Stone Garden Guide to Armenia and Karabagh

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Stone Garden Guide to Armenia and Karabagh
Book-cover-stone garden-Armenia-and-Karabakh.jpg
Author Matthew Karanian, Robert Kurkjian
ISBN ISBN 096721209X
Publisher Stone Garden Productions
Format Softbound
Language English
Category Travel & Tourism

Stone Garden Guide to Armenia and Karabagh, by Matthew Karanian and Robert Kurkjian
2004, Stone Garden Productions. ISBN 0967212081

Travel Guide to Armenia and Karabagh, new release with the most current information, an emphasis on ecology, and 135 color photographs-- nearly twice as many as in the First Edition. 304 pages, paperback. CNN Traveller calls the book "excellent." The Washington Times calls it "a top guide" to Armenia.

Hye Sharzhoom (Fresno, California)
(The monthly newspaper of the Armenian Studies Program at CSUF) December 2004

BOOK REVIEW: Stone Garden Guide to Armenia is Reliable, Comprehensive

By Alex Bunch
Staff Writer

For the everyday person, there has never been a comprehensive travel guide to Armenia and Karabagh. Well, now there is.

In Matthew Karanian's and Robert Kurkjian's book, `The Stone Garden Guide: Armenia and Karabagh,' anyone traveling to Armenia or Karabagh can find exactly what they need. `Armenia and Karabagh' is very comprehensive and you can find just about any piece of information that you are looking for. If you are planning a trip to Armenia or Karabagh, this is an essential book to read.

When you look at the table of contents, you can clearly see this book is indeed as comprehensive as the authors claim. `Armenia and Karabagh' includes sections such as geography, population, language, sites to see, transportation, exchanging money, customs regulations, foreign embassies in Yerevan, and even a very comprehensive section on ecology.

`Of special interest in Chapter Three, Ecology,' says Robert Kurkjian. `We felt this was important because we did not just want to promote irresponsible travel to the region,' he said.

This is exactly why their book is extremely helpful. It goes beyond the basic information.

The book is also divided up by region, so one would know what to see with respect to the area they are traveling to. These individual sections are full of information, especially with respect to places of interest such as museums, churches, landmarks and theaters.

What is also great about this travel guide is its structure. All the information is neatly organized and the index is very helpful to find information, as well. The entire book, even the maps, is in color. It is a unique travel guide for the quality of the book, the design, and the number of color photos.

Having this book as a guide, you cannot go wrong and you are sure to have a great trip to Armenia and Karabagh.

Most of the information was obviously obtained first-hand by the authors themselves, who have been traveling to and from Armenia for several years no, so the information is very reliable. In fact, this alone makes the book a better guide when compared to the other travel guides to Armenia.

The back cover of the book accurately states that this is an `Insider's Guide' because both Karanian and Kurkjian have been living, working, and traveling in Armenia since 1995.

If you are planning a trip to Armenia or Karabagh, then this book is a necessity. When you look at the amount of information available in the guide, you are sure to have a pleasant trip to Armenia and Karabagh.

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