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Armenian Society And Culture Books

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This page hosts a list of books on Armenian Society & Culture . If a book is missing, you can add it using the add a book form.

  Book Publication Year Book ISBN Book Category Book Short Description
A History of Armenian Immigration to America With Special Reference to Conditions in Los Angeles (thesis) 1923 Society & Culture
Education & Reference
A Village Remembered: The Armenians of Habousi 2000 Society & Culture
An Armenian Sketchbook 9781590176184
Society & Culture
Travel & Tourism
Biographies & Memoirs
And Those Who Continued Living in Turkey after 1915 2008 Society & Culture
Armenia (Curzon) 1854 Society & Culture
Biographies & Memoirs
Armenian Village Life Before 1914 1982 Society & Culture
Education & Reference
Kiss Me, I'm Armenian (book) 1982 Society & Culture
Biographies & Memoirs
Memory of Trees 2014 978-3868284416 Society & Culture
Nigeria and the Nigerian Armenian colony 1958 Society & Culture
Education & Reference
Ottoman Armenians: Life, Culture, Society 2014 3000438017 Society & Culture
Recovering Armenia: The Limits of Belonging in Post-Genocide Turkey 2016 Society & Culture
The Armenian People of Portland, Maine 1985 Society & Culture
Education & Reference
The Armenians in Massachusetts 1937 Society & Culture
The Armenians of New England 2004 Society & Culture
The Right to Struggle: Selected Writings of Monte Melkonian on the Armenian National Question 1993 0964156911 Society & Culture
Torn Between Two Lands 1983 Society & Culture
Education & Reference
You Rejoice My Heart 2007 978-1903656723 Society & Culture
Biographies & Memoirs
Մարաշի ասեղնագործության գաղտնիքները 2010 978-9994118496 Society & Culture
Arts & Photography
Education & Reference

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Armenians : Their History and Culture; Baliozian; ISBN 0933706219

Armenians : Their History and Culture; Baliozian; Paperback; ISBN 0933706227

Medieval Armenian Culture; Dr. H. Markarian Conference on American Culture; Hardcover; ISBN 0891306420

Medieval Armenian Culture; Thomas J. Samuelian; Paperback; ISBN 0891307265

Armenian Costumes Through the Centuries;Hardcover; ISBN 0933875010

Armenian-Americans: From Being to Feeling Armenian; Anny Bakalian; Hardcover; ISBN 1560000252

The crossing place : a journey among the Armenians; Philip Marsden; ISBN 0006376673

The Armenians: A People in Exile; David Marshall Lang; Paperback; ISBN 0044402899

Armenians : A People in Exile; David Marshall Lang; Hardcover; ISBN 0049560107

Weavers, Merchants, and Kings;Hardcover ; ISBN 0295965495

The Armenians in America, 1618-1976: A Chronology and Fact Book; Vladimir Wertsman; Hardcover; ISBN 0379005298

Armenia: A Rugged Land, an Enduring People (Discovering Our Heritage); Lucine Kasbarian; School & Library Binding; ISBN 0382394585

Symbol, Myth, and Rhetoric: The Politics of Culture in Armenian-America Population (Immigrant Communities and Ethnic Minorities in the U S & Canada,); Jenny Phillips; ISBN 0404194338

Armenians in London: The Management of Social Boundaries (Anthropological Studies No 4); Vered Amit Talai; Hardcover; ISBN 0719029279

Armenia (Cultures of the World); Sakina Dhilawala; Library Binding; ISBN 0761406832

Armenian Village Life Before 1914; Susie Hoogasian-Villa, Mary Kilbourne Matossian; Textbook Binding; ISBN 0814317006

The Magical Pine Ring: Culture and the Imagination in Armenian/American Literature; Margaret Bedrosian; Hardcover ; ISBN 0814323391

Arab, Armenian, Syrian, Lebanese, East Indian, Pakistani and Bangla Deshi Americans: A Study Guide and Source Book; Kananur V. Chandras; Paperback; ISBN 0882474758

Cultural Persistence and Socio-Economic Mobility: A Comparative Study of Assimilation Among Armenians and Japanese in Los Angeles; Sheila E. Henry; Paperback; ISBN 0882474898

Classical Armenian Culture : Influences and Creativity; Thomas J. Samuelian (Editor); Hardcover; ISBN 0891305653

Intermarriage and the Armenian-American Community; Aharon G. Aharonian; Hardcover; ISBN 0961330007

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