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Armenian Biographical Books

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This page hosts a list of biography & memoir books. If a book is missing, you can add it using the add a book form.

  Book Publication Year Book ISBN Book Category Book Short Description
Absurdistan Biographies & Memoirs
Adventures of an Armenian Boy Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
An American Physician in Turkey 1917 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
An Armenian Sketchbook 9781590176184
Society & Culture
Travel & Tourism
Biographies & Memoirs
Aram Khachaturyan (book by Victor Yuzefovich) 1985 Biographies & Memoirs
Armenag's Story 1989 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
Armenia (Curzon) 1854 Society & Culture
Biographies & Memoirs
Armenia and the Near East 1928 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
Bank Ottoman (memoir) Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
Barefoot Boy from Anatolia 1983 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
Breaking the Rock of Tradition 2000 9780936893181 Biographies & Memoirs
But The Twain Do Meet 1941 Biographies & Memoirs
Chance Meetings 1978 0393009696 Biographies & Memoirs
Daybreak in Turkey 1908 Biographies & Memoirs
Farewell Kharpert Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
From Turkish Toils 1917 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
Full Moon Over Noah's Ark 2016 978-1-51070-0565-4 Travel & Tourism
Biographies & Memoirs
Goodbye, Antoura 2015 978-0804795432 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
Hadjin and the Armenian Massacres 1911 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
Here Comes There Goes You Know Who 1569800308 Biographies & Memoirs
I Shall Not Die 1969 Biographies & Memoirs
In the Front Line: A Doctor in War and Peace 1780271301 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
Journey Through Soviet Armenia 1954 Travel & Tourism
Biographies & Memoirs
Judgement Unto Truth 1990 0887383122 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
Kiss Me, I'm Armenian (book) 1982 Society & Culture
Biographies & Memoirs
Letters from 74 rue Taitbout or Don't Go But If You Must Say Hello to Everybody 1969 Literature & Fiction
Biographies & Memoirs
Non-Armenian topic by Armenian Author
Martyred Armenia and the Story of my Life 1920 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
Meshach Paul Krikorian: The Spirit of the Shepherd 1999 978-0916035990 Genocide
Church & Religion
Biographies & Memoirs
My Beloved Armenia (Banker) 1939 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
My Brother's Road: An American's Fateful Journey to Armenia 2008 1845115309 History
Biographies & Memoirs
My Grandmother (Cetin) 2012 978-1844678679
Biographies & Memoirs
My Story (Barooshian) 1978 Biographies & Memoirs
Needle, Thread and Button 1988 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
Neither To Laugh nor To Weep 1968 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
On Board 2006 Biographies & Memoirs
Out of Inferno 1949 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
Pantaraxia: The Autobiography of Nubar Gulbenkian 1965 Biographies & Memoirs
Passage to Ararat 1975 Travel & Tourism
Biographies & Memoirs
Sacrifice and Redemption 1995 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
Smiling Through the Tears 1954 Biographies & Memoirs
Stowaway to Heaven 1960 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
Survival Against All Odds 1986 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
Tests and Triumphs of Armenians in Turkey and Macedonia 1940 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
The Blight of Asia 1926 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
The Burning Tigris 2003 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
The Genocide of Armenians by Turks 1964 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
The Horrors of Aleppo 1917 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
The Knock at the Door 2007 9780825305122 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
The Legacy (book) 1976 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs
The Lions of Marash 1973 Genocide
Biographies & Memoirs

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My Armenian Heritage; An autobiographical account of an Armenian American's trips to Armenia in the '70s, Sooren S. Apkarian; Paperback; ISBN 0615152651

My Brothers Road: An American's Fateful Journey to Armenia; Markar Melkonian; ISBN 1850436355

Hayots Badeevuh: Reminiscences of Armenian Life; Levon Z. Boyajian; ISBN 190365632X

1001 Nights in the Iraqi Army: The True Story of an Iraqi POW Held by the Americans During Desert Storm; Shant Kenderian; ISBN 1419619055

Arshile Gorky: three decades of drawings; Melvin P. Lader; ISBN 0935037381

Arshile Gorky: works on paper; Arshile Gorky; ISBN 8885203744

Vark' Mastotos'I : Life of Mashtots (Classical Armenian Texts Series); Koriun; Hardcover; ISBN 0882060309

A stylistic analysis of Arshile Gorky's art from 1943-1948; Robert F. Reiff; ISBN 0824027191

Arshile Gorky; Hardcover; ISBN 0839002092

Acquisition priorities : aspects of postwar painting in America, including Arshile Gorky, works 1944-1948 : [exhibition] the Guggenheim Museum, New York; ISBN 0892070056

Arshile Gorky (Modern Masters Series); Melvin Lader; Hardcover; ISBN 0896595250

Arshile Gorky : The Breakthrough Years; Dore Ashton, et al; Paperback; ISBN 0914782924

Murals without walls : Arshile Gorky's aviation murals rediscovered; Arshile Gorky; ISBN 0932828019

Arshile Gorky; Harold Rosenberg; Paperback; ISBN 0935296204

The Road from Home : The Story of an Armenian Girl; David Kherdian; ISBN 0606036466

The Road from Home : The Story of Armenian Girl; David Kherdian; ISBN 0606080767

The urchin : an Armenian's escape; Kerop Bedoukian; ISBN 0719534585

Battle of the Titans : Kasparov-Karpov New York-Lyons; Raymond Keene; Paperback; ISBN 0020083513

How to Beat Gary Kasparov; Raymond Keene; Paperback; ISBN 0020083521

The Centenary Match Kasparov-Karpov III; Raymond Keene, David Goodman; Paperback; ISBN 0020287003

Maneuvers in Moscow : Karpov-Kasparov II (MacMillan Chess Library); Raymond Keene, David Goodman; Paperback; ISBN 0020287208

Showdown in Seville : Kasparov-Kasparov IV; Raymond Keene; Paperback; ISBN 0020441312

Shark Attack : Jerry Tarkanian and His Battle With the Ncaa and Unlv; Jerry Tarkanian, Don Yaeger; Hardcover; ISBN 0060179805

Shark Attack : Jerry Tarkanian and His Battle With the Ncaa and Unlv; Don Yaeger, Jerry Tarkanian; Paperback; ISBN 0061091081

Tark : College Basketball's Winningest Coach; Jerry Tarkanian, Terry Pluto; Hardcover; ISBN 0070628025

London-Leningrad Championship Games : Rematch Championship Games With Annotations by the World Champion (Pergamon Russian Chess Series); Garry Kasparov, Kenneth P. Neat; Hardcover; ISBN 0080320538

The Test of Time (Pergamon Russian Chess Series); Garry Kasparov; Hardcover; ISBN 0080340431

The Test of Time; G.K. Kasparov; Paperback; ISBN 0080341551

Road from Home; The Story of an Armenian Girl (Puffin Newbery Library); David Kherdian; Paperback; ISBN 0140325247

Andre Agassi; Matt Christopher; Paperback; ISBN 0316142026

Kasparov Versus Deep Blue : Computer Chess Comes of Age; Monroe Newborn, Monty Newborn; Hardcover; ISBN 0387948201

Mortal Games : The Turbulent Genius of Garry Kasparov; Fred Waitzkin; Hardcover; ISBN 0399138277

Arshile Gorky : Painting, Drawings, Studies; William Chapin Seitz; Textbook Binding; ISBN 0405015712 Cher; George Carpozi; ISBN 0425029735

Arshile Gorky : The Implications of Symbols; Harry Rand; Paperback; ISBN 0520063457

Arshile Gorky : The Implications of Symbols; Harry Rand; Hardcover; ISBN 0520063716

Odyssey of an Armenian of Zeitoun; Khoren K. Davidson; ISBN 0533062020

Kasparov's Winning Chess Tactics : How He Thinks, How He Chooses; Bruce Pandolfini; Paperback; ISBN 0671619853

Zoroastrianism in Armenia (Harvard Irainian Series, Vol 5); James R. Russell; Paperback; ISBN 0674968506

Agassi : The Fall and Rise of the Enfant Terrible of Tennis; Robert Philip; Paperback; ISBN 0747523665

Portraits and Profiles; Edmond Y. Azadian, et al; Hardcover; ISBN 0773490442

Unlimited Challenge; Garry Kasparov; Hardcover; ISBN 0802111033

Gary Kasparov's Best Games (The Batsford Chess Library); Raymond Keene; Paperback; ISBN 0805030506

World Chess Championship : Kasparov V Anand (Batsford Chess Library); Raymond Keene, Gary Lane; Paperback; ISBN 0805042318

Karpov-Kasparov, 1990; Don Maddox, Ron Henley; Paperback; ISBN 0812919238 The life of an Armenian emigrant; Ervant Der Megerditchian; ISBN 081580234X

Karsh;Hardcover; ISBN 0821215493

Karsh : A Sixty-Year Retrospective Vol 1; Yousuf Karsh; Hardcover; ISBN 0821223348

Andre Agassi : Reaching the Top, Again; Jeff Savage; Library Binding ; ISBN 0822528940

Andre Agassi : Reaching the Top, Again; Jeff Savage; Paperback ; ISBN 0822597500

Aram Khachaturian;Hardcover; ISBN 0823686582

The World Chess Championship : Karpov/Kasparov Moscow 85; Yuri Averbakh, Mark Taimanov; Hardcover; ISBN 0828532591

Envoy of the Stars : Academician Victor Ambartsumyan; Ashot Arzumanyan; Hardcover; ISBN 0828534373

World Chess Crown Challenge 1987;Paperback; ISBN 0828539200

Andre Agassi (Winning Spirit); G. Stern; Library Binding; ISBN 0865920559

Tarkanian : Countdown of a Rebel; Richard Harp, Joseph McCullough; Paperback; ISBN 0880112298

Cher : simply Cher; Linda Jacobs Altman; ISBN 088436187X

The Armenian Genocide in Perspective; Richard G. Hovannisian (Editor); Hardcover; ISBN 0887380964

Karsh : The Art of the Portrait; James Borcoman, et al; Hardcover; ISBN 088884591X

Karsh, the art of the portrait : essays; ISBN 0888846002

Andre Agassi : Star Tennis Player (Sports Reports); Ron Knapp; Hardcover; ISBN 0894907980

Toomas, the little Armenian boy : childhood reminiscence of Turkish-Armenia; Thomas G. Aved?; ISBN 0914330284

Winds of Destiny : An Immigrant Girl's Odyssey; Serpoohi Christine Jafferian; Paperback; ISBN 0935411100

Aram Khachaturian : A Biography; Viktor Aronovich Yuzefovich; Hardcover; ISBN 0943071003

Kasparov's Chess Openings : A World Champion's Repertoire; Otto Borik; Paperback; ISBN 0943955394

Lion Woman's Legacy; An Armenian-American Memoir (Cross-Cultural Memoir Series); Arlene Avakian; Paperback; ISBN 1558610529

Andre Agassi (Sports Superstars); Richard Rambeck; Library Binding; ISBN 1567662021

Kasparov versus Anand : the inside story of the 1995 World Chess Championship match; Patrick Wolff; Paperback; ISBN 1888281030

The World Chess Championship;Hardcover; ISBN 5050005531

World Chess Crown Challenge 1987; Oleg Zilbert (Translator); Paperback; ISBN 5050023491

Garri Kasparov : Campeon Del Mundo/Garri Kasparov : Champion of the World; Angel Martin; Paperback; ISBN 8427010079

The Road from Home;Paperback; ISBN 9992061383

Kasparov Vs Short 1993 the Official Book of the Match;Paperback; ISBN 9993165204

Some of Us Survived : The Story of an Armenian Boy; Kerop Bedoukian; School & Library Binding; ISBN 0374371326

Black Dog of Fate : A Memoir; Peter Balakian; Hardcover; ISBN 046500704X

Hannah's Story : Escape from Genocide in Turkey to Success in America; Hannah Kalajian; Hardcover; ISBN 0935411089

Hannah's Story;Hardcover; ISBN 0935411097

Exiles : Passage to Ararat; Michael J. Arlen; Paperback; ISBN 0140063110

Pearl, her love touched two worlds; Donita Dyer; ISBN 0842348131

An Armenian from Jerusalem; Jacob Orfali; Paperback; ISBN 0914171097

Saroyan : A Biography; Lawrence Lee, Barry Gifford; Paperback; ISBN 0913729965

Street an Autobiographical Novel; Aram Saroyan; Paperback; ISBN 0912846070

The street : an autobiographical novel; Aram Saroyan; ISBN 0912846071

Friends in the World : The Education of a Writer : A Memoir; Aram Saroyan; Paperback; ISBN 0918273978

Kavkaz by Yervand Markarian

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