The Human Comedy

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The Human Comedy
William Saroyan - The Human Comedy (novel).jpg
Author William Saroyan
Publication Year 1943
ISBN ISBN 0606008306, 0151423016
Publisher Harcourt
Publishing City United States
Short Description Teenage boy in California during WWII. Saroyan's most famous novel.
Format Hardbound, Softbound
Language English
Category Literature & Fiction

Homer Macauley is a 14-year-old boy growing up fatherless in the San Joaquin Valley of California during World War II. His oldest brother, Marcus, is off fighting the war, and Homer feels he needs to be the man of the family. To make money, he takes an evening job as a telegraph boy: sometimes he has to deliver the news to a family that a son has died in the War. Yet Homer also keeps up his normal life, going to school, to church, and to the movies. He is buoyed by his home and his loving family, including a very young brother and a mother who plays the harp. His roots and an almost instinctive sense of right and wrong keep him honest and hopeful. The novel was written to give hope during World War II. - source of this creative commons article