2020 October 7

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Daily news and anti-corruption report

Oct/7/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Karabakh (Artsakh) \\ tide could be turning after crucial battles \\ retreat and ambush; Azeris flee to Iran; leave hundreds dead; oil storage gone \\ casualty report \\ donations continue \\ international response; calls are made to recognize Artsakh Republic \\ Oscars
by ar_david_hh

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about Azerbaijan's claim that Armenia targeted the pipeline

Yesterday, Azerbaijan claimed that Armenia tried to bomb the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline with cassette bombs. Hikmet Hajiyev uploaded images of a few cluster-grenades and part of a missile that allegedly carried the grenades.

A senior journalist at RT Murad Gadziyev, however, doubts the accuracy of this claim. "The bombs shown in Hajiyev's images are identical to that of one used by Azerbaijan against Karabakh capital Stepanakert.

The Amnesty International has identified them as Israeli-made M095 DPICM shot from Israeli LAR-160. Armenia does not posses this weapon."

Wikipedia says Azerbaijan has 30 such missile units.

Artsakh official: if we wanted to bomb the pipeline, we would do it without missing. We want the pipeline to remain operational. By spreading the lie, Azerbaijan wants to pressure pipeline investors to take action, but they don't realize that these investors can obtain accurate information from elsewhere.

In other news, a journalist shared a video from Artsakh capital Stepanakert in which an expert provides details on these cluster-grenades. "We found 60 unexploded units in the past few days."





more reports about terrorists recruited by Azerbaijan

The exact number of jihadist mercenaries purchased by Azerbaijan is difficult to tell, but various sources have been confirming various numbers. From a few hundred to 1,500.

Syrian Observatory For Human Rights has learned about 1,000 mercenaries, 72 of whom are confirmed dead.

“I signed up to fight more than a week ago to go to Azerbaijan for three months in exchange for $2,000/mo,” said a 26-year-old nicknamed Abu Ahmad.

A fighter from the town of Atareb, Aleppo told AFP he is on the Karabakh front lines. “Yes, I am in Azerbaijan,” he wrote. Another source said he is part of a unit whose commander, Mohammad Shaaban, has died in action.

According to “Novaya Gazeta,” in the Turkish-controlled town of Afrin, the recruitment process is handled by a Turkmen commander Seif Abu Bakr. “The registration of militants takes place in a small office in Afrin" before they're sent to Gaziantep, Istanbul, then Azerbaijan.


freebies for jihadists

War expert Karen Hovhannisyan: It turns out that the terrorists imported by Azerbaijan have started their real work. It does not matter to the terrorists where they will carry out their work.

Azerbaijani settlements, from which the population left for safety reasons, are now being looted by terrorists. It's accompanied by arson. You eat what you cook.


identity revealed

The video features a 23-year-old Syrian mercenary Mustafa Qanti from Hamza brigade, fighting for the Azerbaijani army while complaining about the Armenian artillery strikes.

Some social media users earlier claimed the video was from Syria, but at some point, the terrorist (cusses Armenia) retreats and enters a facility which was later visually identified as an Azeri facility from another video (I posted those comparison links in my previous posts).


October 7th arrives

2:22 - 8:00 am, WarGonzo reporter: cluster bombs are being dropped on Stepanakert again. Explosions were heard in suburbs until morning.

https://t.me/wargonzo/3644 , https://t.me/sashakots/17201

A photo showing a 2-story Stepanakert building in ruins after yesterday's indiscriminate bombing.


4:08 am, WarGonzo from Stepanakert: is this Azerbaijan's cry of despair? They've been bombing the capital too frequently all night. Let us sleep for a few hours! Tomorrow is an important day.

8:40: Stepanakert is being shelled again.


8:45 MoD spokeswoman: at night, Azeris tried to advance in the south-east front, but before they reached Jabrayil, we shelled their troops. Around 6:30 am they left 60 dead, 22 destroyed armored vehicles, several dozen abandoned functional vehicles. Three of their brigades, which were armed to their teeth, fled the battlefield. Experts know what "3 brigade" means. Video soon.

Just now, in the south-east direction, we bombed a large oil/fuel/lubricant storage. Video soon.

We developed opportunities for future success in multiple areas.

Video: https://youtu.be/20q-JaIZjPU

https://t.me/infocomm/22428 , https://news.am/arm/news/606497.html

8:52 army spokesman: being unable to carry out successful attack strategies for the second day in a raw, Azeris opted for provocations.

They'll group in large numbers along the southern border with Iran to use it as a shield. They want us to accidentally shoot Iranian lands. It's possible that they could find themselves having to flee into the Iranian territory.

To avoid this, we think Iran should take steps to prevent Azeris from gathering at their border.

(Army spokesman later added that Iran has responded to this but details aren't subject for disclosure.)

https://t.me/infocomm/22429 , https://factor.am/292283.html

8:57 Artsakh govt: The enemy's terrorist army is being ruthlessly destroyed at the moment.


9:14 Artsakh official: let's hold a national prayer for our army.


10:00 Armenian-Turkish MP Garo Paylan:

Գիտէի որ մինակ չեմ։ Բայց ուրախ եմ տեսնելու, թէ այսքա՜ն բազմութիւն ենք…

Շնորհակալ եմ բոլոր անոնց, որոնք նեցուկ եղան ինծի։" He vowed to continue to fight against wars, after gathering supportive petitions.



10:15: boys have a message from the front line.


10:42 Artsakh govt: it's best for Azerbaijan's number-one terrorist (Aliyev) to escape Baku now before he is judged by his people.


13:09 Artsakh prez. adviser: Erdogan and Aliyev must stand before the international court for targeting civilians and schools.


10:45 army: Azeris will try to deny our success because they don't like bad news and they can't bother the sultan with bad news in Baku. But that's alright, the evidence will come soon.


10:45: Armenian soldiers sent a message from fronts. "Dukhov."


10:57: footage showing the destroyed Azeri fuel facility and a thick black smoke engulfing the skies and hopefully the drones. Also, photos showing the destruction of several Azeri vehicles, while the rest appear to either flee or abandoned.

Video: https://youtu.be/hSAFvLqFXXw

Photos: https://factor.am/292098.html


11:02 army: we destroyed another large fuel oil facility belonging to Azeris in the south. To be continued.

Photo: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030664.html

11:07: a mayor of Meghri municipality Mkhitar Zakaryan underwent surgery after receiving a wound in the southern front. He's feeling well.

https://factor.am/292139.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030690.html

11:13 army: they're taking the revenge of the loss of 3 brigades in the south by bombing capital Stepanakert. That's all they're capable of.


11:19 Artsakh govt: almost nothing left. Azeri-terrorist army escapes faster than their drones.


11:44 army: Yesterday we recaptured the Varangatag (Lulasaz) height in the north after a counterattack by special units with the help of volunteers squads. Azeris left 6 dead.



11:57: Azerbaijan is officially against the placement of peacekeepers. Both sides would need to agree for the installation to happen.


12:03 Artsakh govt: The wave of our army's excitement is becoming uncontrollable. It continues to brilliantly fulfill its combat mission. Panic almost disintegrated the enemy troops, who have lost control of the situation and are shooting at each other.


12:06 Pashinyan to BBC World: just as in 2013 and 2015, we are ready for compromise but Baku refuses to recognize the Nagorno-Karabakh people's right for self-determination.

More: https://news.am/arm/news/606526.html

12:29: Human Rights Ombudsman will inform the international colleagues about Azerbaijan's use of terrorists, including from ISIS, against the Armenian civilians.

https://factor.am/292196.html , https://news.am/arm/news/606522.html

12:31 army spokesman to a journalist: this isn't trench warfare. Don't compare it to older minor clashes. Azerbaijan has thrown at us its entire army. There will be losses and gains size of many kilometers when hundreds of armored vehicles and dozens of thousands of troops are marching.


12:36: video showing the downing of an Azeri drone and several destroyed vehicles in the south. Some speculated it could be Hermes.


13:00 Pashinyan to TIME: Turkey wants to restore the Ottoman Empire. Erdogan is trying to strengthen his positions in the Caucasus. Today, Armenia and Karabakh are the front lines of civilization, fighting against thousands of terrorists from Syria.


13:16: Ilham Aliyev had his first phone conversation with Vladimir Putin.


13:26 army: the oil facility that we bombed had a military barrack next to it. Azeris left 200 dead there. They don't care an ounce about the lives of their soldiers.

Video shows the multiple Armenian strikes on the barrack facilities: https://youtu.be/ZbxbNW9RSKk

These barracks were wholly rebuilt in 2015 and contained howitzers, motorized rifle battalions, personnel. They are located east of Martakert, in north-east.



13:29: reporters from Russian Izvestia news were close to the Stepanakert area where the Azeri bombs exploded. They took cover in a basement.

Video: https://iz.ru/1070499/2020-10-07/korrespondenty-izvestii-popali-pod-obstrel-v-nagornom-karabakhe


14:10: the General Prosecutor of Armenia has sent a letter to his Iranian colleague about the identification and neutralization of terrorists deployed by Azerbaijan along the southern border.


14:18 diplomat: by siding with Armenia and granting the emergency petition to require Turkey not to target Armenian civilians, the Europen Court for Human Rights has thus confirmed the Turkish presence in this conflict, based on evidence provided by us.


14:25 army: the Tavush area of the Armenia-Azerbaijan border has been mostly calm throughout the war.


14:41 Iranian president's aide: this conflict cannot be solved through war. Some, who are outside Iran, are trying to seize on the opportunity and create conflicts between Armenians and Azeris living in Iran. Some social media videos were examined, which were subsequently revealed to be recorded outside of Iran. Our Internal Affairs Ministry will handle it. The situation has improved recently, but we still have to be vigilant.


15:07: footage showing the Armenian soldier taunting the alleged capture of two tanks.

Language: https://twitter.com/301_AD/status/1313769913425764352?s=19

15:12 QP MP: if Azerbaijan agrees to a temporary ceasefire to collect the bodies, the panic in Azerbaijan could be the end of Aliyev.


15:36 ex-aide to Artsakh prez.: the situation can change rapidly. While Azeris upload videos of planting flags somewhere, we strike back and retake it. There have been multiple such instances.


15:57: the bombing of Stepanakert has resulted in the death of an emergency firefighter-rescuer. He is given a posthumous medal for carrying out his duties. Dozens of houses and other civilian objects have been damaged.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030709.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030729.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030748.html

16:05: an Azeri soldier allegedly fell captive to Armenian forces. He was told to repeat "Ilham Aliyev is a b---h".

Video: https://twitter.com/301_AD/status/1313797157594554368?s=19

The death toll in Armenia since yesterday morning has risen to 320. Among them is journalist Mikael Hajiyan's son; the other son died in the 2016 clashes. An ARF volunteer and opera singer Gevorg Hachyan, and another volunteer Mher Harutyunyan. Assyrian soldier Narek Davtyan is among them.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030714.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030660.html , https://news.am/arm/news/606551.html , https://news.am/arm/news/606659.html , https://news.am/arm/news/606660.html , https://news.am/arm/news/606672.html , https://twitter.com/AssyrianSR/status/1313815584744693760

102 more names of deceased Azeri soldiers have been identified by non-official sources. Total of ~3,400 by Armenian official sources.


16:34: the EAEU trade bloc delegation from various states, which includes the Russian MP Mishustin, has arrived in Yerevan.


16:50 Stepanakert mayor: over half of the Artsakh capital population Stepanakert has chosen to stay in the city. They are in shelters. We are providing them with the necessary items.

WarGonzo reporters met several residents in bomb shelters:




17:24: army shared footage showing the retreat of the Azeri soldiers while they receive artillery strikes. Also destruction of oil reserve/barracks.


17:33 Armenian govt: if you're a volunteer wanting to help refugees from Artsakh, it's best to provide your resources to the govt which is better organized and can properly redirect the aid.


17:31: Azeri outlet Freeazerbaijan writes that the Azeri soldiers are in a dire state near southern Jabrayil. They have been encircled.

The source says an Azeri soldier contacted his parents and informed that although they can hear the Azeri army radio frequencies, no one gets in touch with them and they're simply left to die there. "The soldiers are thinking about turning themselves in."


17:42: Aliyev has slightly changed his rhetoric and is willing to return to the negotiating table "when the military phase is over".


17:53 Pashinyan to Russian Channel 1 TV: the UN resolutions, which Armenia is accused of breaking, should not be cut from context and viewed separately. We need to analyze what's written there.

There is no word about military action by the Republic of Armenia, while the last clause states that Azerbaijan started the war and lost territories as a result, which are controlled by the Armenian self-defense forces of Nagorno-Karabakh.

The Republic of Armenia itself is mentioned when the calls are made for the Republic of Armenia to use its influence over Nagorno-Karabakh to stabilize the situation. The context of this part of the resolution is a certain situation that we had in 1993, and was adopted in 1993. It's about a specific event and shouldn't be presented out of context.


17:53 army spokesman: today is the day of one of the most glorious victories in our history. Glory to the Armenian army.


18:27 WarGonzo Russian reporter: my source from front says Azeris are retreating en-masse from the south. Some tried to escape to Iran.

https://t.me/wargonzo/3659 , https://t.me/wargonzo/3660

18:58 Armenian Parliament official: I met several international colleagues and learned that their perceptions of the Karabakh conflict are changing. This is good. I continue to contact the international partners.


19:07: Pashinyan's interview to Russian Channel One, in which he reiterated that Artsakh is fighting against terrorism.

Video: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=380706773295658


19:08: "This baby-face is Harutyun Dokhoyan. He shot 5 tanks, 1 armored vehicle, 1 TOS missile unit," said army spokesman and shared his photo:


19:20: soldiers shared a new video from the front. "Our 18-year-old խոխեքը, with the help of 60+ veterans, are ready to defend our land."


19:21: footage showing a precision artillery strike on a group of Azeri soldiers and MT-12 Rapira equipment.


19:28: Azeri state propaganda is caught with another funny lie. An Azeri reporter staged a scene of an alleged Armenian bombardment so he can record a cool video.

In another instance, while dressed up in a soldiers' uniform, he meets an "Armenian civilian woman" who was mysteriously working as a cashier in the middle of Nowhere, Alabama. (Hint: she is an Azeri actress).

They forgot to fully cover the actress's military outfit. The jacket she was wearing was a bit too short. "Welcome back to your home," says the alleged Armenian woman to Azeri soldiers, in what appears to be the world's most awkward movie ever.

"It was a low-quality effort," replied the Armenian MoD.

Video 🤡🤡🤡: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=385794986140300


Armenians made a mocking video playing a similar scene featuring Azniv Khanum:


19:33 army: we have liberated one of the lost positions and saved 19 Armenian soldiers who earlier chose to hide in forests instead of retreating. Azeris have left 100 dead and large numbers of destroyed equipment. (allegedly in the north)


19:38: Icelandic company KERECIS will give a 70% discount to Armenia for skin transplants meant for wounded soldiers. 30,000 cm2 skin was purchased for $124,000 with the help of www.himnadram.org.

This is the first-ever use in Armenia; it helps with burns and wounds. Two medical experts will travel from Germany and Iceland for help.


19:44: the Catholicos Garegin B condemned any attempts to portray this conflict as Christianity vs Islam. "The Armenian Church, the Armenian people, and the people professing Islam, have lived side by side for centuries with friendly relations."


19:55: video uploaded by an Armenian soldier allegedly showing a recaptured area and the numbness-inducing syringes that Azeri soldiers have been using.


20:31: Azerbaijan continues the indiscriminate bombing of cities of Stepanakert, Shushi, and Hadrut.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030768.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030778.html

21:04: two Azeri drones fell in the Georgian territories, reports the Georgian govt. No injuries. An investigation was launched.


21:43 Pashinyan to Russian RBK outlet: Nagorno-Karabakh has never been part of Azerbaijan. The latter's actions prove it. They claim Armenians and Azeris can live together, yet they destroy Armenian cities. Does Aliyev think Armenians will want to live in Azerbaijan if he bombs their cities? Nagorno-Karabakh can never be and will never be part of Azerbaijan. (note: Nagorno section of Karabakh is commonly used to describe part of Karabakh where the Armenians lived.)


22:15 army spokesman: our foreign allies aren't on the battlefield because we don't need their aid. We are currently handling and winning the battles while relying solely on ourselves. (he was asked whether Artsakh receives foreign help since Turkey helps Azeris).

In the past 2 days, tens of thousands have volunteered to join the army, regardless of age.

Today and yesterday were crucial battles with a lot of force. Everything can reach its logical end in the coming days. In a short time, the military actions and heroism of these days will be written in golden letters.

Azeri army and terrorists sustained 280 deaths today. >60 armored vehicles were destroyed. A significant quantity was captured in a functional state.

There have never been battles this dense in the past 20-30 years. I won't give specific details about positional changes now. Such changes are normal during large wars.

In the north and south, after 7 days of the war, while armed to their teeth, the Azeri army only achieved what a single brigade was supposed to achieve. This is disgraceful.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030782.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030784.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030786.html , https://factor.am/292616.html , https://t.me/infocomm/22555

22:07: satellite image shows the Turkish F-16 jets in Azeri Ganja airport on October 4th. Yet more evidence of Turkish involvement.


22:31 army: The routing of the advance Azeri units in the southern section is nearly complete.


22:38 Artsakh official: Aliyev will soon crawl to the Tsar (Putin) on his knees, but the Tsar will have more important things to do. Hugging the Sultan (Erdogan) is no longer beneficial.


23:30: footage showing how a dozen Azeri soldiers leave their outpost and route in panic after receiving artillery strikes, before hiding behind a hill, but unfortunately for them, a large bomb falls near their hiding spot. Two more try to run but get picked up by Armenian snipers.

Video: https://youtu.be/6L_M_zM87Qs?t=5

23:42 Pashinyan to Euronews: the international community must recognize Artsakh.


the international response continues

European Parliament's German MP Martin Sonnenborn: I don't want to divert attention from COVID, but it is a bigger crisis when a democratic society is being bombed with cluster bombs (referring to Stepanakert). This is what the insane leaders of Baku and Bosphorus are doing in Karabakh. They are targeting Armenians regardless of age and health status.

I wouldn't want to waste time on Azerbaijan. This disgraceful state is linked to European values through its oil pipelines. They made it clear that their intention is the continuation of the Armenian Genocide.

I recognize the Republic of Artsakh and urge everyone to join me.


Netherlands Parliament could sanction Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev and his family unless he stops the war. "Fighting on Karabakh must stop ASAP. The solution is at the negotiating table. Personal sanctions against Aliyev, who stated that he won't stop, can put pressure on him," said MP Martijn van Helvet.

The Dutch Parliament adopted a resolution asking the government to raise the topic in the European Parliament and to reconsider Azerbaijan's future cooperation in Eastern Partnership program "if necessary".

https://t.me/reartsakh/4420 , https://t.me/infoteka24/8196 , https://www.aravot.am/2020/10/06/1140997/

European Parliament's Catalonian MP Jordi Solé has called for the recognition of the Artsakh Republic's right for self-determination. (G R A Z I E)

Video: https://twitter.com/jordisolef/status/1313754200749342720?s=19


The Uruguay Senate has unanimously passed a resolution condemning Turkey's recruitment of mercenaries for the Karabakh conflict.


French Foreign Minister criticized Turkey for its role in the conflict.


(unrelated to this conflict) Turkey's Human Rights Association has urged Turkish political parties to fight against racist language to prevent physical attacks against Kurds, Armenians, etc. So far this year, they counted 7 murders and 32 injuries as a result of hate crimes.


FRANCE 24: Israel under diplomatic fire over arms to Azerbaijan


Greece has recalled its ambassador to Azerbaijan for consultations after Azerbaijan accused Greece of harboring and recruiting terrorists (lol?). Greece also denied being involved with Azeri govt websites being hacked earlier.


The majority of the European Parliament MPs, including EU's Foreign Affairs and Security Policy chief Josep Borrell, have called for holding Turkey responsible for provoking and inflaming the conflict.

Other MPs have stated: this war, started by dictator Ilham Aliyev, is being aided by Erdogan's jihadist allies. They want to enforce Stalin's unfair plan to separate Karabakh from Armenia.

Sanction Aliyev. Expel Turkey from Minsk Group. Don't draw false comparisons between Karabakh and Azerbaijan. As Andrei Sakharov used to say, Karabakh is a matter of ambition for Azerbaijan but a matter of life and death for Armenians of Karabakh.


The Ratilio folklore ensemble of Vilnius University wished peace to Artsakh with a song:

Performance: https://youtu.be/ZrTAdOskV4I

Latvian president's adviser Jurgis Klotins expressed support for Artsakh and shared a video recorded by the local Armenian youth:

Video: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=333334931288726


The moderators of /r/Russia subreddit shared a message:


the Armenian Diaspora continues to respond

The Armenian community of Luxemburg organized a demonstration in support of Artsakh. They were joined by members of the Parliament. The attendees organized a fundraiser and collection of aid.

Photos: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030642.html

Thousands of Armenians and supporters gathered in Brussels in front of the European Parliament building, urging a swift condemnation Azeri-Turkish aggression. They were dispersed with water cannons.

Video: https://youtu.be/qYmyzXRsO5I

Water cannon: https://youtu.be/X39qEq9rXtE



Hundreds of Armenians and supporters gathered in front of the Los Angeles Times outlet's headquarters, asking for fair coverage.


the donations continue to arrive

www.himnadram.org has so far collected $72m. That's around 1/3rd of what the Republic of Armenia spends on healthcare annually.


Your donations to www.himnadram.org go towards helping 14-year-old boys like Vahe, who drove 250 kilometers to take his family to safety while his dad is defending the borders.


Armenian businessman Khachatur Sukiasyan (Grzo) has donated $1m.


The French city of Issy-les-Moulineaux is Ejmiatsin's "sister city". Mayor André Santini has pledged to donate 70,000 Euros.


Citizens organized an aid collection flashmob for Artsakh refugees, residents, and soldiers.


BHK MPs will donate this month's salaries to himnadram.org


Artsakh govt commenting the $71m Himnadram donations: After the victory, there will be many worries. We must have a newly built Artsakh. We must restore the ruins quickly. We are very grateful to everyone for donations.


internal news, COVID, politics, economy

The second wave of COVID rages on. +2,878 tested. +672 infected. +178 healed. +5 deaths. 7348 active.


Parliament voted 88-0 to approve a govt bill that reforms the taxation law in a way that allows banks and loan agencies to, without facing taxation issues, forgive the loans which are deemed as un-payable by citizens. This will help many residents, who currently face hardship, with their loan situation.


The court decided to keep BHK party chief Gagik Tsarukyan (Dodi Gago) under arrest for 2 more months. He was detained 2 months ago after being charged with vote-buying in the 2017 elections and financial crimes. Tsarukyan was hoping to be released considering the state of war.


The IRS has collected more funds than anticipated in the January-September period. That's $2.111b instead of $2.074b last year.

More taxes were collected from income, and more refunds were given to businesses.

The taxes collected from border imports have declined YoY because last year everyone was rushing to import vehicles for resale under favorable EAEU trade-bloc terms which ended in 2020.



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