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Armenian Literature & Fiction Books

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This page hosts a list of books on Armenian Literature & Fiction. If a book is missing, you can add it using the add a book form.

  Book Publication Year Book ISBN Book Category Book Short Description
Best Stories of William Saroyan Literature & Fiction
Black Dog of Fate 978-0465010196 Genocide
Literature & Fiction
Bluebeard 1987 0385295901 Genocide
Literature & Fiction
Daredevils of Sassoun 1964 Literature & Fiction
Dear Baby Literature & Fiction
Essential Saroyan: A Selection of William Saroyan's Best Writings 2005 1597140015 Literature & Fiction
Forgotten Bread 2007 9781597140683 Literature & Fiction
Fresno Stories 1994 Literature & Fiction
Harry Potter Children's Books
Literature & Fiction
In the Shadow of the Sultan 2014 0993133908 Literature & Fiction
Letters from 74 rue Taitbout or Don't Go But If You Must Say Hello to Everybody 1969 Literature & Fiction
Biographies & Memoirs
Non-Armenian topic by Armenian Author
Lord of the Rings Literature & Fiction
My Name Is Aram 1940 0440362059
Literature & Fiction
Razzle-Dazzle 1942 Literature & Fiction
Rise the Euphrates 978-0679426011
Literature & Fiction
The Assyrian and Other Stories 1949 Literature & Fiction
The Battle of the Prophets 1981 Genocide
Literature & Fiction
The Daring Young Man On The Flying Trapeze Literature & Fiction
The Diet Starts On Monday 2015 Literature & Fiction
Non-Armenian topic by Armenian Author
The Fool 1950 Literature & Fiction
The Forty Days of Musa Dagh 1934 Genocide
Literature & Fiction
The Human Comedy 1943 0606008306
Literature & Fiction
The Man With The Heart in the Highlands Literature & Fiction
The Parsley Garden 1990 0886823552 Literature & Fiction
The Sandcastle Girls 2012 978-0307743916
Literature & Fiction
The William Saroyan Reader 1958 Literature & Fiction
Three Worlds: Hairenik: 1934-1939 1939 Literature & Fiction
Voyages 1971 Literature & Fiction
William Saroyan: Talking and Trying to Read From Some of His Novels 1986 9996597709 Literature & Fiction
Wine for the Living 1956 Literature & Fiction
Գրոց ու բրոց և Սասունցի Դավիթ կամ Մհէրի դուռ (Պօլիս 1874) 1874 Literature & Fiction
Մարդկային կատակերգություն 1959 Literature & Fiction
Պահապանները Literature & Fiction

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"Baghdasar, Loki, Shvejk, Nils..." Vahe Avetian 300 pages Look

"Blatte", (Swedish) Vahe Avetian 300 pages Look

"Svartskalle" (English) Vahe Avetian 300 pages Look

"Desits, denits" Vahe Avetian 300 pages Look

Five Novellas, Five Plays, The Baptizer's Cycle, The Underside of Yerevan, The First Act, by Robert Hal Tertessian 2006,

Independence Army, Vahe Avetian. 2005, ISBN 99941-38-69-3

EstablishMENT, Vahe Avetian. 2005, ISBN 99930-4-490-3

Eternal Dream Machine, by Arthur Khachatryan. 2005, ISBN 0595357539

The Daydreaming Boy, by Micheline Aharonian Marcom. 2004, ISBN 157322264X

A History of Armenian Literature: From Ancient Times to the Nineteenth Century; S. P. Hayrapetean, Srbouhi Hairapetian; Hardcover; ISBN 0882060597

The Armenian image in history and literature; ISBN 089003088X

Armenian Image in History and Literature; Richard Hovannisian; Textbook Binding; ISBN 0890030898

History of Armenian Literature : Fifth to Thirteenth Centuries; James Etmekjian; Paperback; ISBN 0934728194

Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Armenian Linguistics : McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, May 1-5, 1995 (Anatolian And); Dora Sakayan (Editor); ISBN 0882060856

Anthology of Western Armenian Literature;Hardcover; ISBN 9992681527

Ancient Armenian Translations; Levon Ter-Petrossian; Paperback; ISBN 0934728240

Studies in Armenian Literature and Christianity (Collected Studies, 451); R.W. Thomson; Hardcover; ISBN 0860784118

Armenian-North American Literature : A Critical Introduction : Genocide, Diaspora, and Symbols (Studies in Comparative Literature, Vol 11); Lorne Shirinian; Hardcover; ISBN 0889463921

The fables of Mkhitar Gosh; Mkhit°ar Gåosh; ISBN 0935102213

Selected Poems (Penguin Poets); Ted Berrigan, et al; Paperback; ISBN 0140586997

Anthology of Armenian Poetry; Diana Der Hovanessian and <A HREF="">Marzbed Margossian; Hardcover; ISBN 0231045646

Anthology of Armenian Poetry; Diana Der Hovanessian and Marzbed Margossian; Paperback; ISBN 0231045654

Armenian Papers : Poems, 1954-1984 (Princeton Series of Contemporary Poets); Harry Mathews; Paperback; ISBN 069101440X

Armenian Papers : Poems, 1954-1984 (Princeton Series of Contemporary Poets); Harry Mathews; Hardcover; ISBN 0691067112

Selected Writings of Vahram Mavian (1926-1983 : A Unique Voice in Armenian Diaspora Literature); Vahram Mavian, Agop J. Hacikyan (Editor); Hardcover; ISBN 0773491988

Earthquakes : Poems (Mellen Poetry Series, Vol. 16); Lorne Shirinian; Paperback; ISBN 0773497854

Texts and Concordances of the Armenian Adam Literature : Genesis 1-4 Penitence of Adam Book of Adam (Early Judaism and Its Literature, No 12) Vol 1; Michael E. Stone; Hardcover; ISBN 0788502786

Armenian Poetry Old and New: a Bilingual Anthology; Aram Tolegian; Textbook Binding; ISBN 0814316085

Armenian poetry, old and new : a bilingual anthology; ISBN 0814316093

Armenian American Poets; Garig Basmadejian; Paperback; ISBN 0814316174

Notebooks of a Lyric Poet : Avetik S. Isahakian, 1875-1957; Leon D. Megrian (Translator); Hardcover; ISBN 0819180513

Armenian poems, rendered into English verse; Alice Stone Blackwell; ISBN 0882060228

Anthology of Western Armenian Literature; James Etmekjian (Editor); Hardcover; ISBN 0882060260

Buzandaran Patmutiwn : The Epic Histories (Classical Armenian Textx); Patmutiwn Hayots; Hardcover; ISBN 0882060333

Chronicle (Classical Armenian Texts Series);Hardcover; ISBN 0882060759

Soviet Armenian poetry; Mischa Kudian; ISBN 0903039028

Catalogue of early Armenian books, 1512-1850; ISBN 0904654354

1915, an Armenian symphony, and other poems; Hovhanness I. Pilikian; ISBN 0906192048

1915, an Armenian symphony, and other poems; Hovhanness I. Pilikian; ISBN 0906192056

Review of National Literatures : Armenia Vol 13; Anne Paolucci, Vahe Oshagan (Editor); Paperback; ISBN 0918680220

As others see us : the Armenian image in literature; Leo Hamalian; ISBN 0933706162

As others see us : the Armenian image in literature; Leo Hamalian; ISBN 0933706170

Be Nice, I'm Dead (Kna Meri, Ari Sirem : An Armenian Comedy in Three Acts); Aramashot Babayan; Paperback; ISBN 0934728224

Come Sit Beside Me and Listen to Kouchag : Medieval Poems of Nahabed Kouchag; Nahapet K'Uch'Ak, Diana Der Hovanessian (Translator); Paperback; ISBN 0935102140

Armenia: Reflections in Verse; Jack, Antreassian; Paperback; ISBN 0935102191

Coming to Terms : Selected Poems; Vahan Derian, Diana Der Hovanessian (Translator); Paperback; ISBN 0935102302

Rest : Poetry; Aram Saroyan; Paperback; ISBN 0960677224

The Armenian Apocryphal Adam Literature (University of Pennsylvania Armenian Texts and Studies, No 8); William Lowndes Lipscomb; Hardcover; ISBN 1555404553

Armenian texts, tasks and tools; ISBN 8772881119

Armenian Proverbs : A Paremiological Study With an Anthology of 2,500 Armenian Folk Sayings (Anatolian and Caucasian Studies); Dora Sakayan; Hardcover; ISBN 0882060848

The Warmest country: stories by Armenian writers; ISBN 5050034167

Varand The Armenian Poet - A Complete Illustration of All His 25 Poetry Books At

Varand Վարանդ: Հայ Բանաստեղծ - The Whole Book of Tango 21: The Love Leafs / Տանգօ 21, Սիրային էջեր (2005) Posted At

Varand The Armenian Poet - Varand's Poetry Translated Into English/French By Tatul Sonentz-Papazian At

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