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To keep it simple and clear:

- My name is Dorian Oszczęda - I was born in Poland to Polish parents, in a city called Żory. - I live in England. - I am 16 years old.

- I can speak 3 languages natively: Polish [C2], English [C2], Silesian [N/A] ( Silesian is defined as a dialect, although it is a de facto language ) - I can speak 2 languages on a conversational level: Spanish [B1], Romanian [B1] - I can speak 1 language on a basic level: Armenian [A1/A2]

I have begun learning Armenian on the 31st of March and since then I have been learning nearly every day. The Armenian script interested me and I had a little look at the language, and after 2 days I started learning it. It took me 2 weeks to learn the alphabet and how to write it, and now I am striving to learn Armenian before summer next year so I can visit Armenia and communicate freely and without any issues.

In the future I want to become a translator so I set my goal to learn 5/6 languages to a fluent level before turning 18.

I want to contribute in any way to anything that could help future learners of Armenian or even Armenians from the diaspora willing to learn more about their heritage.

Thanks for reading.