But the document clearly stated that Karabakh's final status would be decided with a referendum, and it was defined on who would participate. But Azerbaijan rejected the document every time and would impose new demands."

Pashinyan continues: let's understand where we were at in negotiations. Armenia agreed to give away 7 regions, but Azerbaijan refused it and wanted more. Another one of Serj Sargsyan's interviews mentions this. He gave it on July 16 2017 to Armenia TV, during which he said, "the April 2016 war showed us that Azerbaijan rejected the Madrid Principles. It is clear to everyone now. Azerbaijan says that the Artsakh conflict is its internal issue. In other words, Artsakh is part of Azerbaijan and must remain as such."

Pashinyan continues: the former regime is today misleading the public. They promoted the idea that Azerbaijan with its non-constructive position was being pressured by the international community to come to senses. This is false. From 2011 onward, when Azerbaijan began displaying non-constructive behavior, it was Armenia that was pressured by the international community to give away lands.

And the former regime's claims about there being an agreement over a referendum in Artsakh are also misleading the public. Yes, in the negotiations packages, including ones discussed after 2015-2016, a referendum was mentioned which said that it should reflect the free will of the entire Nagorno Karabakh population. But pay attention to the wording.

It doesn't clarify where the elections would be held, the areas, yet this is a fundamentally important question. Azerbaijan has always insisted that per the Azerbaijani constitution, any referendum on its territory must be held across the country. This has been Azerbaijan's stance during negotiations.

When we asked OSCE Minsk Group to clarify this, the latter said the referendum should be done in the way agreed by both Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Next question: what does "Nagorno Karabakh's entire population" mean? According to Azerbaijan, that means IDPs and their family members, including those who were born after the conflict. Per available information, 40,000 Azeris left Artsakh after the 90s war.

Next question: what will be the text of the question written on the referendum ballot, and who will write it? This wasn't answered.

intermediate status & Madrid Principles

For years, the Armenian public was kept in the dark. When Serj Sargsyan says that Azerbaijan rejected the Madrid Principles, people should understand what that means.

Madrid Principles have "intermediate status" terminology for Artsakh. Beginning in 2011, Azerbaijan essentially refused to discuss it. And you would think that with good diplomacy by the Armenian side, and by building good relations with Russia [shots fired at former regime], US, and France, they would be able to convince Azerbaijan to accept the "intermediate status".

months before April 2016 war

But the truth is, the OSCE Minsk co-chairs sided with Azerbaijan since 2014-2015, while the 2016 April war began after the co-chairs suggested Armenia make concessions.

I want this to be clear. Two months before the 2016 April war, the OSCE Co-chairs offered Armenia to give up on the idea for "intermediate status" for Artsakh [to appease Azerbaijan]. The Armenian side refused, after which the war began. The loss of lands in 2016 was then supposed to force Armenia to give up on the "intermediate status" demand.

I want to remind you of Robert Kocharyan's December 4, 2020 interview to the 5th channel, in which he said, "we can bring multiple examples which, combined together, left Azerbaijan no hope that diplomacy could achieve something. Of course, that would lead to war."

This was a genius statement by Kocharyan, which defines Armenian diplomatic logic in the past 20 years. The Armenian side had one goal: to give hope to Azerbaijan that it could achieve what it wants diplomatically. Azerbaijan wants Karabakh to be part of Azerbaijan culturally and legally. But when you give them hope for 20 years, eventually you have to make good on your hope. You can't give them hope forever.

This was the biggest failure. The entire Armenian nation was told we should give up on our rights and Artsakh Movement's results. The most absurd idea was put into circulation that "the worst negotiations are better than the best war". It's impossible to come up with nonsense bigger than that. The worst negotiations lead to the worst wars.

Kocharyan era

It was under the Kocharyan administration in 1997-1998 when Armenia gave hope to Azerbaijan and went as far as to exclude Karabakh from the negotiations table. I don't know whether LTP and Kocharyan still argue on who exactly excluded Karabakh from the table, but Karabakh's exclusion benefitted Azerbaijan.

In 2019 I said that we cannot imagine a resolution to the conflict without Karabakh's participation in negotiations. Kocharyan and LTP should have done this in the 90s, at a time when Azerbaijan was not militarily powerful. We would not only NOT lie to our people that such negotiations would resolve the conflict, but we would have prepared for war simultaneously with Azerbaijan, instead of stealing soldiers' food and building mansions in Baden-Baden and Europe [referring to Serj].

the Turkish agent

Kocharyan claims that a Turkish agent would have done everything the same way I did. If Kocharyan was a Turkish spy, the biggest service would be the exclusion of Karabakh from negotiations.

If Kocharyan was a Turkish agent, under his watch, there would be a Parliament shooting and Defense Minister Vazgen Sargsyan would be murdered. If the NSS was run by Turkish agents in 1999 [headed by Serj Sargsyan], of crouse gunmen would be able to kill Artsakh heroes in the Parliament.

After coming to power in 1998, the Kocharyan-Sargsyan duo called it treason to resolve the Karabakh conflict with phases. Even discussions about phased resolution were considered treason. Behind your back, up until 2018, they negotiated a phased-document titled "Декларация о первом этапе и о дальнейших шагах в Нагорно-Карабахском урегулировании".

Kocharyan-Sargsyan duo exploited the Karabakh issue to gain power. They failed the negotiations and within 20 years, they gave away our 90s victory, they embezzled and build mansions on Greek islands. They failed the army reforms while making toast for soldiers. They failed with building infrastructure and developing the country in general.

Per 2017 government analysis, Armenia was behind Azerbaijan by 10:1 in the critical infrastructure development index. Moreover, this excludes the energy sector, transport, and arms, otherwise, it would have been 20:1.

military industry

The military-industrial complex began developing only after the 2016 April war. Only then they passed a law to create an institution. 11 years behind Azerbaijan.

The IT field was formed on the Ministry level only in 2016. 12 years behind Azerbaijan.

The High-tech was not at a Ministry level until 2017. 13 years behind Azerbaijan. Azeris already had 3 satellites, one of which was surveillance. What were Armenian officials doing? Purchasing lands in Greek islands for mansions.

So yes, the former regime failed in the institutional formation of the state. They turned the country into a mafia structure and drained resources. And these mafia remnants are to this day active in the judicial system and elsewhere.

Armenia fought against 20 years of treason, against 20 years of capitulation. During the war, they shouted "traitor" while we asked questions. You are the traitor and you are the capitulant.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1048944.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1048991.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1048994.html https://youtu.be/doPPzyCBKik https://youtu.be/vnXyC9QpNZ8 https://youtu.be/Bmy-9pyWrJA https://youtu.be/0NhHWZ07-pg https://youtu.be/GMVK_JZBKOg?t=10

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Pashinyan about adding Artsakh's de-occupation on the negotiation table:

During negotiations, we should raise the issue of de-occupation of the territories of the Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Region. But this should be done in form of political negotiations, rather than formulating it as a military issue.

We must continue to promote the "separation for the sake of salvation" principle. You saw what took place in Azerbaijan yesterday [about the military "expo" in Baku], it's just unbelievable. I don't hate, I pity.

We must raise awareness about this Armenopohbia on all platforms. We must show this to the international community and make the separation for the sake of salvation as part of negotiations.

We will continue the devoted struggle for a free, powerful, happy Armenia. And we tell the people in Armenia, Artsakh, and Diaspora right now: do not despair, keep your head high, there is a future for Armenia and Artsakh.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1048946.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1048993.html

Pashinyan about the military alliance with Russia:

An attack on Armenia means an attack on Russia, per AM-RU military agreement. It's the axis of ensuring Armenia's security. It's strengthened with dozens of international agreements and mutual military obligations.

Joint mobilization and joint air-defense systems play a key role. There are ongoing discussions to enrich the capabilities of the Russian 102nd military base in Gyumri and to build a new ռազմաբազայի հենակետ in Syunik.


Pashinyan about using Border Guards instead of Armed Forces to protect borders:

We envision a scenario in which the Border Guards will protect the borders, while the Armed Forces will be busy training to increase combat effectiveness.

Artsakh's Defense Army and peacekeepers will continue to ensure Artsakh's safety.


Pashinyan about army reforms:

A large number of contractors are taking part in guarding. However, they spend 14 days guarding, then another 14 days with their daily lives. Some are farmers, others have paycheck jobs. This doesn't allow us to increase combat effectiveness.

How is a Professional Army different? First, Border Guards should guard the borders. The armed forces, during non-war times, should be positioned in their permanent bases and spend 24/7 on training. They should not spend half of the time on agriculture, and the other half on the front lines.

This will be a long transition process. It began in 2018. That year, the 3rd Army Corps launched the creation of rapid-response professional units. They proved to be effective later.


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Pashinyan about unblocking regional trade routes:

There is an expert group headed by deputy Premiers. Multiple scenarios were proposed. Azerbaijan has made offers, and so did we, and Russia. We will try to find common ground. Armenia's interests will be taken into account. We should give access and receive access.

To create and operate a new modern copper factory we need railway connectin with Russia and Iran. It'll allow phased processing of copper. Armenia has rich reserves and can be very appealing to international investors.

We must make every effort to be able to bring out constructive and positive results. Of course, there are security, economic, and infrastructure issues. All of that is being discussed during meetings.

I believe Azerbaijan will try to keep the communications closed, but the Armenian side will be maximally constructive during negotiations.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1048981.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1049025.html

Pashinyan on whether Azeris and Turks are enemies:

I don't understand the debate on whether Turks and Azeris are enemies of the Armenian people. Are we the ones who have to answer that question? Our history, the last war, the recent events - it is not even a matter of discussion that yes, they are our enemies. And they consider us their enemies.

But the problem is in managing the hostility. What are we going to do with the enmity? I say the following: the more we consider them as enemies, the more they consider us as enemies. The question is, to what extent will we escalate that hostility? Is completely destroying each other the end goal? We should not aim for that, and neither should they.


Pashinyan about casualties:

3621 confirmed deceased (201 pending identification). 321 missing.


Pashinyan reveals details of post-revolution conversation with Levon Ter-Petrosyan and "you must already give the lands":

LTP has his ideas about resolving the conflict. It has been known since 1997 with his article "War or peace: it's time to get serious". But I want to draw attention to the fact that in the 1996 election, LTP campaigned on Victory, Stability, Progress slogan, but no word was given about "peace" and "getting serious".

Later, that agenda was formulated as the "exit strategy" for the failed 1996 presidential elections. LTP was guiding Serj Sargsyan during the 2016 negotiations. I've spoken about this back in 2016.

During the post-revolution 2018 meeting, LTP told me "you must already give the lands". But in exchange for what? Առաջին նախագահի՝ համենայնդեպս այդ օրը ձևակերպված պատկերացումը այդ շրջանակից դուրս չի եղել: Մնացածն արդեն գնահատման հարց է.

We were unable to do within 2 years what was not done in the previous 20 years. This applies to army reforms and negotiations. Yes, we couldn't, and that was our failure. I personally carry responsibility for that. I will enter snap elections with that on my shoulders and I will humbly obey to people's decision. If we wanted to cling to power we wouldn't propose snap elections back in December.


Pashinyan's full speech

He also spoke about the COVID and measures taken against it. Spoke about water management and raising salaries for teachers and increasing science funding.

Part 1: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1048991.html

Part 2: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1048994.html

All Armenia Fund charity embezzlement investigation / NSS released details about former director Vardanyan

As part of the anti-corruption campaign after the 2018 revolution, the NSS arrested the now-former director of All Armenia Fund (Himnadram.org) Ara Vardanyan and charged him with large-scale embezzlement, to which he confessed. He later became an opposition political figure.

NSS released updated info: Vardanyan served as Himnadram director between 2009-2018. To embezzle large sums, he conspired with a director of a company to sign a fake ֏293M aid contract, claiming it was providing furniture to Artsakh schools.

The sum was wired to the company's account, after which it was embezzled. The furniture was not delivered.

In 2014, Vardanyan borrowed money from Converse Bank and submitted Himnadram's "Moziyan" fund's ֏28M reserves as a pledged asset. He received a credit line worth ֏25M with an annual 19.10% APR.

In 2016, he spent ֏137M from the aforementioned credit line on playing poker on online gambling websites, for which the bank charged ֏230M որպես միջնորդավճար.

As a result of Vardanyan's actions, Moziyan Fund was unable to help residents with social issues, educational, cultural, and scientific programs. It also tarnished the Fund's reputation and resulted in significantly fewer donations in the following years.

The preliminary investigation against two officials is over. It's sent to prosecutors to prepare a trial. //

  • The All Armenia Fund administration underwent changes after the 2018 revolution.)


bill approved: Armenia will have a new anti-corruption court institute

Parliament voted 80-33-1 to approve the government bill to create specialized courts to handle corruption cases. There will be 15 judges: 10 for felony and 5 for civil trials.


Azerbaijan has found and returned one body

Search operations continue to find the missing 321.


OSCE Minsk Group released a message

We welcome significant achievements in the return of bodies and the return of displaced population and the discussions over lifting blockade on regional trade routes.

More is needed to establish an atmosphere of trust. It includes topics relating to the return of all POWs and other arrested individuals per international humanitarian laws [AZ], sharing information to allow demining operations [AM], removing restrictions on entry to Karabakh including for international humanitarians organizations [AZ], the protection of religious monuments [AZ], establishment of direct ties between the affected communities to promote cooperation.


Murder on the Orient Express

An incident occurred in Yerevan. A minibus passenger was murdered on Route 54 under strange circumstances. The police arrived and began questioning witnesses.

It was revealed that an argument began over not wearing a mask. The suspect fled the scene. He has been identified and is wanted by police.

https://armenthe press.am/arm/news/1048957.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1048982.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1049056.html

Armenia will have a trade attache in Iran

The new office will reside in the Armenian embassy and regulate trade issues.


Gyumri begins planting trees to commemorate WW2 victims

The idea was born in Russia and spread to post-Soviet republics. Gyumri began planting "Memorial Park" trees this morning. The goal is to plant 27 million. 160 were planted in Gyumri and Vanadzor with the participation of the Russian ambassador and Russian soldiers.


genocide survivor Ovsanna Mirkhanyan has passed away

At the age of 106. She lived in Armavir's Lenughi village.


bill: "universal income" for families with multiple children / encourage work

Labor Ministry: 80% of families with multiple children are low-income. Instead of giving them aid as it's done today, we want to give them financial aid depending on the number of children.

It will help over 8,000 families (>4 children) to leave the low-income bracket and be more independent.

They will no longer have to worry that doing farming would generate just enough income to place them above the poverty level, causing them to lose aid.

Regardless of that income, the family will continue to receive aid depending on the number of children.

Additionally, we plan to give health insurance to parents.

The mother, in addition to her annual vacation time, would receive an additional 5-day paid vacation.

Such families must receive assurances that their children won't have to stay in long queue lines to register for kindergarten care and that it will be free, while in the future, the child would receive certain privileges during their education.

The families could receive housing aid as well. They could either receive a purchasing voucher or a new housing would be built. Families with over 8 kids would give given apartments.

To help the mothers who have to leave for work, it has been proposed to extend preschool hours till 7:00 pm.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1048980.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1048998.html

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Armenia has made it to FIFA's "Europe League" quarter-finals

... in the form of a referee. Karen Nalbandyan will be the referee inspector for the Villareal-Dinamo Zagreb match.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1048977.html a new precision scale will let you weigh your precious metal for free,

... the Economy Ministry announced today. The National Institute for Standardization and Metrology will launch open-door sessions for those who apply to weigh their bitcoins and galleons.


COVID stats

5869 tested. 1075 infected. 583 healed. 19 deaths. 16134 (up).

Levon Ter-Petrosyan is infected with COVID.

🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 hmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Kocharyan takes a COVID test yesterday. LTP confirmed with COVID today. Have they been meeting secretly? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔]

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1049059.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1048941.html

1 million vaccines

Healthcare Minister said they agreed with Russia to purchase 1 million Sputnik-V vaccines. She hopes that 20% of the population will be vaccinated this year. "Only a few countries have managed to reach 30-40% vaccination. Most are at 1-15%."


Malake Taus

Armenian Yezidi community received congratulations over the religious Peacock Angel Day, also known as world creation day, aka new year's day. According to Yezidi tradition, God finished the creation of Earth on the next Wednesday after April 13th.

Pashinyan: The friendship of the Armenian-Yezidi peoples with a centuries-old history has passed the test of a common struggle, strengthened by creative work and common achievements. Your contribution to the construction and protection of our country is significant.


early breast cancer detection

...has saved 13,000 lives in the past two decades in Armenia.


in case you missed important news about nuclear plant and other topics from Tuesday


end of report

The accused are innocent unless proven guilty in the court of law, even if they "appear" guilty.

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