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Teghenyats Monastery

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XII AD - Kotayk Marz

Teghenyats Monastery

Bear leftish toward Aparan and continue 5.5 km to an unsignposted asphalt road to the right, which leads across the valley to the village of Buzhakan (985 v, once Babakishi) and the splendid ruined Teghenyats* monastery in a forested fold of the Tsaghkunyats mountain range. Set between two streams, with a distant view of Mt. Ararat, the site has sheep and horse-shaped tombstones, an impressive half-intact gavit (narthex) beside the ruined sanctuary (12th century), parts of a monumental dining room (13th c.), and lots of atmosphere. From the entrance to Buzhakan, take the left fork through the center of the village. At the far end of the village (1.8 km), where the asphalt turns left, keep straight along a dirt road. Continue 1 km to a large, half-built pensionat, then go straight another 0.6 km to a fork, at which turn left. Bump along the rutted track, cross the stream, up to the top of the rise. Bear right and the monastery buildings will be visible on the left. The road, dubiously passable, allegedly goes on to Tsaghkadzor.

There are walking/mountain bike trails and picnic ambience. The final bit of road is not recommended for street cars (except someone else’s). On the east side of the village of Buzhakan is a 6th-7th century ruined church.

[Text Source: Rediscovering Armenia Guidebook.]

Teghenyats Monastery - view through ruins
Teghenyats Monastery - carvings
Teghenyats Monastery - horse tombstone


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