2021 June 4

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Daily news wrap-up

Jun/4/2021: (1) Rare 23rd Century B.C. artifacts in Armenia: Hittites vs Pharaoh; Kingdom of Elam; Burial rituals (2) Post office signs a deal (3) Pashinyan meets villagers: Hadrut treason suspect, shortage of vests (4) 1999 Meghri Corridor (5) Murder suspect known (6) EU-certified landfill (7) more
by ar_david_hh

This is your 17-minute Friday report in 4202 words.

23rd Century B.C. artifacts near Artashat / burial rituals / horses / Indo-European culture / Kingdom of Elam / Pharaoh & Hittite king

There is an area with ancient tombs not far from Artashat, it's called Verin Naver. The archaeologists discovered artifacts from the 23rd Century B.C.

Dr. Hakob Simonyan: Verin and Nerqin Naver tomb sites are included in the state archeological development program because both contain important and unique information about our ancient past.

Amazing facts about ancient funeral rituals have been unearthed. They can radically change our perception of ancient culture and shed new light on the origin of the Armenian people.


They depict 23rd Century B.C. horse sacrifice in Vedic ritual style. The horse was the engine of history, the indicator representing Indo-European culture. It is no coincidence that many countries pay attention to this topic at the state level. Many would dream of such facts to be uncovered in their territories.


We also discovered pre-Zoroastrian rituals, cremation, cleaning of bodies before they were buried in the holy land.

Per old beliefs, if the body touched the soil, it would raise the ire of gods and bring famine and other disasters. So the Indo-Europeans were using two methods to purify the bodies.

The first was cremation. This was evident in ancient Greek and Roman writings.

The second was the Zoroastrian ritual during which the body was placed on a tower for animals and birds to eat the flesh before the bones could be buried in the land. [not too different from 5G tower conspiracies? good progress]

We see the two phenomena during the excavations of Naver. There were instances when they dag deep enough to reach the tuf stone layer, and only then did they place the remains there, to keep it away from holy soil. If the tuf layer was too deep, they would lay sand and cover it with խսիր (basic fabric made of plants). Some of the burnt remnants of these fabrics have been preserved.


Luxury items were found, which testify to the possession of high technologies, glassmaking.


Another important discovery was the royal tombs. One of them was looted multiple times in the Middle Ages. It was filled with gifts, including chariots, from which only bronze details have been preserved (chariot parts and a bronze eagle statue attached to chariot).

iron - ahead of its time

Another amazing discovery was the curved iron sword. Iron began spreading around the world in 12th century B.C., while it was already in Naver at 17-15th Century B.C. There are also horse trident and other iron items.


The Egyptian pharaoh asked the Hittite king for iron swords but the latter refused. The Pharaoh then revealed that his spies had learned about the existence of iron swords in the eastern part of the Hittite kingdom. The eastern part is the Armenian Highlands. Today we are witnessing the tangible evidence of the writings. European labs should examine this so it won't be disputed.

gifts of Kingdom of Elam

Equally important is the discovery of gifts that were sent from faraway Elam. It was one of the most ancient states of the old world. It was conquered repeatedly.

The king of a powerful state sent luxurious gifts to its allies in Ararat valley. It was a tradition in which military allies gave very expensive gifts to each other. Mostly medallions with a human face, shoulder straps, etc.

The medallions with faces are amazingly beautiful. The last time Armenians discovered an ancient sculpture with a human face was on Tigran Mets coin.

All this is just the beginning of Ararat kingdom exploration. The state should spend enough resources to better guard the artifacts, while the public should not be indifferent to findings. //


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Armenian and Russian postal agencies will reduce delivery fees / traffic skyrocketed

Armenian representatives visited Russia to hold talks. Russian post office wants to use its subsidiary firms to improve Armenia-bound transfers from the EU, USA, and China.

B2B channel will be created between Armenian and Russian post offices.

Express delivery fees could be reduced between individuals and businesses.

A new online platform will be created.

Russian rep.: last year we signed an agreement to reduce parcel delivery fees three-fold. As a result, transfers from Russia to Armenia increased by 140%. This new agreement will increase e-trade, expedite shipments, and make financial management easier.

Armenian rep.: we already have two successful projects with the Russian post office: money transfer from any Russian postal to any Armenian postal branch, and lower transfer fees.

This gave us excellent results. Compared to the 2019 period, this year the Armenia-Russia mail exchange rose 11 times, while the Russia-Armenia exchange rose 4 times.


Armenia's post office signs transportation contract with Russia's SberBank

HayPost representative went to St. Petersburg and met members of 'Sber' system during a forum. They signed a cooperation agreement in high tech, payment systems, and transportation investments.

They will create an electronic payment system for Yerevan transport. Sber will invest and send equipment.

Sber rep.: The agreement reflects our goal of joint development of transport ticketing solutions in Armenia.

HayPost: SberBank's electronic ticket solutions have proven their efficiency in Moscow and other regions. This is our first joint project with Sber. We expect to expand modern technologies to every Armenian city.


police names suspect in June 2nd Moscow Cinema murder case

Context here. A gang-related shooting occurred on Wednesday. A mafioso's bodyguard was killed. He was taken to the police station and questioned. It was revealed that he was the real target. There had been other failed hits against him in the United States and Russia.

The police used CCTV to track the suspect's movement. They found the abandoned murder weapon and clothes. The suspect took a taxi to Talin where he purchased new clothes.

The taxi drivers were questioned; the suspect was a Russian-speaking man. He was identified as Alexander Buzmarev, 23, a foreign citizen. He is placed on the wanted list.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1054376.html https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=4656937000988345

Foreign Ministry about the felony charges against Armenian POWs:

We strongly condemn the prosecution of Lyudvik Mkrtchyan and Alyosha Khosrovyan, captured by Azerbaijan during the recent aggression against Artsakh. Azerbaijan continues to violate Geneva contentions about POWs which clearly states that POWs must repatriate after the war. There are 14 illegal felony trials. It also violates the November 9 trilateral statement.

Azerbaijan also ignores ECHR's ruling that requires them to share information about detainees; Azerbaijan continues to hide their true numbers while denying the presence of dozens of people. They even deny the presence of people who are known to be in Azerbaijan thanks to video evidence or eye-witness accounts.

All POWs must be released ASAP without any preconditions.


Azeri MOD truck explodes in occupied territories

Two Azeri journalists died in a landmine explosion in the Qarvacahr region. They worked for AzerTag and AzTV outlets. The vehicle belonged to Azeri MOD. Another local official also died while four others received injuries.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1054383.html https://factor.am/378386.html

Armenia and Azerbaijan file complaints in ECHR

Azerbaijan wants Armenia to share the map of landmines. ECHR attached the claim to Azerbaijan's January petition. The court did not give it an "emergency" status.

Armenia submitted new materials regarding its February petition. (POWs, etc.)


Pashinyan's adviser about the recent border negotiations and MOD's trip to Moscow:

There is a mutual understanding with Russia at the highest level on the issue of resolving the border situation. The Moscow talks were quite substantial, clear emphases were made.

We will continue this to achieve our goal: Azeris must withdraw from Armenian lands. This will happen as a result of cooperation with our strategic partner, as well as the work done by our army. Russia is making every effort to do this peacefully.

The internal political issues in Armenia do not have an impact on the intensity of these negotiations. Not all negotiation details should be revealed immediately, it's being done in the national interest.

As for Ilham Aliyev's "Zangezur corridor" statements, I can assure you that no "corridor" has been discussed at any level, and will not be discussed. It's not and will not be part of any document.


Kocharyan about giving away Meghri in exchange for Karabakh

Read the content of the 1999 Meghri corridor document here. It was about exchanging Meghri for Karabakh. Vazgen and Demirchyan allegedly pressured Kocharyan to reject it during a Security Council meeting.

Kocharyan: the OSCE co-chairs never offered to exchange Meghri. I received three offers: to form a joint country, the Key West process when Heydar Aliyev refused to sign at the last moment, and the Madrid Principles. There were no other official offers.

Aliyev offered to exchange Meghri. This is why I'm careful when using the word "corridor" because their intentions might be different. We rejected the offer because we did not want to lose the border with Iran.

Aliyev was trying to promote this format through OSCE but it was not officially raised. Now they want to tie the October 27th with the Meghri topic and Vazgen and Demirchyan being against it. This topic was not discussed during the Security Council meeting. //

Contrary to Kocharyan's claim that the corridor was not discussed during the Security Council meeting, the former 1999-2000 Defense Minister Vagharshak Harutyunyan had claimed back in 2008 that it was discussed.

Harutyunyan: I participated in those discussions as the MOD. I first learned about the option to give Meghri from Vazgen Sargsyan. Then a meeting was held in Sadarak between Aliyev, Kocharyan, Abiev, and myself, during which the Azeri MOD spoke about it.

Then Kocharyan presented me with that option, saying it was a good solution.

I then met OSCE co-chairs and discussed parts of that proposal. That document was active as of the date of my firing. //

HzhK party secretary Grigor Harutyunyan: Meghri corridor was discussed during the Security Council session. Vazgen and Demirchyan voted against it. We discussed that topic later in 2003, during the State & Legal Commission session, in which Victor Dalakyan was the president and I was the vice president. Upon my initiative, Vardan Oskanyan came to discuss various options.

How Demirchyan voted against it during the Security Council session was described in the article written by Demirchyan's wife Rima. It has many details. Kocharyan is lying about it not being discussed. //


Tags: #MeghriCorridor

Russian ambassador visits Meghri

Kopyrkin has been traveling in Syunik border areas lately. He visited Meghri today to meet Russian border guards.

He also met the Russian-run Agarak Copper factory to discuss environmental topics, business, aid for locals, etc. The director said this month they will switch to closed-loop water usage to reduce the impact on nature.


BP to reportedly build solar farms in occupied southern Karabakh

Azeri govt says British Petroleum is interested in investing $200m to build solar in Jabrayil-Zangilan regions of Karabakh that recently went under Azeri control.

In other news, Aliyev has authorized Erdogan's associates to conduct exploratory work for mining in the Qarvachar region.

https://factor.am/378577.html https://factor.am/378769.html

electoral commission will spend ֏460m to print 70m ballots

Each voter will receive 26 ballots to choose from.


political parties

Pativ Unem's Arthur Vanetsyan visits Artsakh: For the first time since the end of the war, the direction is again to our dear Artsakh, which is seriously wounded, but always alive.


Kocharyan: every official should live in their personal residence, not a building dedicated for officials. You can install police checkpoints near their homes. That's how Andranik Margaryan used to do. They never spent a day in Kond houses. I lived there as a president because I didn't have a house in Yerevan. The official's children should not have a bodyguard, they should not be spoiled.


Pashinyan met Ararat villagers / shortage of bulletproof vests during war / Kocharyan debate / drip irrigation farming / kindergartens / teacher salaries

Pashinyan about farming: farmers who switch to the drip-irrigation system will not pay any water fees for 5 years, beginning next year. The eventual goal is to spend less effort per hectare with the use of high tech.

The agricultural workforce that will be replaced with high-tech should have proper education. Part of this is the program to build kindergartens en-masse. Since 2018 we built or rebuilt over 200 kindergartens and we plan to build 300 new ones mostly in villages within the next 5 years.

Pashinyan about market: We will try to increase internal consumption demand. In the past few years, we sharply decreased cognac spirit imports to ensure the high quality of Armenian products because often these low-quality imported spirits did more damage and caused problems for Armenia's harvest.

This is the second year we have agricultural insurance. Today it operates in all provinces. 50-60% is paid by the government. Take advantage of it.

Pashinyan about teachers' salaries: the teachers' certification program launched in May. Those who undergo certification will see a 30-50% salary raise from November.

We made an important reform in 2019 by setting the minimum wage for teachers at ֏108k. But unfortunately, that doesn't mean every teacher earns at least that much today. Why? because often the teacher's hours are split, and so is the salary. Three teachers can be hired, with each earning the third of that ֏108k.

This is problematic. The teachers' ongoing re-certification and salary hike is part of the solution. We want only qualified teachers who earn higher wages.

Pashinyan about arms imports in the past 10 years: between 2011-2020, Armenia imported $398m worth of armament. Azerbaijan purchased 8.2x more, from which 2/3rd were from CSTO republics. 63% of our arms imports since 2011 were made after 2018.

Pashinyan about the shortage of bulletproof vests during the war: no matter how difficult it is, I must confess that I found out about the shortage only after the war had begun. One of the opposition officials, who talks a lot today, was tasked with reporting such shortage issues. Has he ever done his job? We added billions to the budget. We could have purchased the vests had he done his job.

Pashinyan about 2019: we've only had a chance for proper governance for one full year after 2018. That was 2019, and Armenia grabbed the attention of the world with its achievements. The highest economic growth in European and Eurasian sectors, higher pensions, salaries for teachers and soldiers, a record number of tourists, record business profits, a ֏60b refunds to businesses that were earlier considered impossible.

Pashinyan hits back Kocharyan: I don't always respond to Kocharyan's statements but he lately presented an interesting idea: high-ranking officials must undergo a psychological evaluation. That's coming from the person who does this. [shows villagers Kocharyan's photo sitting on a dead lion after hunting]. That's coming from a man who likes to ride dead animals. If the evaluation practice was implemented in 1998 maybe we wouldn't have October 27th or people wouldn't get killed for saying "Privet Rob". I don't want to lower to his level and respond to claims that we wear diapers during sessions. Would Kocharyan pass the Armenian language test? Lately, he has written only two words "hakhtakan yeritasardutyun" and made three typos in those two words. [He called for Kocharyan to accept his public debate offer] You rejected my offer because you have nothing to say. I will destroy you with facts and you won't stand up an inch above plintus. //

He traveled through various settlements and met the residents. Full

Full: https://youtu.be/1Ih9SxoX4zg https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1054444.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1054447.html https://armstrade.sipri.org/armstrade/page/values.php https://www.sipri.org/commentary/topical-backgrounder/2021/arms-transfers-conflict-zones-case-nagorno-karabakh https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1054455.html https://youtu.be/xOZVhu3pwIE https://youtu.be/vJQjIBkXqtY


Pashinyan: NSS has arrested a traitor who gave insider info about troops in Hadrut region

An Ararat villager asks Pashinyan to "punish traitor generals and commanders".

Pashinyan: we cannot mix wet with dry. People wonder if there was treason. Soon you will hear on the news about the discovery of another treason case.

The suspect is not a professional soldier. He was a commander of a volunteer unit during the war. He passed around details about our soldiers' stationing and movements near Hadrut. The NSS has already arrested him. I know his full name, I know the name of his unit. This is a specific case of state treason; his guilt is yet to be proven.

To this day I cannot explain the videos from the war showing abandoned military storages full of armament. These are questions that must be addressed but we cannot do it in an emotional state.


https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=753647755275546 https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1054449.html

rumors & rebuttals: Russian peacekeepers vs Artsakh driver

There were reports claiming chief peacekeeper Muradov's associates did not like the behavior of an Armenian driver so they pushed his vehicle off the road and used sound grenades. Then it was allegedly revealed that the occupants of the vehicle were Artsakh NSS workers who simply wanted to overtake the peacekeeper envoy on the road.

Artsakh NSS responds: there was a road incident between Russian peacekeepers and civilians. The Artsakh NSS workers were present at the scene. The rumors about "anti-terror operation" or "NSS agents being fired" are false. The case is still under investigation.


rumors & rebuttals: Iranian citizen attempting to become an MP?

Police department: we are investigating rumors about a candidate for the QP party Tigran Davudyan being an Iranian citizen. We discovered that Davudyan applied with Passport Table to receive documents to prove that he is an Armenian citizen and resided in Armenia for the past 4 years.

The records confirmed that he has been an Armenian citizen since 1999. The database did not contain records about him being an Iranian national. His permanent residency status was also confirmed.

The investigation continues.


bill approved: COVID victims can undergo an autopsy

Armenia did not have a pandemic-certified autopsy center until 2020. In the initial period of COVID, there were concerns about how it would spread if an autopsy was conducted.

Today the Parliament voted 76-0-8 to approve autopsies.


how much salary premiums did public workers earn in 2020?

The budget was $125m. They only spent ֏45m of it. With the taxes deducted: ֏35m.

The ֏35m was distributed among 20,000 public workers (library staff, public officials, etc.)

It translates to ֏70,000 after deducting taxes.


2020 budget savings by state institutes

President's office saved ֏189m and spent most of it on COVID and post-war aid packages. His budget was ֏1.576b.

Supreme Court Council saved and returned ֏163m from its ֏12.6b budget.

Prosecutors saved and returned ֏75m from their ֏5.428b budget. Another ֏141m were donated to soldiers' insurance fund.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1054363.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1054388.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1054415.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1054434.html

prison inmates and jobs

Justice Minister: There are 2,124 inmates in the penitentiary system. 430 of them have jobs. Almost 100% of inmates use prisons' food nowadays, the quality of which improved after hiring a private company to handle food.


stats: phone calls to Human Rights Ombudsman's office

Last year the Office received 14.7k calls about complaints or people seeking help, up by 3x from 2016. 2020 saw a sharp increase, likely due to pandemic and war. The office has been collecting various stories about the confrontation between Armenian shepherd and Azeris on the border and within Armenian territories.

The Office says the phone call increase is partially explained by recent improvements they made towards handling more calls. They have three simultaneous lines nowadays.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1054417.html https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1054438.html

public TV plans to launch a 24/7 news network

Today the TV regulator gave them a license to operate in Yerevan. A competition was held among three outlets. The one with the highest points won.

H1: 646

H2: 635

PastInfo: 595


confrontation between reporter and MP

Hraparak media outlet's reporter claimed that QP MP Hayk Sargsyan stole her cellphone before leaving.

MP responds: I was sitting with friends after work hours when a woman approached with a camera and began asking questions, she identified as a reporter. I told her I have no comments and she should stop shoving the phone so close to my face but she kept persisting.

I took the phone and deleted the recorded footage then gave the phone to my friend so he could pass it to her and ask her to behave like an actual journalist.

https://factor.am/378364.html https://youtu.be/g_9a9kbPMHs


Syunik's Shurnukh village registers first marriage ceremony after war

Husband Spartak is sad that Azeris are nearby but "we are standing on our land". The wife is from Yerevan.

Spartak: we had guests from abroad. They had different expectations. They thought everything would be tense and mired in fear. But they came and saw for themselves that everything is normal. //

Church leader Garegin B went to bless the couple.


free programming classes for war participants and families

... are being held in Gyumri, at Gyumri Technology Center. The "Full Stack" classes will last 6 months. The author of the program is a PicsArt employee Bella Harutyunyan.

Full: https://factor.am/378719.html

who is this grandpa dressed in a classy white suit with majestic mustache driving a classic car near Yerevan's Cascade?

A taxi driver, it turns out. The 83yo Yura Danielyan doesn't like drivers with dimmed windows and ride-hailing apps because they steal his clients. He has "regular" passengers, though.

More: https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/215310

COVID stats

3569 tested. 72 infected. 246 healed. 4 deaths.


consumer purchasing habits during June 1st holiday

2021: 1.6m transactions worth 6.1b

2020: 1.2m transactions worth 4.8b

2019: 1.3m transactions worth 5.3b

The first quarter saw a 23% increase.


world boxing champion Arthur Abraham is building a park for children

... in Nerqin Charbakh, his birthplace.

Photos: https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/215487

InTourExpo 2021 promotes tourism to Artsakh

The international tourism exhibition "brings together the best offers of active tourism." It launched today in Armenia's Union of Artists building. Armenia was represented by 50 agents from Armenia and Artsakh.

Belarus ambassador: we pay attention to such events. Belarus airlines BelAvia has been making Yerevan-Minsk flights for two years now. Armenia astonishes me. I don't know if I will leave. It's comfortable and calm.

Indian ambassador: this expo is important because Armenia's doors are open for travel despite COVID. We need more of this to advertise Armenia. Many Indians have been visiting this year. Their numbers rose 100% in the past 3 years.

Artsakh Economy Ministry: Artsakh is presented as the preferred destination. The government is taking steps to create alternative tourism routes after losing areas in 2020.


Artsakh is developing new tourism routes

Artsakh Economy Ministry: we have been doing research to create alternative travel routes after the war because 80% of tourism sites were lost. But that doesn't mean we have lost our potential. There are numerous sites that have great potential. We are working on it.

Exploratory visits have been made. For example, in the Patara-Tsmakahogh-Qolatak-Vanq direction. There are also routes towards Tonashen, Yerits Mankants monastery, Jraberd castle, Berdashen, Amaras, and Gandzasar.

Ecotourism, agricultural tourism, and hiking will play a big role.


member of Executive Council of World Tourism Organization

As we learned yesterday, Armenia was elected as a member of the Executive Council of United Nations World Tourism Organization.

Economy Ministry/Tourism official: it's an important achievement for Armenia. In the past, we could attend meetings but not vote. Now we can make our voice heard. It will also allow us to explore the institute closer and learn about its programs. It represents 150 countries. We can develop ties. Our diplomatic structures have been working hard.


Yerevan Wine Days festival launches in Armenia

The visitors taste wine, receive tutoring about how to handle wine, what glass to use, etc. 41 winemakers and 25 restaurants are taking part this year.

Full: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1054469.html

video: Armenia is building its first sanitary-certified landfill

Armenia's landfills are a place where the trucks just dump the trash. One of them is the Hrazdan landfill. Gegharkunik and Kotayk have 105ha of landfills. They will be replaced with a new 24ha landfill with European standards. The construction has begun.

It will have fences. The trash is sorted and compressed before being taken to a landfill. The ground will have a membrane layer to prevent contamination of underground waters. There will be pipes to remove gas (?) and dirty water.

It's expected to help keep Lake Sevan clear. Expected to launch in 2022. All other Gegharkunik and Kotayk landfills are expected to shut.


today in history

1679: a massive earthquake strikes Yerevan and surrounding settlements. Some settlements are almost completely destroyed. Garni temple collapses. Yerevan Fortress is gone.

1905: theatrical director Vardan Achemyan is born.

1918: Turkey wants Gyumri and Ejmiatsin, as well as Syunik corridor. Negotiations stall. Turkey sends troops. Sardarapat battle happens. Turkey stops near Yerevan and Gyumri. ARF signs the treaty to make lend concessions including Syunik. Zoravar Andranik rejects the treaty and launches a guerilla fight in Syunik-Karabakh. Turkey gets mad at ARF. ARF says they cannot control Andranik. Andranik establishes control over Syunik. [did I get it right?]

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1054338.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_Batum https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andranik#Zangezur

Thursday news


Все Новости за 3 июня 2021 (by Impossible-Ad-)


end of report

The accused are innocent unless proven guilty in the court of law, even if they "appear" guilty.

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