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Armenian Art Books

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This page hosts a list of books on Armenian Arts & Photography. If a book is missing, you can add it using the add a book form.

  Book Publication Year Book ISBN Book Category Book Short Description
A Photographic Journey of my Homeland, Armenia 2014 978-1628903096 Arts & Photography
Armenian Art Treasure of Jerusalem 1979 B000ONZ00I Arts & Photography
Armenian Ceramic Art 1982 Arts & Photography
Portals in Armenian Monumental Architecture Arts & Photography
The Romance of the Oriental Rug 1925 Arts & Photography
Հայ կերպարվեստագետներ (Համառոտ բառարան) 1977 Arts & Photography
Biographies & Memoirs
Մարաշի ասեղնագործության գաղտնիքները 2010 978-9994118496 Society & Culture
Arts & Photography
Education & Reference

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Armenian Paintings: From the Beginning to the Present; Mayda Saris

New Julfa: the Armenian churches and other buildings; John Carswell; ISBN 0198171609

Kèutahya tiles and pottery from the Armenian Cathedral of St. James, Jerusalem; John Carswell; ISBN 0198171765

Armenian Art; Sirarpie Nersessian; Hardcover; ISBN 0500232881

Treasures in Heaven : Armenian Illuminated Manuscripts; Thomas F. Mathews, Roger S. Wieck (Editor); Paperback; ISBN 0691037515

Treasures in Heaven : Armenian Illuminated Manuscripts; Thomas F. Mathews, Roger S. Wieck (Editor); Hardcover; ISBN 0691037523

Armenian Art; Jean Michel Thierry; Hardcover; ISBN 0810906252

Armenian Miniature : Vaspourakan; H. Hakopian (Editor); Hardcover; ISBN 0828522367

Art Gallery of Armenia; M. Mikaelian; Hardcover; ISBN 0828529361

Art and Architecture in Byzantium and Armenia : Liturgical and Exegetical Approaches (Collected Studies Series, 510); Thomas F. Mathews; Hardcover; ISBN 0860785378

The Early Byzantine Churches of Cilicia and Isauria (Birmingham Byzantine & Ottoman Monographs, Vol 1); Stephen Hill; Hardcover; ISBN 0860786072

Treasures in Heaven;Hardcover; ISBN 0875981003

Treasures in Heaven;Paperback; ISBN 0875981038

Yovhannes t Lkurantc I and the Mediaeval Armenian Lyric Tradition (University of Pennsylvania Armenian Texts and Studies, No 7); James R. Russell; Hardcover; ISBN 0891309292

Yovhannåes T°lkurantc°i and the Mediaeval Armenian lyric tradition; James R. Russell; ISBN 0891309306

Armenian Art Treasures of Jerusalem; Narkiss; Hardcover; ISBN 0892410957

Essays on Armenian Music; Vrej Neressian (Editor); Hardcover; ISBN 0900707496

Armenian cinema : a source book; Hovhanness I. Pilikian; ISBN 0906192072

Medieval Armenian art and architecture : the Church of the Holy Cross, Aght®amar; J. G. Davies; ISBN 0907132588

Armenian Manuscripts in the Walters Art Gallery; Sirarpie Der Nersessian; Hardcover; ISBN 0911886028

Weavers, Merchants, and Kings : The Inscribed Rugs of Armenia; L. Der Manuelian, M. Eiland; Paperback; ISBN 0912804173

Weavers, Merchants, and Kings : The Inscribed Rugs of Armenia; Lucy Der Manuelian; Hardcover; ISBN 0912804181

Armenian Needlelace and Embroidery : A Preservation of Some of History's Oldest and Finest Needlework; Alice Odian Kasparian; Hardcover; ISBN 0914440659

Conversations With Contemporary Armenian Artists; Jackie Abramian; Paperback; ISBN 0915597780

Traditional Designs of Armenia and the Near East to Color; Ramona Jablonski; Paperback; ISBN 0916144410

Armenian Lace; Nouvart Tashjian; Paperback; ISBN 091689620X

Record Guide, Armenian Musicians and Composers; John M. Sarian; Paperback; ISBN 0933706057

Art in the Armenian Church : Origins and Teaching; Garabed Kochakian; Paperback; ISBN 0934728275

Arshile Gorky : three decades of drawings; Melvin P. Lader; ISBN 0935037381

Armenian Rugs : Fabric of a Culture; Pamela B. Nelson (Editor); Paperback; ISBN 0937437042

Armenian portraits of faith : stained glass windows, St. Mesrob Church; Garabed Kochakian; ISBN 0940316013

Iconographie armâenienne : catalogue de 720 piáeces originales du XVe au XXe siáecle = Armenian iconography: catalogue of reprod Sarkis Boghossian; ISBN 2950052800

Kazendji:Armenia Songs & /Nr; Sarkis Paloyan; Audio CD; ISBN 6301741463

Arshile Gorky : works on paper; Arshile Gorky; ISBN 8885203744

Armenian Manuscripts in the Walters Art Gallery (3585); Sirarpie Der Nersessian; Hardcover; ISBN 9990388172

Armenian Art Treasures of Jerusalem (80724); Hardcover; ISBN 9995034832

Armenian Manuscripts in the Walters Art Gallery; Sirapie Der Nersessian; Hardcover; ISBN 9997213416

A stylistic analysis of Arshile Gorky's art from 1943-1948; Robert F. Reiff; ISBN 0824027191

Arshile Gorky; Hardcover; ISBN 0839002092

Acquisition priorities : aspects of postwar painting in America, including Arshile Gorky, works 1944-1948 : [exhibition] the Guggenheim Museum, New York; ISBN 0892070056

Arshile Gorky (Modern Masters Series); Melvin Lader; Hardcover; ISBN 0896595250

Arshile Gorky : The Breakthrough Years; Dore Ashton, et al; Paperback; ISBN 0914782924

Murals without walls : Arshile Gorky's aviation murals rediscovered; Arshile Gorky; ISBN 0932828019

Arshile Gorky; Harold Rosenberg; Paperback; ISBN 0935296204

Armenian Gospel Iconography : The Tradition of the Glajor Gospel; Thomas F. Matthews, Avedis K. Sanjian; Hardcover; ISBN 0884021831

Miniature Painting in the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia from the Twelfth to the Fourteenth Century (Dumbarton Oaks Studies, No 31); Sirapie Der Nersessian, Sylvia Agemian; ISBN 0884022021

The Christian oriental carpet : a presentation of its development, iconologically and iconographically, from its beginnings to the 18th century; Volkmar Gantzhorn; ISBN 3822805459

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