2021 February 5

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Daily news wrap-up

Feb/5/2021: (1) General Artak on drones & draft (2) Democracy & Food index (3) Trade w/Iran to expand (4) Army news (5) Quake! (6) HRO report (7) Rumor & rebuttal (8) High tech (9) Tourism classes (10) Food $ (12) Russian dossier (13) Biggest trade partners (14) Forestry reforms (15) Buses! (16) Sci
by ar_david_hh

Your 18-minute Friday report in 4440 words.

interview with General Artak Davtyan, ex-General Chief of Staff / Drone production / Legal issues with army draft

Question: Turkish Bayraktars are assembled with imported items. Why can't Armenia do the same?

General: we need large financial resources and time. We worked and continue to work on it. Some of the projects weren't effective. Military Aviation's creation of the "Krunk" drone was a success. The production was transferred to High Tech Ministry but there are some obstacles for them; they don't have enough space and resources.

The army placed an order but the manufacturers couldn't fulfill them. The government can give funds, but that's not enough. We need large direct investments. We need large facilities and testing areas for long-term success. This problem won't be solved overnight.

Question: the company has to be sure that when they create a drone, the government will purchase it. Do they have the assurances?

General: yes, but before the MOD buys the drone, it has to undergo testing before entering serial production. The process before MOD makes a purchase is a lengthy one, and companies often do not have the resources to go through it.

Sometimes companies can create prototypes with imported parts, but when it comes to serial production for the military, they come across legal obstacles while making purchases of components from foreign sellers for mass production.

Question: are there laws that prohibit parts export to Armenia?

General: nothing targeted. When I was GCoS, we worked with various govt agencies to resolve problems.

Question: you were a member of the military industry committee when the war began. Did the Armenian army use any product made in Armenia on a large scale during the war?

General: yes. For example, mortar shells. They aren't new, though. The list is limited, unfortunately; up to 7 different weapons. We also tested experimental drones and other weapons during the war. The MOD will make a decision about their further development.

Question: High Tech Minister posted a video during the war, showing how an Armenian suicide drone blows up a building. Were they used and did they make a difference during the war?

General: they didn't affect the military outcome due to limited quantities. I can't provide more details about the production.

Question: did the war change production priorities?

General: the direction is clear, but the industry should first and foremost continue to do what it does best. It produced or repaired 2400 units of items in 54 categories. We have great potential here.

15 artillery units, 5 GRAD vehicles, over 60 anti-tank vehicles, etc. were also repaired. This would normally take 6 months to repair, but we did it in a month. Repair crews visited various locations during the war and fixed 1,000 weapons in place.

Question: ex-MOD Tonoyan said he was unable to fix communication problems between PM-MOD-GCoS-Commander ring. Comment?

General: Mr. Tonoyan could give a full answer. Conflicts can happen. It can be legal conflict, personal conflict about views, and structural-legal issues. There are many nuances here. When you read the law about Defense, there can be unclear parts about wartime and non-wartime command. It says GCoS follows one agency during wartime and another during peace, however, it still has to report to MOD on certain things.

This leaves room for confusion. The GCoS may not properly orient. At the end of the day, though, the commander-in-chief is the upper echelon. However, the commander-in-chief cannot handle everything by himself, that's why the problems are distributed through various rings of command.

That's when differences in approach can arise. There can be timing problems. You cannot clarify the conflict between the command center and MOD every minute by contacting the commander-in-chief for clarification. There are viewpoint and personal differences.

That's why we need to reform the law to clarify things. The military prefers when everything is very clear and there is clearly one person who is defined as being in charge.

For example, MOD is responsible for the army draft, but the immediate executioner is the army. There has been a talk lately that the draft wasn't done properly during the war. There are false representations of what happened. The experts should give the numbers.

But let's say the MOD does not handle its draft duties fully, and the military operation fails. The army command can put the blame on MOD, even though the army failed the military task. From a legal standpoint, this is wrong; the whole draft process should be handled by one agency.

[The general criticizes those who beray the army, saying the boys fought hard and kept most of the borders secure, and only due to a week ring in the south the Azeris were able to develop on their success. "The army did great at defense in the north. Azeris walk with their head down when reminded about the north. We fought 44 days against much more powerful forces. We need to go through today's difficulties, analyze, and hope that we'll have success 10 years from now. The region develops very quickly. Who knows what will happen then. We need to be prepared."]

Full: https://youtu.be/7F5UY5aXTPk


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Global Democracy Index 2020

After a boost in the democratic index in 2018-2019, Armenia dropped 3 positions because of the emergency restrictions that were implemented during the war, which continued to remain in place for a while; it blocked some protests.

Within the region, Armenia is still one position ahead of Georgia.

Globally: Armenia 89, Georgia 91, Russia 124, Azerbaijan 146


Global Food Security Index

Armenia improved its food security ranking, moving from 75th to 48th position in the world, according to the UN.

"The government is currently taking measures to diversify import-export markets, state food reserves, replenish the range of vital food, which will provide the population with essentials in case of emergency or sharp price fluctuations," said the Economy Ministry.


Artsakh has thanked South Australia for recognizing its independence yesterday


search operations, POWs, diplomacy

5 search crews resumed their operations to look for soldiers and bodies in Hadrut, Fizuli, and Jabrayil battlefields. No one was found. The identification of discovered bodies continues, with 52 more names being published today. Hundreds are yet to be identified.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042467.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042496.html

Czechia's House Foreign Affairs Committee adopted a resolution and called on Azerbaijan to return the Armenian POWs. It welcomes the trilateral ceasefire statement and expresses regret that Azerbaijan hasn't yet fulfilled its commitment.


arms dealer Davo says he wasn't Tonoyan's adviser

Context here. Davo was charged with receiving army contracts and delivering old and wrong type of artillery. He denied wrongdoing. He called the reports about him being an adviser to any Defense Minister is "fake news." The media has been writing that Mr. Patron Davo served as recently-resigned MOD Davit Tonoyan's adviser.


Defense Minister has a new adviser to handle army anti-corruption

Parliamentary Security Committee chief Andranik praised the appointment of ex-Artsakh MOD Jalal Haruthunyan as a new position in MOD.

Andranik also noted that the media missed another equally important appointment: the son of a famous General Gurgen Dalibaltyan (active 1944-2015) was appointed as MOD's adviser. He will be tasked with handling corruption issues. "He will help to restore our army abilities. He has genetic connections with the army."


could the army conscription length reduce from 2 years? probably not, but...

Parliamentary Security Committee chairman Andranik was asked to comment on the upcoming army reorganization in Artsakh. He confirmed Artsakh Security Councilman Vitalik Balasanyan's and Artsakh govt's message that the army will undergo structural changes, but "it won't be dissolved." Vitalik earlier said there will be professional contractors.

Andranik was asked to comment on rumors about the possible shortening of the 2-year army service. He denied the presence of active discussions around that topic, but there are broad talks about reforming the effectiveness of the army, weapons, structures that handle the weapons, the quality of the service.

https://factor.am/335748.html , https://youtu.be/hOcIwrgu8lw

earthquake in Azerbaijan is felt in Armenia

A 4.6M quake hit Azerbaijan, 75km from Ganja and 5 KM from Armenia's border. It was felt in the capital Yerevan. No heavy damage was reported in Armenia's Shorja, which was close to the center. Some old barns and electric poles sustained damage, suspending electricity for nearby residents.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042558.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042565.html

HRO condemns Azeri soldiers for cutting off a river water and hijacking a facility

5 years ago, the Azeri soldiers installed barriers on a small river that flows through southern Armenia and Nakhijevan and feeds another river. The barriers had allowed Azeris to redirect the water flow to Azeri areas, depriving several Armenian villages of water. The Human Rights Ombudsman released a message with detailed info/names and condemned the act, saying that it's a violation of international laws.


Another incident took place shortly after the 44-day war when Azeris entered Artsakh's northern Qashatagh region. Human Rights Ombudsman learned that an Armenian energy business, based in Gegharkunik's Sotq, suffered $5M in damages and had a land loss after Azeris intruded in its area on November 25th.


diplomatic meetings: trade & politics

Economy Minister Qerobyan met Russian ambassador Kopyrkin to discuss trade and the need to establish a business financing infrastructure in Armenia.


Did you know that Armenia has an ambassador to the US? He phoned Gregory Meeks, the new Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. They spoke about the post-war security in the region, Minsk Group negotiations, etc.


Speaker Mirzoyan met the Chinese ambassador Yun and discussed humanitarian issues, POWs, the silk road trade.


"video games can kill your child"

Not the Call of Duty type, but those specifically designed to have a psychological impact on children. Human Rights Ombudsman received reports from parents and teachers about bad video games. HRO says more needs to be done to raise awareness.

The report comes amid news reports that a teenager committed suicide after playing one of those games. It's the momo-type sh!t. Don't even Google it. It terrifies me as an adult. YouTube demonetized momo videos back in 2019.


rumors and rebuttals: Tigranashen is back in the news

Outlets and individuals allied with the former regime once again claimed that Pasnhinyan wants to give Tigranashen village (Nakhijevan border) to Azerbaijan. The same rumor was spread months ago when Armenian NSS met Azeri NSS on different border locations, mediated by Russia. At the time, some media outlets claimed that the two were allegedly discussing Tigranashen giveaway, while the govt said they were discussing POW exchange. Weeks later, news arrived that POWs were swapped after negotiations between Armenian and Azeri NSS.

Tigranashen is back in news again with similar claims after Pashinyan visited Ararat province to meet local farmers earlier this week. A similar rebuttal statement was issued by the Ararat govt: "Please do not spread such misinformation from now on. Refrain from serving the interests of internal and external enemies."


Armenia-Iran trade / from $400M to $1B... possible? / regional transport unblocking

Economy Minister Qerobyan was in Iran a week ago, where he met business leaders and officials and gave an interview to the IRNA state outlet. Segments:

A new group will be formed, tasked with boosting the current $400M trade turnover to $1B within the next 6 months.

Minister offered Iranian businesses to establish joint AM-IR businesses in Armenia and use the country as a transit hub to the rest of the world, including the EAEU trade bloc.

The largest category of products imported from Iran are construction tools/materials, fruits, veggies, petroleum products, some metals. With 2250 Turkish products being banned in Armenia, the Minister said Iranian and Chinese products can serve as substitutes.

There are major obstacles in transportation to-from Iran due to geography. On the other hand, Iranian trucks pay large fees to enter Armenia. Qerobyan said the Armenian side is working to fix issues on its end.

One option that could help with trade would be the restoration of the Yerevan-Tehran railway connection that passes through Nakhijevan. He mentioned the trilateral statement and the possible restoration of the Yerevan-Julfa-Tehran railway.

To maximize gas imports from Iran, Minister said Armenia needs to finish building its 3rd electric grid first (Armenia gives electricity and receives gas in return).


Armenia and Iran discuss Black Sea-Persian Sea trade route

Deputy PM Avinyan and Iranian ambassador Abbas met to discuss Artsakh, AM-IR trade, the ongoing construction of a third 400kW electric grid to supply electricity to Iran, a trade route between the Persian and Black seas, and a telecom connection between Europe-Armenia-Iran-Qatar.


tourism: subsidized hotel management classes / 100 lesser-known monuments

The American University of Armenia has a year-long program to teach hotel business management skills to help restore the tourism industry in Armenia. "Take advantage of the available time to improve your skills."

It will retrain industry workers who don't have an academic education. They'll learn financing, management, English, communication, and math. Then comes the operational management program, sales, marketing, financial planning. Tutors are from the American University and abroad. 90% of the tuition will be subsidized.

The University is also working with National Science Academy to promote 100 lesser-known archaeological monuments for mass tourism.

"Even after the war, Armenia is ranked as more secure than Georgia and Azerbaijan. We need to put efforts to preserve the image of a safe country to help tourism," said a guest speaker.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042524.html , https://youtu.be/LSesvQhGZ5I , https://factor.am/335623.html

Pashinyan visits Kazakhstan for EAEU high-tech conference

Pashinyan and Kyrgyz counterpart met to discuss relations, regional trade unblocking efforts, etc., before joining the Almaty Digital Forum 2021. Its participants are EAEU trade bloc members and other states that are "observers". They discussed digitization and the use of tech on a global scale, from telemedicine to remote learning.

"90% of Kazakh government services are available electronically." Guests emphasized the need for the private and public sectors to cooperate.

The founder of the internet Vint Cerf participated via a remote call and spoke about the need to make the internet more accessible to "offline" populations.

Pashinyan gave a speech. "Armenian IT companies saw a +20% growth in turnover in 2020, while the employment grew +22%. There are 1,200 workers ATM... The pandemic brought many challenged for the state which resulted in wider adoption of digital tech; it formed a new culture... EAEU states are utilizing tech to resolve some of the pandemic-related problems, i.e. an app to test for COVID and receive permission to travel abroad; it's implemented between Armenia, Russia, and Belarus," said Pashinyan.

Russian PM Mishustin thanked Tigran Sargsyan, the Deputy Chairman of the Governing Board of the Eurasian Development Bank, and others, for their role in helping to create the COVID app that lets travel between Armenia-Russia-Belarus.

Russian PM Mishustin pitched the Russian vaccine as one of the tools that could allow EAEU members to safely resume travel. "The vaccination is free in Russia. We're ready to share our experience with our colleagues and provide assistance."

The guests were shown various tech products and apps by the host.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042457.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042447.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042456.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042459.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042477.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042495.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042498.html

Education Minister meets composers

"Our people today need spiritual and cultural energy after the pandemic and war," said EduMin Dumanyan. "Our security begins with education. Art is an integral part of education. We must clearly state our goals and develop our youth."

In response, the composers said that they had implemented various educational programs in previous years, and now they are ready to continue their contribution to this important work through courses, master classes, meetings, and discussions.

EduMin encouraged the artists to visit Artsakh and bordering villages


Abovyan teachers boycott the new school director

Abovyan's School N1 held elections for a director. The incumbent and the challenger received equal votes. The Education Ministry became the tie-breaker and chose the challenger.

The supporters of the incumbent director organized a protest/boycott in the school and refuse to accept the new director Qarmile Arakelyan.

Today it became known that the director filed a police report against the former director, deputy director, and few others. The reasons are unclear.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042473.html , https://onnet.am/63814.html . https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/205955

sports news

Armenian-Russian youth figure skater Adelia Petrosyan performed under Ara Gevorgyan's famous 'Artsakh" music during a competition in Russia. She won Silver.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042484.html , https://youtu.be/67h8GyNgEmA

Armenian-Russian tennis player Karen Khachanov made it to the quarter-finals in the Melbourne competition.


Roma's midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan will meet with the team leaders to discuss business. He earlier joined Roma as a contractor coming from Arsenal, but recently completely dropped from Arsenal. Heno has been on fire lately with 19 matches, 9 goals, and 8 goal-passes.


High Tech Minister meets Swedish ambassador

Arshakyan and Svensson discussed the possible opening of a TUMO tech education branch in Sweden, various tech programs in Armenia by Swedish companies. Svenson said there are grant programs that Armenian students can apply for in Swedish tech universities, and that they can work to expand the programs. They also discussed the development of startups and incubators.


COVID stats

2858 tested. 158 infected. 305 healed. 2 deaths. 4488 active.


COVID, inflation, imports, vs food prices

Food prices have been rising globally, and as an importer, Armenia isn't immune. Combined with the recent inflation, here are food price changes year-over-year:

Overall food & beverages +6.4%. Fruit +12%. Veggies +10%. Oil & fat +17%. Sunflower oil +44%. Bread +8%. Flour +12%. Dairy +8%. Eggs +26% (price had plummeted in 2020 but regulators found it was due to predatory practices by monopolies). Sugar +41%. Alcohol +13%.


Russian peacekeepers receive the second dose of the Sputnik-V vaccine

2,000 shots were shipped to Artsakh for the troops stationed in 27 locations. The doctors will travel around with mini-fridges to administer the second and likely final dose.

https://youtu.be/v0kdMD175cM , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042466.html

update: the "dossier" by Russian opposition group that named several Armenian figures as Russian agents

A dossier by a Russian opposition group was published last year, about the existence of a taskforce lead by a Kremlin official tasked with "researching" Armenia and other countries, their political figures, and cooperation with pro-Russian agents within the countries. BHK leader Tsarukyan, ex NSS chief Arthur Vanetsyan, and others were named as possible "agents". Copies of passports and other data were shown. Internally they referred to Pashinyan as the "Beard" (hence the moniker Beard Man Bad).

Some civil society figures have been wondering why there hasn't been a felony investigation within Armenia to punish the "foreign agents". NSS won't comment whether they know who the "Candidate" is (dossier says that the Kremlin official refers to one of their agents in Armenia as "Candidate". There was speculation that Russians wanted to promote Arthur Vanetsyan as their Candidate.)

On September 21st, then-NSS chief Argishti Qyaramyan said they were investigating it without revealing details. Today he refused to comment but continues to believe that the dossier is a report of a felony crime. He said he was unable to finish the work because the war began 6 days later.

Parliamentary Security Committee chief Andranik says it's first important to understand the problems that the author of the dossier attempts to solve, before accusing the Armenian law enforcement of inaction. He will speak about this with NSS chief Armen Abazyan soon.

https://factor.am/335806.html , https://dossier.center/azerb/

stats: Armenia's biggest foreign trade partners in 2020

Overall $7.103B (-13% from 2019)

Russia $2.155B (-3.5%)

China $964M (+2%)

Switzerland $485M (-5%) (your Adidas might be fake, but զաթո the Rolex is real).

Belarus +17%

Kazakhstan +96% (is this because of all those car exports?)

Kyrgyz -63%

EU $1.276B (-23%)

Germany $291M, Italy $232M, Slovakia $18M (+99%). Finland +23%. Greece +17%.

USA $152M (-54%)

UAE $115M (+7%)

Iran $400M (-2%)

Georgia $129M (-13%)


Cassations Court asks ECHR for advice over the statute of limitations regarding torture

A victim was tortured in 2004. The case reached the ECHR. The victim sued Armenia and won in 2012.

In 2016, prosecutors charged the perpetrators with the torture. In 2019, the court found the defendants guilty but released them because of the statute of limitations.

Prosecutors challenged the verdict in the Appeals court, but it sided with the Lower court. Both courts found some legal loopholes that didn't allow a prior ECHR ruling to be taken into account.

Prosecutors escalated it to the Cassations Court, citing ECHR ruling and torture not falling under the statute of limitations. Cassation Court has asked ECHR to clarify certain things. This could set precedence.


3-year stats: infrastructure subsidies

Stats about federal government funding specifically for socio-economic infrastructure repairs in communities.

2018: 157 programs worth ֏1.7B

2019: 464 programs worth ֏9.59B

2020: 660 programs worth ֏14.3B

💎 ✋🤚 🚀 https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042559.html

forest protection law needs reforms / prosecutors work with Nature Ministry

You may remember how post-2018 the police began busting many illegal tree loggers. It even resulted in a riot by them back in 2019. Experts say the law needs to be amended to define what a tree actually is because, under the current definition, it could leave a loophole to illegal loggers.


Prosecutors contacted the Nature Ministry with some suggestions to reform the law about deforestation, extraction of illegally-cut trees, sales prevention, strengthening of oversight agencies. They examined the 2018-2019 cases to search for common issues.

Sometimes the dishonest forest guards claim the area they were tasked with guarding was too big so they couldn't protect it, while in reality, they were accomplices to illegal logging. Prosecutors suggest the use of technologies or more staff for better monitoring.

The law also doesn't require proper database entries by forest guards whenever they go on a trip to look for illegally-cut trees. Prosecutors want their trips to be documented with day/time/hour.

Another problem is the frequent location change by forest guards. It reduces the likelihood of catching perpetrators. Prosecutors suggest proper documentation of who served where and when.

Another problem is the 9-5, Mon-Fri, 40/week strict schedule. Dishonest guards often claim they did their duties properly during those hours. Prosecutors suggest the creation of a 24/7 service. "It would require the hiring of more guards, but considering the government's policy of protecting forests, and the massive financial damages that are done to the state by illegal logging, it could be worth it."

Another loophole is in the lack of proper documentation when a guard goes on a vacation. It becomes impossible to prove whether the logging was done under their watch or not.

There were situations when forest guards caught an illegal logger but didn't have the legal documents to write a citation so they wrote it on a regular paper. Days later, they copied it on a legal document, but the suspect refused to sign the new and legally-acceptable document.

The suggestions follow another 2019 cooperation between prosecutors and Nature Ministry, which increased the punishment for illegal logging and reformed the damage calculation methodology.


Tags: #NatureProtection #NatureReforms #ForestGuards #IllegalLogging #logging #deforestation

ey bro, the new buses are here! / which routes? / upcoming electronic payment reform

new buses

Yerevan is purchasing 100 long, 100 medium, and 100 short buses. Many of them are already in Armenia. 30 of the compact buses, made by Russian GAZ, are entering the fleet. ThEY WEre a BiT bEHind SCHeduLe but IT"s finALLy hapPeninG. They have 17 seats and standing room for 6 people (press doubt to squeeze more).


These 30 compact buses will serve the former Route 26 (connecting Ajapnyak's Khopan to Norq Marash) and Route 99 (connecting Bangladesh to Zeytun via universities). The actual routes could slightly change.

The third line, served by these buses, will be entirely new. It will connect Shengavit to Tsarav Aghbyur. "This is important because we had transportation deficiency on both ends."

Combined, these 100 mini-buses will eventually serve 10 routes.

appearance & accomodation

The drivers will wear special uniforms with the Yerevan logo. They are ready. No more dzyadz with սիգարետի պաչկա in his սառոչկա ։( The new buses have disability access, cameras, low ramp for seniors, accommodation for parents with children, four electronic info bars, GPS, HVAC system, tall enough to stand without bending over for pickpocketers.

payment system

For now, you will drop 100-dram coins in a box at the entrance. Later, there will be a unified electronic payment system and drivers will no longer handle cash. The city says this will significantly speed things up because right now, drivers waste time by looking for a change.

Currently, some drivers intentionally drive slow to pick more riders. Others intentionally overload the vehicle to earn more cash because they are paid per transfer.

Under the new system, drivers will earn a fixed wage (with some bonuses), no more schedule shenanigans, no more handling of cash, fixed timing for travel.

https://armtimes.com/hy/article/204218 , https://armtimes.com/hy/article/205629 , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042553.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042570.html , https://youtu.be/0-bR60HNaOY?t=69

public TV discussing the possible creation of a program to promote science

There was a parliamentary debate recently over the state of science and education in Armenia. It evolved into a broader discussion about Armenia's culture. The "qyat" culture that often mocks the "nerdy" character was condemned.

Parliamentary Education Committee chief contacted the public H1 TV and asked them if it's possible to create a scientific show that promotes Armenian scientists. "For many years, the main hero of our nation and in the education system was the character of a rich man, not a scientist or inventor. Even in sitcoms, the scientist is presented as a poor man, living a not so prosperous life. It leaves a psychological impact on young people who wonder if they will live well if they become a scientist."

H1 TV responded saying, "We have received the offer to create a program. The discussions on the organization and further work continue. We will provide additional details later."


today in history

1879: scientist Hovhannes Adamyan was born. He invented the color television.

1957: H1 public TV begins broadcasting


top-5 bestseller documentary books in December

5) 21 lessons for the 21st century, by Yuval Harari

4) World Order, by Henry Kissinger

3) Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, by Yuval Harari

2) Robin Sharma's "The Leader Who Had No Title"

1) You guessed it, it's Robin Sharma's "The Monk who sold his Ferrari".


in case you missed yesterday's important news (including about weed)


donations to Artsakh & recovering soldiers

www.1000plus.am (recovering soldiers & their families)

www.HimnaDram.org (for Artsakh & Armenia)

www.ArmeniaFund.org (U.S. tax-deductible)

archive of older news



All the accused are considered innocent unless proven guilty in the court of law, even if they "sound" or "appear" guilty.

Link to original report and comments: https://www.reddit.com/r/armenia/comments/ldh43c/feb52021_1_general_artak_on_drones_draft_2/

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