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Armenian Proverbs And Folktales Books

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This page hosts a list of books on Armenian Proverbs & Folktales. If a book is missing, you can add it using the add a book form.

  Book Publication Year Book ISBN Book Category Book Short Description
100 Armenian Tales and their Folkloric Relevance Proverbs & Folktales
Apples of Immortality: Folktales of Armenia 1968 Proverbs & Folktales
Armenian Legends and Poems 1916 Proverbs & Folktales
Peregrinaggio di tre giovani figliuoli del re di Serendippo 1556 Proverbs & Folktales
Traditions of the Tigris 1946 Proverbs & Folktales
Հայ Ժողովրդական Բանահյուսություն 1951 Proverbs & Folktales
Հայկական ժողովրդական հեքիաթներ Proverbs & Folktales

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National Epics, Fables and/or Folk Tales

Apples of Immortality : Folktales of Armenia; Leon Z. Surmelian; ISBN 0313234175 and ISBN 0043980015

Armenian Folklore Bibliography (University of California Publications. Catalogs and Bibliographies, Vol 11); Anne M. Avakian; Hardcover; ISBN 0520097947

Armenian Folk-Tales and Fables (Oxford Myths and Legends); Charles Downing, William Papas (Illustrator); Paperback; ISBN 0192741551

The Contest: An Armenian Folktale adapted and illustrated by Nonny Hogrogian

Daredevils of Sassoun retold by Leon Surmelian

David of Sassoun retold by Hovhannes Toumanian, translated by Thomas Samuelian, illustrated by Aida Boyajian

David of Sassoun retold by Artin K. Shalian

A Donkey Reads retold by Muriel Mandel, illustrated by Andre Letria

A Drop of Honey retold by Djemma Bider, illustrated by Armen Kojoian

The Fables of Mkhitar Gosh; Mkhit°ar Gåosh; ISBN 0935102213

Famous Stories from Foreign Countries : Austrian, Armenian, Bohemian, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian; Edna W. Underwood; Paperback; ISBN 0828314330

The Flower of Paradise and Other Armenian Tales, translated and retold by Bonnie C. Marshall; edited and with a Foreword by Virginian Tashjian

Gadoo the Cat: An Armenian Folk Tale by Susan Kadian Gopigian, illustrated by Susan Collier Bolt

The Golden Bracelet retold by David Kherdian, illustrated by Nonny Hogrogian

The Greedy Sparrow retold by Lucine Kasbarian, illustrated by Maria Zaikina

Le Legende Armenienne de David de Sassoun retold by Jean V. Guréghian

La Reine Anahide: Conte d'Arménie adapted by Hughes Beaujard, illustrated by Séta Papazian

Once the Hodja retold by Alice Greer Kelsey, illustrated by Frank Dobias

Once There Was and Was Not by Virginia Tashjian, illustrated by Nonny Hogrogian

Once There Was and Was Not retold by Page McBier, illustrated by Stefano Vitale

One Fine Day retold and illustrated by Nonny Hogrogian

One Hundred Armenian Tales; Susie Hoogasian-Villa; Paperback; ISBN 0814317367

Rooster Brother retold and illustrated by Nonny Hogrogian

Tales of the Hodja retold by Charles Downing, illustrated by William Papas

The Silver Web retold by Alidz Agbabian, illustrated by Vachag

Three Apples Fell from Heaven: a Collection of Armenian Folk and Fairy Tales; Mischa Kudian; ISBN 0246639601

Three Apples Fell from Heaven; Armenian Tales Retold; Virginia A. Tashjian; Hardcover; ISBN 0316832316

Three Apples from Heaven : Armenian Folk Tales; O. Sheohmelian; Paperback; ISBN 0933706235

Tork Angegh retold by Ghazaros Aghayan, illustrated by Taleen Hacikyan

The Warmest country : Stories by Armenian Writers; ISBN 5050034167

A Weave of Words retold by Robert San Souci, illustrated by Raùl Colón


Armenian Proverbial Wisdom by Gary Lind-Sinanian

Armenian Proverbs: A Paremiological Study With an Anthology of 2,500 Armenian Folk Sayings (Anatolian and Caucasian Studies); Dora Sakayan; Hardcover; ISBN 0882060848

Armenian Wisdom : A Treasury of Quotations & Proverbs; Ara Baliozian (Compiler); Paperback; ISBN 0931539080 and ISBN 0931539153

Notable Armenian Sayings and Family Relations translated and edited by George Mouradian and Aris Sevag

Pigs Never See the Stars : Proverbs from the Armenian; David Kherdian; Textbook Binding; ISBN 0897560094

Seven Bites from a Raisin : Proverbs from the Armenian; P. M. Mauelian (Translator), Suzanne Anoushian (Illustrator); Hardcover; ISBN 0933706200

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