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Paul Baghdadlian

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Birth name Krikor Baghdadlian
Name in Armenian Փօլ Պաղտատլեան
Birthplace Aleppo
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Birth date 10 July 1953
Death place Glendale
Death date 2011/06/28
Death year 2011
Languages Armenian, English, Arabic
Ethnicities Armenian
Dialects Western Armenian
Spouses Ani Baghdadlian, Dzaghig Baghdadlian
Children Paul Baghdadlian Jr, Christopher Baghdadlian, Verginie Baghdadlian

Paul Baghdadlian Passes Away

Posted by Weekly Staff on June 28, 2011 in News · 55 Comments · Email Email · Print Print

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (A.W.)—Legendary Armenian singer Paul Baghdadlian passed away on June 28 after a long illness.

Baghdadlian began his career in the Middle East in the 1970′s, later broadening his reach to the U.S., Europe and beyond. He has written and produced hundreds of hit songs, mainly love ballads that have captivated Armenians across the globe.

Baghdadlian’s Facebook page was inundated with condolences. “You will always be around in our homes and our hearts… You’re irreplaceable!” wrote one fan. “Paul, I grew up listening to your beautiful ballads, new and exciting pop songs, and always looked forward to seeing you live… You were a beautiful person and will be missed,” wrote another.

In an interview in Beirut last year, Baghdadlian said that one of his happiest moments was hearing that two Armenians had gotten married after meeting at one of his concerts.

“It is with a clear conscience that I tell you now that I love and worship Armenia, my fatherland, even more than someone who was born and lived there,” he said on another occasion.

Baghdadlian concluded his concerts with the song “Hayortik,” which calls on Armenians to not forget their mother tongue. In his performances, he often repeated, “Love your nation, love your fatherland, love the red, blue, and orange [the Armenian tricolor flag].”


  • 1976 Antzrev E Kalis (It's raining)
  • 1977 Siroum Em Kez (I love you)
  • 1977 Mor Sere (Mother's love)
  • 1978 Mareta (I Passed Out)
  • 1978 Sbasoum Em Kez (Waiting for you) (double album)
  • 1979 The Last Tango
  • 1981 Sev Acher (Black eyes)
  • 1982 Zavgis (To my son)
  • 1983 Miayn Ints Siree (Only love me)
  • 1985 Arants Kez (Without you)
  • 1987 Siretsi Yes Megin (I loved someone)
  • 1989 Happy Birthday
  • 1990 Ourishin Yes
  • 1991 Naz Aghchig (Cute girl)
  • 1992 Sirem (I love)
  • 1993 Chkideyi Chkidem (Didn't know, don't know)
  • 1994 Garodi Harts E (A Matter of Longing)
  • 1995 Gyanki Dzaghig (Flower of life)
  • 1998 Tou Im Ashkharn Es (You are my world)
  • 1999 Kez Pari Louys (Good day for you)
  • 2000 Gyankes... (My life)
  • 2001 Mortsir... (Forget)
  • 2004 Anoushigs (My beauty)
  • 2008 Oor es (Where are you)
  • 1979 Paul In Concert: Sona Chan
  • 2001 Live in Damascus: Love songs
  • 2001 Live in Damascus: Azk Siretsek (Love our Nation)
  • 2000 Golden Mix

Downloads available at:!0J8kGaBS!ImjEa2nvbo2J_i9YD7I80P9bHYrc6UphWarwMdgS0f4