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Zoryan Institute

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The Zoryan Institute for Contemporary Armenian Research and Documentation was established in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1982, and The Zoryan Institute of Canada, Inc., was incorporated in Toronto in 1984, as a non-profit research institute. They combine to form an international academic and scholarly center devoted to the documentation, study, and dissemination of material related to the life of the Armenian people in the recent past and the present, and within the context of larger world affairs.

There are three broad fields of research in which the Institute is involved: genocide studies, diaspora studies, and studies dealing with Armenia. To accomplish this, the Institute sponsors, supports, and encourages multi-disciplinary scholarly research, documentation, conferences, and publications.

The Zoryan Institute is an international center devoted to the research and documentation of contemporary issues related to the history, politics, society, and culture of Armenia and Armenians around the world. Research is conducted both to document past and current events, and to analyze their impact on individuals and institutions in Armenia and the Diaspora. The Institute strives to develop a framework within which people can understand and participate in conceptualizing the critical and fundamental issues dealing with current and future challenges within a global context.

To these ends the Institute stresses the highest standards of scholarship and objectivity in undertaking and supporting multi-disciplinary research, documentation, lectures, seminars, colloquia, and publications in three broad subject areas: Genocide, Diaspora, and Armenia. The Institute makes its collections and analyses available, and provides research assistance to scholars, writers, journalists, film-makers, government agencies, and other organizations. Functioning as a resource for facts, ideas and images, the Institute promotes the application of scholarly research on relevant issues to the activities of individuals and organizations, for whom such shared information can be a catalyst.

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