Mesrop Mashtots

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Mesrop Mashtots statue in Oshakan Village

Saint Mesrop Mashtots (Armenian: "Մեսրոպ Մաշտոց", W. Armenian pronounced Mesrob Mashdots) (360 - February 17, 440) was an Armenian monk, theologian and linguist. He was born in Hassik, Taron, Persian Empire (today's Armenia).

Saint Mesrob is best known for having invented the Armenian Alphabet, which was a fundamental step in strengthening the Armenian Church, the government of the Armenian Kingdom, and ultimately the bond between Armenians in the Armenian Kingdom, the Byzantine Empire, and the Persian Empire. He is also traditionally believed to have invented the Georgian alphabet but this belief does not stand up to scientific scrutiny. In Georgia the credit is usually given to King Farnavaz. According to the Matenadaran, a monument and museum in Yerevan dedicated to Mesrob Mashdots, he also invented the Caucasian Albanian alphabet and even the Ethiopian one as well.

He is buried in Oshakan Church, a village of the same name 8 km southwest from Ashtarak Town.