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A Brief History of Armenia +Sarkis Papajian  +
A Brief Study of the Armenian Language +Mary Catherine Bateson  +
A Brief Survey of the History of Ancient Armenia +Hacob Manandian  +
A Crime of Vengeance +Edward Alexander  +
A Historical Survey of the Armenian Case (book) +Kersam Aharonian  +
A History of Armenian Immigration to America With Special Reference to Conditions in Los Angeles (thesis) +Aram Serkis Yeretzian  +
A Mandate for Armenia +James Gidney  +
A Photographic Journey of my Homeland, Armenia +Vahé Peroomian  +
A Searchlight on the Armenian Question +J. Missakian  +
Absurdistan +Eric Campbell  +
Adventure Armenia: Hiking and Rock Climbing +Carine Bachmann  +, Jeffrey Tufenkian  +
Adventures of an Armenian Boy +James Sutherland  +
An American Physician in Turkey +Clarence Usher  +, Grace Knapp  +
An Armenian Sketchbook +Vasily Grossman  +
An Inconvenient Genocide: Who now remember the Armenians +Geoffrey Robertson  +
And Those Who Continued Living in Turkey after 1915 +Rubina Peroomian  +
Apples of Immortality: Folktales of Armenia +Leon Surmelian  +
Aram Khachaturyan (book by Victor Yuzefovich) +Victor Yuzefovich  +
Aram Saroyan (self-titled book) +Aram Saroyan  +
Armenag's Story +Arthur Gregorian  +, Phebe Gregorian  +
Armenia (Curzon) +Robert Curzon  +
Armenia (Tupper) +H. Allen Tupper Jr.  +
Armenia and the Near East +Fridtjof Nansen  +
Armenia: Portraits of Survival and Hope +Donald Miller  +, Lorna Touryan Miller  +
Armenian Art Treasure of Jerusalem +Bezalel Narkiss  +