2020 September 30

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Daily news and anti-corruption report

Sep/30/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Karabakh-Artsakh \\ world media reports details on Syrian mercenaries in Azerbaijan \\ death toll rises on both sides; Armenian footage; outpost stormed; "we destroyed as many armr. vehicles as we did during entire 90s war" \\ world leaders respond \\ donations arrive
by ar_david_hh

Here is yesterday's report.

what did the world media write yesterday?

Multiple international outlets are now reporting Azerbaijan's recruitment of Syrian mercenaries.

Mercenary reveals recruitment details to BBC Arabic, cites Armenpress: Syrian mercenary Abdullah (nickname) contacted the outlet while in Azerbaijan. Abdullah says they were promised a $2,000/mo salary to guard important facilities but they were duped into the war in Azerbaijan.

Their phones and clothes were confiscated to conceal identifies, but he got the phone back to speak with the family in northern Syria. (Note, Azerbaijan had banned foreign journalists from frontlines.)

Their route was: Syria -- Ayntap, Turkey -- Istanbul, Turkey -- Azerbaijan via Azeri airlines -- straight to frontlines, where they were given Azeri uniforms and Kalashnikovs. This was before the war began.

They learned about being in the front lines after Armenian shells fell near their vehicles. When the fights began, a young mercenary broke down in tears and wanted to return, but a bomb fell, killing 4 mercenaries and wounding 3. As of writing that message, Abdullah says their group sustained 11 losses and 17 injuries.





The Daily Beast's source in Syria has confirmed that a group of Syrian mercenaries was deployed to Azerbaijan with the help of Turkey. It includes member(s) of ISIS.

“500 Hamza Brigade fighters were flown last Tuesday from Turkey to the Azeri airbase at Sumqayit", according to a source within the Syrian National Army (SNA) rebel outfit. “Two days later, on Thursday, another 500 fighters from the Sultan Murad brigades rebel faction were similarly flown out to Azerbaijan.”

These claims were echoed by the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

The Hamza and Sultan Murad brigades are known for close tied to Turkey. Sayf Balud, commander of the Hamza brigades, was an ISIS commander.



NATO's former European commander James Stavridis wrote an article about the conflict, in which he recalled several prior confrontations between AM and AZ. At the time, his assessment was that Armenians had an advantage and the war would end in their victory had it became widespread.



"Armenians Fear Turkey Is Back to Finish Off the Genocide"

Artsakh MFA Mayilyan: We fight not only with Azerbaijan but also with Turkey and thousands of its mercenaries from the Middle East. The attackers shelled an Armenian town of Vardenis. This is the continuation of the Turkish genocide against Armenians. The genocide, that the U.S. Congress officially recognized in a resolution last year, affirming that Turkey exterminated 1.5 million Armenians.



Political expert: The news about Turkish-backed mercenaries in Azerbaijan was initially presented by one Arab outlet, but since then it has seen a wider circulation in the Arab news world.



Syrian newspaper Jesr Press posted a photo allegedly showing the dead body of a Syrian mercenary in Azerbaijan. He was from the city Homs. "Mercenaries have reported of over 30 deaths," writes the outlet.



Pro-Kremlin Russian-Armenian businessman Ruben Vardanyan to Russian media: If Russia doesn't keep a check on Turkey and loses Armenia, it will lose the entire northern Caucasus. Part of the Russian political elite has an illusion that this is an AM-AZ conflict and the two <ungrateful> countries should resolve it between themselves. Armenia is Russia's only ally there.




The Russian-language version of Deutsche Welle covered the topic. When the war resumed, the Azeri and Armenian community leaders in Moscow had a chat with Russian authorities to prevent another July-style escalation between the two communities in Moscow.



Russian opposition leader Navalny's channel [a co-host]: I hear pro-Azeris saying Karabakh is internationally recognized as part of AZ and they have the right to take it back. Occupation is bad, but it's not just about land. It's also about people who live there.

It's best to let someone "occupy your land" for a while before you get territories back through negotiations, rather than start a war in an area packed with civilians.

Armenia should not expect the international community to be the one to recognize Karabakh first, because that would start a chain reaction. Any recognition would happen after negotiations with Azerbaijan.

Serbia and Kosovo are currently negotiating to swap lands where each other's ethnic residents live.

Karabakh is a huge failure for Russia. Russia claimed the former USSR territories are "it's zone of influence" but failed to resolve the conflicts on these territories.

[Host shows a Twitter poll among 7.4k participants. 65% sided with Armenia, 7% Azerbaijan, 28% neither.]

The war is beneficial for Azerbaijan because it's a dictatorship. The govt wants a small victory to boost morale. It was a long time coming from Azerbaijan.

[Turkey becomes the main theme. He criticizes Erdogan's militaristic actions in the region.]

There was a joint Turkish-Azeri military-offense drill weeks earlier. The war began because Erdogan promised to help Azerbaijan. Many people in Turkey and Azerbaijan don't understand that this conflict has no military solution, but they will...

Aliyev was asked during the Munich meeting (between Pashinyan and Aliyev) about how he would guarantee security for ethnic Armenians if they became part of Armenia, and his response was, "well, mhmm we're ready to accept everyone, we're a cool country that respects all minorities and rights".... one minute, Azerbaijan is a dictatorship, and one of the worst ones. They can't even give rights to ethnic Azeris.

My opinion is, for as long as Azerbaijan is a dictatorship, it cannot guarantee anyone's rights.

More: https://youtu.be/WJvrDptfmEU?t=6397


Russian govt-run talk show "Time Will Tell" had analysts to discuss the latest events.

Russian Guest 1: Vardenis was attacked. CSTO can respond because Armenia is part of it.

Russian Host: OK let's figure it out. Let's ask Armenia. [calls Artsrun Hovhannisyan]

Russian Host to Artsrun: do you have proof that a drone fell on Armenian territory, if yes, how do you know it was intentional?

Artsrun: I published a video from the scene. Azerbaijan made an announcement prior to the attack to create a pretense. They lied about us shelling their village after which they "promised to respond". Then they used the drone on Vardenis. It wasn't an accident because they attacked several times.

Azeri Host: even if those bombs fell on Armenia territory, CSTO shouldn't intervene because similar bombs fell on Azeri territory during these 30 years of occupation. It wasn't done to purposely attack Armenian territory. Azerbaijan would never do that.

Armenian Guest: "would never do that"?

Azeri Guest: the anti-Russian Pashinyan, who turned away from Russia... [gets interrupted]

Armenian Guest: that's propaganda. Give me one example statement made by Prime Minister Pashinyan showing he's anti-Russian.

Azeri Guest: Pashinyan chose the EU-Atlanic route.

Armenian Guest: that's demagogy...

[The theme later becomes the criticism of Turkey.]

More: https://youtu.be/5DE1xvv6AUo


about the alleged loss of 5 villages

Azerbaijan claimed to have captured 5 villages during offensives in the south. They gave specific village names. Some of the villages, however, were already under Azeri occupation at the time of war's resumption, as noted by a Redditor.

Another village, which Azeris claimed to have captured, https://www.reddit.com/r/armenia/comments/j20g41/azerbaijan_launches_wide_scale_attack_against/g74n9j7/?context=10000 was researched by Redditors by analyzing combat footage], and concluded that Azerbaijan's claim over that village is false. Armenian soldiers are around that location.


September 30 / what happened last night?

The European Court for Human Rights has accepted Armenia's petition and instructed both countries not to target civilians.


Ethnic Armenians in Georgia, who didn't have Armenian passport, were not allowed to cross the border into Armenia with their cars loaded with aid. As a sign of protest, they blocked Turkish trucks from entering Georgia. The police came to open the road.


Georgia never liked allowing its territory to be used as a transit of Russian weapons. As a result, Armenia has been using the Iran corridor. Today, Georgia also prohibited Azerbaijan from - presumably using the land - to transport military equipment. It's a "balanced" approach.



Businessman George Baghumyan, the founder of PMA Venture Capital, has donated $1m to Armenian people.


Infrastructure repairs were conducted in Artsakh. The electric network was repaired. They're working on restoring gas for everyone. The damage in settlements is being assessed.


Armenian Monte Melkonyan Cyber Army hacked into Azeri govt email and claims they have proof that the Azeri govt is directly controlling numerous media outlets. (you didn't need to hack to know that)


Azeri drone was shot over Artsakh air last night.

Video: https://twitter.com/517design/status/1311042396935860224?s=20

Pashinyan: international headlines show a serious misunderstanding. This is not a territorial dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The issue is about the right of the people of Nagorno Karabakh to self-determination.


Bars Media's YouTube channel is alive again, after 2 years of silence. They uploaded a video showing the destruction of multiple Azeri drones and sirens in capital Stepanakert:


Video of an Armenian tank moving under enemy fire, recorded from inside. Also, soldiers shooting drones and operating artillery while Azeris hit their positions. Fierce battles with close calls.

Video: https://youtu.be/8sLoXYTaih8

The remnants of an Azeri small plane shot by Armenians earlier.



The UN Security Council's 15-member states have urged both sides to cease fire.


3:09 am: Azeri drone is targeting central Stepanakert.


3:45 am: Armenians shoot an Azeri drone over Stepanakert. Later, they shoot the second. Azerbaijan later reported shooting 2 Armenian tanks with Israeli drones.

Photos of destroyed drones: https://t.me/infocomm/21416

Photo: https://twitter.com/ArmenianUnified/status/1311154141171982337?s=20


https://t.me/reartsakh/3733 , https://t.me/infocomm/21415

Artsakh HR Ombudsman: Azerbaijan targeted civilians with drones shortly after the UN Security Council and European Court for Human Rights urged for a ceasefire.


105 years ago today, during the 1915 genocide, Turkish forces attacked the Armenian Urha defense forces but had to retreat after losing 400 soldiers.


Lernik LOL... leave Lernik alone. As we learned yesterday, General Lernik Babayan is alive. Turkish and Azeri media outlets released documentaries with a presentation of how they killed Lernik and 550 other Armenians. Armenian media made a mocking video in response.

"They were really cheered up in the past 2 days about the news of my and my group's death. We'll probably meet them somewhere on their territory soon," said Lernik.


September 30 / morning arrives

8:05 army: there is an artillery exchange across the whole border right now.


8:35: Army posted a video showing bodies and documents belonging to multiple Azeri special-operations forces. At least one of them was a Senior Lieutenant.

Video (graphic, semi-blurred) : https://youtu.be/37cReTIiE5Y


8:42 army: the volume and momentum of this war is unprecedented, and so is the use of military components. This is similar to 5th generation warfare. I can only say today that the artillery and UAVs are working closer together. We'll give an analysis after our victory.


9:06 Artsakh president: we won't ask for a ceasefire. We will force them into it.


9:30: soldiers sent a compilation video from the front line, telling mothers and the public to be courageous and unbreakable.


9:32: Nikol Pashinyan's son has been deployed in Artsakh as a reservist. He only recently returned from the mandatory service. His mother describes the moment she sent him:


13:09: Robert Kocharyan and his son "are in Artsakh right now".


9:43: Azeri govt claims to have destroyed an Armenian S-300 unit which was allegedly "deployed in Shushi to aid with retaking of Mataghis positions".

RT reporter: It is unclear why an S-300 complex would be near the front lines, considering the variants in Armenia’s arsenal have a range of 40km to 90km+.

18:18: there is a fake photo circulating on the internet showing a destroyed Armenian S-300. "It's a photo from a 2016 incident in Astrakhan, Russia."

https://t.me/reartsakh/3781 , https://twitter.com/MuradGazdiev/status/1311177312956710914?s=20

9:47 army: Azeris tried to take positions in north and north-east but completely failed. They have human and equipment losses. Then they began targeting the civilian population.


9:37: Armenian residents gathered tons of aid for Artsakh civilians. Water, food, toilet paper, etc. The Emergency Ministry will ship them soon.


10:06 Pashinyan to Russian outlet: we're considering the official recognition of Artsakh and a military alliance agreement with them.

16:03 Azeri ambassador to RU: Artsakh's recognition will burn all the bridges.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029566.html , https://t.me/infocomm/21429 , https://factor.am/288998.html

10:10 Artsakh govt: Azeris had some success only during the first several hours of offenses on Sep-27. Beginning the morning of 28th, we retook most positions and have since kept them under our control, with some advancement. We're successfully repelling their attacks.


10:17 Artsakh govt: there are no major infrastructure problems in Artsakh right now. There are local problems near the border.


10:23 army: Azeris are active in the north. Artillery and UAVs are being used.


10:42 Pashinyan to various world media: Armenia is not considering an introduction of peacekeepers in Artsakh... We don't need the Russian military base's aid right now, but we have all the legal grounds to request it... We must use everything we have to defend ourselves...

Turkey is destabilizing the region. They brought mercenaries, drones, and F-16. There could be a bigger war...

Hopefully, Azeri leadership will understand that this conflict cannot be resolved with force after we successfully repelled their attacks and inflicted heavy damage on them... Our goal is to establish long-term peace. We don't want this to repeat every 3 years, but we won't act against our interests.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029570.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029574.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029574.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029602.html , https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/197239

11:13 army: Azeris are currently doing an irregular fire with long-range missiles. Turkish drones are also used.


12:42 army: it is fake news that Azerbaijan destroyed a bunker with high-ranking Armenian officers in Artsakh. (is Lernik becoming the Armenian Sam Hyde?)


13:18 army: we conducted punitive strikes. Azeris lost a TOS-1A heavy artillery system, numerous soldiers, equipment.


12:21 the Church has asked its global branches to organize a fundraiser for All-Armenia Fund. They will provide aid to Artsakh residents.


12:28: the army won't confirm or deny the rumors about Armenians capturing lands near Getashen (Çaykənd), north of Mt. Murov. There is an official policy of not going into such specifics.


12:45 Armenian MFA condemned the provocative actions by Turkish jets near the borders "that began on Sep-29".


14:04 army: The Azeri denial that Turkish jet was used against our Su-25 yesterday is laughable. They say "we don't have F-16 in our arsenal"... We know what they have in their arsenal. Their jet arsenal couldn't do the job so they had to bring the Turkish. They stayed in Azerbaijan after the August drills. There is a radio-technical proof of Turkish jets' involvement.


12:34: president Sarkissian sent letters to various Arab leaders, including Saudis, about the conflict and had a chat with the Emir of Qatar and Egyp's al Sisi.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029593.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029606.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029644.html

12:50*: fake news was circulated about Georgian buildings allegedly being lit in Azeri flags. The photo was from May.


12:56: yesterday the ECHR approved Armenia's emergency petition to demand an end to civilian targeting. This is the 3rd time in history that the court approves an emergency measure submitted by a country.

(Civilians have died on both sides. Several Armenian civilians were killed in various locations. In turn, Azerbaijan reported from Naftalan (north), claiming that an Armenian bomb killed several members of a family.)

Upon receiving the Armenian petition, the ECHR court didn't find it necessary to contact the other side (Azerbaijan) for info gathering because enough evidence was provided by Armenia. Armenia will submit new documents about Azerbaijan's intentional targeting of Armenian civilians.

Armenia's representative says if Azerbaijan violates this court order, they'll break the European 34th convention and "face serious problems as it happened in the past few years".

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029596.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029604.html

19:51: Artsakh Ombudsman published the names of 7 civilians who died since Sep-27.


14:09 Artsakh president: our army continues to confidently do the mission and thwart enemy attacks in all directions.


14:24 army: battles took place in north-east and south where Turkish F-16 were used again. As of right now, there are battles across the whole border. We have significant successes in some areas. The Azeri human and equipment losses are increasing.


14:49: HayPost will make the delivery of parcels to soldiers free if it's items of basic necessities and hygiene... The army says soldiers currently don't have a shortage of items and any mass donation campaign should be coordinated with them.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029617.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029622.html

14:53: capital Stepanakert's market has re-opened. Tatis are baking bread for soldiers.


16:29: Yerevan's Center district says hundreds of pensioners have asked them to transfer this month's pensions to the soldiers.


14:59: short video of Armenian soldiers using a mortar.

Language: https://youtu.be/ZR89iZOUOhQ

15:00 Artsakh govt: 3 civilians were killed from an Azeri jet fire on the civilian buildings in Martakert. Baku is blatantly violating international laws by targeting civilians.


15:36: the army destroyed several Azeri positions and vehicles, and shared the footage.

Video: https://youtu.be/AhuAXjuIMZI



15:44: NSS warned residents about an Azeri misinformation campaign with the use of a stolen contact list, in which someone allegedly calls from the front line to tell various "news".


15:46: the union of banks has agreed to give the drafted soldiers and volunteers a loan vacation while they serve.


16:09: GeoProMining miner has donated $105,000 to All-Armenia Fund.


17:17 info expert about journalists: Armenia has invited famous bloggers and journalists, while Azerbaijan has barred the entry of journalists except for those from Turkey, who were made aware of the attack ahead of time and were prepared to report from the scene (blitzkriegwuttenshtaffenneinnein?).

When the Azeri govt blocks journalists and social media, then tells the public they took Fizuli and Martakert but fails to show visual evidence, people begin to realize something isn't right.

We don't have this issue in Armenia because the info -- although sometimes with a delay -- still arrives.


17:35: Armenia's Vardenis was bombed yesterday. The locals made a toast for soldiers and began collecting large quantities of vehicle tires to be used as barricades.


18:01: here is one of the unexploded shells in Vardenis and the marks on the land that was left yesterday.


17:45 Artsakh govt: Azeri MoD account shared a photo/article of Smerch missile to claim it was a [bigger] Tochka-U missile fired by Armenians. We're warning them not to create another false pretense for escalation.

Photo of fake: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029654.html


18:03 Ilham Aliyev addresses Armenian people: // I appeal to the Armenian people, and I want to say that they should not become hostages of the dirty actions of their leadership. Let them hold their government accountable today. Let them not send their children to the Azerbaijani lands. What is the Armenian soldier doing in the lands of Azerbaijan? //

First lady Mehriban visited a military hospital where she couldn't hold her tears.

http://azeridaily.com/politics/58724 , http://azeridaily.com/politics/58725

Ilham Aliyev thanked Turkey for support: On your behalf and on behalf of the entire people of Azerbaijan, I express my deep gratitude to fraternal Turkey, its President, my brother Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for his resolute and fraternal position. Because the very open and tough statements of my dear brother once again show that Azerbaijan is not alone,'


12:45 QP MP Tunyan addresses Azeri people: Azeri public must realize that Turkey has invaded their country without war. There is no de facto independent state of Azerbaijan. It has turned into a Turkish province.

Turkey, with the help of Aliyev administration, uses the resources of that province [Azerbaijan] to achieve geopolitical goals. The sooner the people of Azerbaijan, including national minorities (Lezgins, Talysh, Tatars, etc.) realize this, the better for them. They were forced into this game as disposable pawns.


18:09 army: the opponent has lost SMERCH and URAGAN missile systems, and dozens of other artillery and anti-tank systems in north and south during the day.

Also, 1 TOS-1, 11 tanks, 3 BMP, 6 armored vehicles.


18:25 army releases details about Turkish involvement: Azerbaijan has handed over the air command to Turkish forces. Beginning at 10 am, Turkish F-16 aided the Azeri jets and Bayraktars in the bombing of the civilian population of Hadrut and Martuni. The Turkish E7-T command unit is remotely coordinating it from Erzurum, Turkey.

The Turkish drone command unit is located across the Hadrut, Artsakh borders, and is coordinating the Azeri jet attacks. We're monitoring their activities.


18:35: Turkey wants to change the format of negotiations and adopt the Syrian style, in which Russia and Turkey had agreed to negotiate over northern Syria. Meanwhile, Ilham Aliyev said the war will end "when Armenia withdraws its forces".

https://factor.am/289034.html , https://factor.am/289079.html

18:36: the army released footage showing how several dozen Armenian soldiers storm and capture the trenches while the Armenian artillery bombs nearby areas... Azeri vehicles are seen being destroyed.

Video ⚡ https://youtu.be/Up5VXmVJgpU

Video ⚡ https://m.facebook.com/armenpress/videos/2876426102637756/


19:33 army: we repelled their attacks in north and south. They were using new attack tactics. In the past 24 hours, the opponent has lost 130 soldiers, 200 wounded, 29 tanks and armored vehicles, 3 TOS-1 heavy artillery, 11 UAVs, 1 SMERCH.

920 deaths since Sep-27, also 83 UAVs, 7 helicopters (1 disputed as being the AN plane), 166 armored vehicles, 1 plane, 1 SMERCH.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029676.html , https://factor.am/289129.html , https://factor.am/289187.html

20:04: the Armenian supermarkets began removing items Made in Turkey from their shelves. "Do not enrich the enemy. Do not buy Turkish products."

(might as well read the Calories section too) https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029682.html

20:08 Speaker Mirzoyan: I met the Assyrian community in Arzni. We discussed the centuries-old brotherhood between our people. Glory to all the minority soldiers who're defending the homeland.


20:35 army: beware of spreading fake stories about "unprecedented successes" by our army or the opponent. Misinformation is widespread these days.


21:01: Freeazerbaijan Info outlet reports that Baku's military hospital is full of wounded soldiers and more are being brought every hour. "It's being guarded by security forces. Even the relatives aren't allowed to enter. As a result, there are large crowds gathered in front of the facility's two entrances. People arrived from across Azerbaijan with a hope to learn if their sons are there but the list of patients isn't published. Those who die are buried quickly."


21:48: Artsakh president Harutyunyan's friends (old guys) are also in frontlines. "With the help of others, they shot 1 armored vehicle and captured 3 other".

Video (non-combat): https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029695.html


22:18: army released a video dedicated to pilot Valeriy Danelin (Armenian) whose Su-25 was shot over Armenian territory "while he was returning to airport from duty".

Video: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=374365920421772


22:02: the army published 23 more names of fallen Armenian soldiers. Around half were conscripts. The official death is >100. The casualties are reported with a delay.


35 more names of Azeri losses were discovered by razm.info outlet which monitors Azeri sources and social media. They alone have so far identified 82 names.


22:29 Artsakh president press briefing: in the past 4 days, we shot almost as many armored vehicles as we did in the entire 1990s Artsakh war. Azerbaijan's first strike was a surprise for us. When the Germans suddenly attacked USSR they almost reached Moscow. For comparison, our battles are on the borders and nothing has changed.

Artsakh president: I'm surprised by the Azerbaijani government's indifference towards the lives of their soldiers. This is barbarism.

Artsakh president: shout-out to several domestic media outlets who were writing paid hit-jobs against me prior to this war, while I was insisting that we must prioritize Artsakh's security over "status". I'll expose the domestic traitors soon. (🍿🍿🍿)

Artsakh president: we have a heroic people and youth who're ready to fight and die. An 18-year-old has already managed to hit 9 armored vehicles and continues his service.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029704.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029702.html , https://factor.am/289180.html , https://youtu.be/uwwwJ2xT4XY , https://youtu.be/Ie9eDQQgONI

Artsakh govt says $10m in donations have been sent to All-Armenia Fund and bank accounts since Sep-27.


How did the world respond?

Armenians gathered around the world in support of Artsakh, chanting "Artsakh is ours". Crowds gathered in front of the AZ embassy in France. They were joined by the Kurdish community members.

More: https://youtu.be/akMSyS69Rb4

France's ex-president Hollane: the war that Azerbaijan launched against Armenia has already caused too much loss of lives. France must work toward a ceasefire.


Emmanuel Macron is concerned with Turkey's militaristic rhetoric and will discuss the war with Russia and the USA. He believes Russia plays a key role in the handling of this conflict.


Russia officially demands the withdrawal of any Syrian "mercenaries and terrorists" from Karabakh. "We've received concerning reports about the transfer of mercenaries from Syria and Lybia."


The head of the Russian Defense Committee urged "third parties" (Turkey) to stay out of conflict. "Intervention won't lead to anything good."


The former president of Georgia Miguel Saakashvili, who has long been pro-Azerbaijan, has sided with Azerbaijan again. The Education Minister Harutyunyan has asked the Yerevan State University to revoke Miguel's honorary doctorate degree "for supporting Azeri aggression."


German MPs Albert W. and T. Mansman: both sides should return to the negotiating table. Civilians in the capital Stepanakert and Armenian territories were bombed. There are deaths. All sides should respect international humanitarian law... The Turkish intervention further destabilizes the situation.


Syrian ambassador Muhammed Abrahim: Syria condemns any attack on Armenian lands. Today, the Azeri forces are encroaching on the line of contact with the help of Turkish jets, while Armenians defend. (the latter sentence was the ambassador citing someone else)


Syrian President Assad's adviser has accused Turkey of provoking a conflict in Karabakh.


Turkish Bayraktar drones are produced by Kale and Baykar companies. The latter is run by Erdogan's son-in-law, whose last name is "Bayraktar", which is a word in Turkish vocabulary.


The leader of Social Democrats and Greens in PACE has condemned the Turkish involvement. "All military units must withdraw, and ceasefire should be established, and both sides should negotiate."


Netherlands MP Joël Voordewind urged his country to join Macron's efforts "to stop the illegal aggression by Turkey and Azerbaijan against Armenia".


Greek MFA criticized Turkey saying they should refrain from military actions and rhetoric.


Georgia is ready to host Armenia and Azerbaijan for peace talks.


European Council president Charles Micheal is currently in touch with AM and AZ to establish a ceasefire.


The Kardashian family's main topic was the Artsakh war. They raised awareness, shared the flags, and sent prayers. Rob Kardashian urged Armenians to donate to All-Armenia Fund (himnadram.org).


Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian: Our international community must stand together against dictatorships like Turkey and Azerbaijan and their acts of war against Armenian civilians in Artsakh.



COVID stats

Teachers are still being mass-tested after the school's resumption.

+3,146 tested. +485 infected. +152 healed. 5,102 active. 292,193 tested.



The Creative Armenia cultural fund, co-founded by singer Serj Tankian, has a new program to aid artists who help to raise awareness about the Artsakh Republic culture.



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