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This page hosts a list of books on Armenian History. If a book is missing, you can add it using the add a book form.

  Book Publication Year Book ISBN Book Category Book Short Description
A Brief History of Armenia 1976 History
Education & Reference
A Brief Survey of the History of Ancient Armenia 1975 History
A History of Armenian Immigration to America With Special Reference to Conditions in Los Angeles (thesis) 1923 Society & Culture
Education & Reference
A Mandate for Armenia 1967 Genocide
Education & Reference
Armenia (Tupper) 1896 History
Education & Reference
Armenian Massacres and Turkish Tyranny 1896 Genocide
Armenian Massacres and the Turco Grecian War 1896 Genocide
Armenian Sebastia-Sivas and Lesser Armenia 2004 History
Education & Reference
Armenian Village Life Before 1914 1982 Society & Culture
Education & Reference
Fire and Sword in the Caucasus 1906 History
From the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean 2011 978-0520266872 History
Education & Reference
Full Moon Over Noah's Ark 2016 978-1-51070-0565-4 Travel & Tourism
Biographies & Memoirs
In the Front Line: A Doctor in War and Peace 1780271301 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
Leavening the Levant 1916 Genocide
Education & Reference
Martyrdom and Rebirth 1965 Genocide
Massacres, Resistance, Protectors 2006 Genocide
My Brother's Road: An American's Fateful Journey to Armenia 2008 1845115309 History
Biographies & Memoirs
Ottoman Armenians: Life, Culture, Society 2014 3000438017 Society & Culture
Resistance & Revenge 1990 Genocide
Summer of 42 2012 978-0-7643-4045-1 History
The Armenians in the Byzantine Empire 1963 History
The Chuch of Armenia (book) 1910 History
Church & Religion
The History of the Armenian People (Morgan) 1965 History
Torn Between Two Lands 1983 Society & Culture
Education & Reference
История армянских колоний Украины и Польши 1980 History
Education & Reference
Ղրիմի Հայկական գաղութի պատմություն 1964 History

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The Case of Misak Torlakian Historical Novel and Trial Transcript, (Pub. Nov. 2006) Vartkes Yeghiayan and Ara Arabyan, Paperback 290pgs. Published by Center for Armenian Remembrance (CAR) ISBN 0977715302 Order at (818) 281-9992.

The Case of Soghomon Tehlirian 2nd Edition, Historical Novel and Trial Transcript, (Pub. Jan 2007) Vartkes Yeghiayan , Paperback. Published by Center for Armenian Remembrance (CAR) ISBN 0977715310 Order at (818) 281-9992.

The Armenians: From Kings and Priests to Merchants and Commissars; Razmik Panossian; Columbia University Press; ISBN 0231139268

Historic Maps of Armenia: The Cartographic Heritage; Rouben Galichian; ISBN 1860649793

From the Book of One Thousand Tales: Stories of Armenia and Its People 1892-1922; Diana Agabeg Apcar; ISBN 1414016115

Yovhannes t Lkurantc I and the Mediaeval Armenian Lyric Tradition (University of Pennsylvania Armenian Texts and Studies, No 7); James R. Russell; Hardcover; ISBN 0891309292

Yovhannåes T°lkurantc°i and the Mediaeval Armenian lyric tradition; James R. Russell; ISBN 0891309306

Armenians: Their History and Culture; Baliozian; Hardcover; ISBN 0933706219

Armenians: Their History and Culture; Baliozian; Paperback; ISBN 0933706227

Vark' Mastotos'I : Life of Mashtots (Classical Armenian Texts Series); Koriun; Hardcover; ISBN 0882060309

The Armenians in history and the Armenian question; Esat Uras;

Historical Atlas of Armenia; Garbis Armen; Paperback; ISBN 0961793309

A History of Armenian Literature: From Ancient Times to the Nineteenth Century; S. P. Hayrapetean, Srbouhi Hairapetian; Hardcover; ISBN 0882060597

The Armenian image in history and literature; ISBN 089003088X

Armenian Image in History and Literature; Richard Hovannisian; Textbook Binding; ISBN 0890030898

History of Armenian Literature: Fifth to Thirteenth Centuries; James Etmekjian; Paperback; ISBN 0934728194

Ancient Armenian Translations; Levon Ter-Petrossian; Paperback; ISBN 0934728240

The ancient civilization of Urartu; B. B. Piotrovskiæi; ISBN 0402101715

Aquila, Symmachus and Theodotion in Armenia (Septuagint and Cognate Studies Series, No 42); Claude E. Cox; Hardcover; ISBN 078850262X

Armenia: Cradle of Civilization; David Marshall Lang; Hardcover; ISBN 0049560093 and ISBN 0049560085

Armenia: The Survival of a Nation; Christopher J. Walker; Hardcover; ISBN 0312042302

Armenia and the Crusades : Tenth to Twelfth Centuries : The Chronicle of Matthew of Edessa (Armenian Heritage); Matthew, et al; Hardcover; ISBN 0819189537

Armenia and the Near East (Middle East in the Twentieth Century Ser.); Fridtjof Nansen; Hardcover; ISBN 0306707608

Armenia between Byzantium and the Sasanians; Nina G. Garsoèian; ISBN 0860781666

Armenia in Ancient and Medieval Times; Robert Osian; Paperback; ISBN 0685374106

Armenia on the Road to Independence, 1918; Richard G. Hovannisian; Textbook Binding; ISBN 0520005740

Armenia, Subartu, and Sumer : the Indo-European homeland and ancient Mesopotamia; Martiros Kavoukjian; ISBN 0921885008

Armenia, the survival of a nation; Christopher J. Walker; ISBN 0312049477

Armenia, Vision of a Republic : The Independence Lobby in America, 1918-1927; Gregory L. Aftandilian; Hardcover; ISBN 0891820272

Armenia: cradle of civilization; David Marshall Lang; ISBN 0049560077

Armenian Costumes Through the Centuries; Hardcover; ISBN 0933875010

Armenian immigrants: Boston (1891-1901), New York (1880-1897); Linda L. Avakian; ISBN 0897252756

The Armenian People from Ancient to Modern Times : Foreign Dominion to Statehood : The Fifteenth Century to the Twentieth Century Vol 2; Richard G. Hovannisian (Editor); ISBN 0312101686

The Armenian People from Ancient to Modern Times : The Dynastic Periods : From Antiquity to the Fourteenth Century Vol 1; Richard G. Hovannisian (Editor); Hardcover; ISBN 0312101694

Armenian Revolutionary Movement : The Development of Armenian Political Parties Through the Nineteenth Century; Louise Z. Nalbandian ; Hardcover; ISBN 0520009142

Armenian victories at Khznavous and Sardarabad on May 23, 1918: and program for re-establishment of independent and neutral state of Armenia; Arthur A. Ayvazian; ISBN 0934728151

Armenians in India : From the Earliest Times to the Present Day : A Work of Original Research; Mesrovb Jacob Seth; Hardcover; ISBN 8120608127

Armenians in the Service of the Ottoman Empire 1860-1908; Mesrob K. Krikorian; Paperback; ISBN 0710085648

Baku an Eventful History; J. Henry; Hardcover; ISBN 0405097190

Chomaklou : the history of an Armenian village; Aris Tåer K. Galfaean; ISBN 0960608206

Chomaklou : the history of an Armenian village; Aris Tåer K. Galfaean; ISBN 0960608214

Cilician Kingdom of Armenia; T. S. R. Boase (Editor); Hardcover; ISBN 0312138954

The Cilician kingdom of Armenia; ISBN 0707301459

Contributions to the Archaeology of Armenia (Harvard University, Peabody Museum of Archaeology; Ethnology, Russian Translat); V.P. Alekseev, et al; Hardcover; ISBN 0404526462

The Conversion of Armenia: A Retelling of Agathangelos' History; Valerie Goekjian. Zahirsky; Paperback; ISBN 093472816X

The deaconess in the Armenian Church : a brief survey; Abel Oghlukian; ISBN 1885011008

East of Byzantium : Syria and Armenia in the Formative Period; Nina G. Garsoian (Editor); Hardcover; ISBN 0884021041

Eastern Armenia in the Last Decades of Persian Rule 1807-1828; George A. Bournoutian; Paperback; ISBN 0890031223

Eastern Armenia in the Last Decades of Persian Rule 1807-1828; George A. Bournoutian; Paperback; ISBN 0890031231

The Epic Histories : Attributed to P'Awstos Buzand (Buzandaran Patmut'Iwnk') Vol 8; Nina G. Garsoian, Buzandaran Patmut'iwnk'; Hardcover; ISBN 0674258657

The Fortifications of Armenian Cilicia; Robert W. Edwards; Hardcover; ISBN 0884021637

From Byzantium to Iran : Armenian Studies in Honour of Nina G. Garsoian (Occasional Papers and Proceedings (Scholars Press), No. 8.); Nina G. Garsoian (Editor), et al; ISBN 0788501526

Geographical names according to Urartian texts; Igoâr Mikhæailovich Dëiìakonov; ISBN 3882261196

The historical and sociological aspects of Armenian immigration to the United States 1890-1930; Gary A. Kulhanjian; ISBN 0882473093

The Historical Monuments of Nakhichevan; Argam Ayvazian; Hardcover; ISBN 0814318967

History of Armenia (Occasional Papers and Proceedings); Krikor Maksoudian; Paperback; ISBN 0891309535

History of Armenia (Occasional Papers and Proceedings, No 3); Krikor H. Maksoudian (Translator); Hardcover; ISBN 0891309527

A History of Armenia; Vahan M. Kurkjian; Hardcover; Armenian General Benevolent Union of America, 1958 (reprinted 1964) (online)

A history of Armenian immigration to America with special reference to conditions in Los Angeles; Aram Serkis Yeretzian; ISBN 0882472666

The History of Lazar P Arpec I (Occasional Papers and Proceedings, Vol 4); P Arpets I Ghazar; Hardcover; ISBN 1555405797

A History of the Armenian People: Prehistory to 1500 Ad Vol 1; George A. Bournoutian; Paperback; ISBN 0939214962

History of Armenia Vol 1; Michael Chamich; Hardcover; ISBN 0941567079

History of Armenia Vol 2; Michael Chamich; Hardcover; ISBN 0941567087

History of the Armenian : Houhannes Draskhanakertetsi Patmowttion Hayots;Hardcover; ISBN 0882060287

History of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Dashnaktsutiun, 1890-1924; Hrach® Tasnapetean; ISBN 8885822118

History of the Armenians and Letter to Vahan Mamikonean; P'Arpel, I Ghazar; Hardcover; ISBN 0882060317

History of the Armenians in California; Charles Mahakian; ISBN 0882472607

History of the Armenians in India; Mesrovb Jacob Seth; ISBN 812120187X

History of the Armenians Vol 4; of Chorene Moses, Moses Khorenatsi; Hardcover; ISBN 0674395719

History of the Armenians.; Agat'Angeghos; Hardcover; ISBN 0882060279

History of the House of Artsrunik (Byzantine Texts in Translation); Thomas Artsruni; Hardcover; ISBN 0814317847

History of the House of Artsrunik (Classical Armenian Texts Series); Thomas Artsruni; Hardcover; ISBN 0882060740

History of Vardan and the Armenian War (Harvard Armenian Texts and Studies ; 5) Vol 5; Robert Thomson; Hardcover; ISBN 0674403355

Hussenig: The Origin, History, and Destruction of an Armenian Town; Marderos Deranian, Hagop Martin Deranian; Hardcover; ISBN 0935411127

Impact of Soviet Policies in Armenia; Mary Allerton Kilbourne Matossian; Hardcover; ISBN 0830500812

The Khanate of Erevan Under Qajar Rule: 1795-1828 (Persian Studies Series, No. 13); George A. Bournoutian; Hardcover; ISBN 0939214180

The Kingdom of Armenia; M. Chahin; Hardcover; ISBN 070994800X

Kingdom of Armenia (Dorset Classic Reprints); M. Chahin; Hardcover; ISBN 0880296097

Looking for the Armenians: Eli Smith's Missionary Adventure, 1830-1831 (Transactions Series : Volume 50 Part 4); Margaret R. Leavy; Paperback; ISBN 1878508075

Looking Toward Ararat : Armenia in Modern History; Ronald Grigor Sunny, Ronald Grigor Suny; Paperback; ISBN 0253207738

Looking Toward Ararat : Armenia in Modern History; Ronald Grigor Suny; Hardcover; ISBN 0253355834

Medieval Armenian Culture; Dr. H. Markarian Conference on American Culture; Hardcover; ISBN 0891306420

Medieval Armenian Culture; Thomas J. Samuelian; Paperback; ISBN 0891307265

Merchants from Ararat: A Brief Survey of Armenian Trade Through the Ages; Kapriel Serope Papazian; Paperback; ISBN 0933706049

Nationalism and socialism in the Armenian revolutionary movement (1887-1912); Anahide Ter Minassian; ISBN 0916431045

New Approaches to Medieval Armenian Language and Literature (Dutch Studies in Armenian Language and Literature ; 3); J.J.S. Weitenberg (Editor); Hardcover; ISBN 9051838034

Patmowt'Iwn Hayots : History of the Armenians; Moses of Khoren; Hardcover; ISBN 0882060325

The peoples of the hills: ancient Ararat and Caucasus; Charles Allen Burney; ISBN 0297004956

Pogrom: A Novel of Armenian History; Aleksandr Shaginian, Aleksandr Shaginyan; Hardcover; ISBN 1883695007

Politics and Demography : Armenians, Turks and Kurds in the Ottoman Empire (Zoryan Institute, Special Reprots : No 4); Levon Marashlian; Paperback; 0892414936

Pre-History of the Armenian People; Igor Mikhailovich Diakonov; Hardcover; ISBN 0882060392

Recent Studies in Modern Armenian History; Robert Thomson (Editor); Hardcover; ISBN 0935411070

Recent Studies in Modern Armenian History; Robert Thomson (Editor); Paperback; ISBN 0935411046

The Republic of Armenia : Between Crescent and Sickle : Partition and Sovietization (Vol 4) Vol 4; Richard G. Hovannisian; Hardcover; ISBN 0520088042

The Republic of Armenia : From London to Sevres, February-August, 1920 (Vol Iii) Vol 3; Richard G. Hovannisian; Hardcover; ISBN 0520088034

The Republic of Armenia and the Rethinking of the North-American Diaspora in Literature; Lorne Shirinian; Hardcover; ISBN 0773496130

The Republic of Armenia Vol 1; Richard G. Hovannisian; Hardcover; ISBN 0520019849

Respected Citizens: the History of Armenians in Singapore and Malaysia; Nadia Wright; paperback; Amassia Publishing; ISBN 0975108204

Rewriting Caucasian History : The Medieval Armenian Adaptation of the Georgian Chronicles : The Original Georgian Texts and the Armenian Adaptation); Robert W. Thomson; ISBN 0198263732

Soviet Armenia; Karen Seropovich Demirchian; Hardcover; ISBN 082852839X

Soviet Armenia; Karen Seropovich Demirchian; Hardcover; ISBN 082852839X

Soviet Union III:Azerbaijan, Armenia,G;VHS Tape; ISBN 6304124872

Transcaucasia, Nationalism, and Social Change : Essays in the History of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia; Ronald Grigor Suny (Editor), Kennan Institute for Advanced Russia; ISBN 047206617X

Transcaucasia, Nationalism, and Social Change : Essays in the History of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia; Ronald Grigor Suny (Editor), Kennan Institute for Advanced Russia; ISBN 0472096176

Transcaucasia: Nationalism and Social Change - Essays in the History of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia (East European Series No. 2); Ronald G. Suny (Editor); Textbook Binding; ISBN 0930042573

Transcaucasia: Nationalism and Social Change-Essays in the History of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia (East European Ser: No 2); Ronald Suny (Editor); Textbook Binding; ISBN 0930042549

The Tricolor over the Taurus : The Franco-Turkish War for Cilicia, Crucible of the National Liberation Movement (American University Studies. Series); Robert F. Zeidner; ISBN 0820423165

Turkish Armenia; Henry F. Tozer; Paperback; ISBN 0941567095

The Turks before the court of history; Vahram K. Goekjian; ISBN 0915033011

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