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To add a comment, simply click on the above and type away... but if you are suggesting someone, see if they are already on the list of Armenian Individuals, and if not feel free to add them or information about them. Then, come here and make a case for them being in the hall of fame!

3 names that should occur in the "Hall of Fame":

Hasmik Papian - world famous opera singer

Arthur Abraham - boxer, currently IBF middle weight-world champian

Levon Mkrtchyan- Film director USA (Charles Aznavour Armenia 1989, Mesrop Mashtoc, Ogannes Shiraz, Komitas...)

The original guitar player from Faster Pussycat (Greg Steele) is Armenian/french. They were a very famous Punk metal Glam band in the 80s/90s.

You should also mention Yvette Nelson, she is a world famous Supermodel And also Mihran Kirakosian, he is a world famous back up dancer for Madonna and Britney Spears

you should mention also Avo Uvezian a very famous cigar producer in domincan republics

Ardashes "Arthur" A. Aykanian (b. 1923) has over thirty patents. He invented the first flexible plastic straw and the spoonstraw, commonly used in 7-11 Slurpees and featured in the Architecture and Design department of MoMA. He helped develop the blue strip found on automobile windshields and holds patents for the manufacture of foam core, which he worked on while at the Monsanto Chemical Co. Aykanian also completed the early work on developing a cryosurgical spray for the treatment of skin cancer.

Mher Mkrtchian era un actor muy pero muy reconocido en todo el mundo entodas las dinastias armenias y fue un hombre mas que querido por el pueblo armenio ....y no puede faltar en su enciclopedia. yo soy la nieta Iren Terterian mi

Not mentioned on lists: Pop singer-Kay Armen, Opera Singer - Cathy Berberian, Author(The Smyrna Affair)- Marjorie Housepian, Author- Peter Balakian, Sculptor- Raoul Hague, Sculptor- Ruben Nakian, Author- Carol Edgarian . I'm sure there are others. And Sculptor- Koren Der Harootian

You can also include Karo Parisyan. Karo is the first and only Armenian that fights in the ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP. He holds a title in two organizations. Karo is a Judo professional, 7 times USA champion. Karo is ranked in the top 3 in the world in Judo. He is in process of inventing a new sport(new type of Judo). More information will be available upon request.

You should also include Gale Paridjanian, musician and vocalist, of the duo called Turin Brakes. He was born in Iran to Armenian parents who then moved to London when he was about the age of three. He formed the band with his childhood friend and as Turin Brakes they are enjoying worldwide success having so far released three albums.

You mention that Garry Kasparov 'serves in Russian Parliament'. This is obviously a mistake. His activity as the leader of the United Citizen Front (Russian opposition movement) is described at his site

More to add

Nick Ghanbarian (bassist for the band Bayside)

Shaant Hacikyan (lead vocals for the band Cute is What We Aim For)

Kahren Harutyunyan, NABO (North American Boxing Organization)Champion.

Isabel Bayrakdarian (world famous soprano) and her husband Serouj Kradjian (pianist, composer);

Dodie Kazanjian (writer, American Vogue contributor);

Andrea Martin (actress, SCTV, My Big Fat Greek Wedding);

Arthur Nersesian (author, The Fuck Up)

George Deukmejian, Republican Governor of California, 1983-1991;

Hampar Kelikian, orthopedic surgeon who put Senator Bob Dole back together after the war;

JC Agajanian, Ascot race track owner, overall automotive racing legend;

Ed Iskenderian, camshaft designer/manufacturer/legend.

Boris Babayan (Russian computer architect, leader of Elbrus computer series development);

Armen Dzhigarhanian (actor and theatre director, runs a theatre of his name in Moscow);

Tigran Petrosian (chess grandmaster, World Champion 1963-1969)

Albert Aznavourian, world and olympic (gymnastic) champion

Robert Shaginian, world and olympic (gymnastic) champion

Vahram Papazian, famous Armenian Actor

Armen Jigarhanian, famous Armenian/Russian Actor

Vladimir Engibarian, boxer, europe champion

Movses Pogossian, violinist, 1986 Tchaikovsky Competition winner (like Van Cliburn in 1959) and youngest-ever First Prize winner of the 1985 USSR National Violin Competition

George Avakian / Coach

George Avakian: Coached at Foothill Community Colege and Full professor. During his Tenure as the Head Coach captured 12 of 13 the League, Regional , California State


Andy Serkis - Famous Actor (his portrait was used to design Gollum's face in The Lord Of The Rings - He also played as an actor in the mentioned film, in the 3rd part - The Return of the King, as Smeagol)

Robert Manookian - Played the role of Zeberdee in "Football Factory"

Kevork Malikyan - Armenian actor who played the role of Kazim in the trilogy of Indiana Jones

Matild Manukyan - Turkish armenian who was a succesful businesswoman there, owned more than 200 buildings in Turkey and etc etc

Ara Güler - Famous photographer, of armenian descent, in Turkey. He's best known by "The Eye of Istambul"; he made photos of Picasso, Dali, and much more...

Yusuf Karsh - Famous photographer of armenian descent, in EEUU. He made the famous photos of Winston Churchill (yes, that one with the havanna cigar), Fidel Castro, Audrey Hepburn, etc etc...

Rober Hatemo - famous singer in Turkey of armenian origin

Cem Karaca - Famous rock musician in Turkey or armenian originc

Sergey Khachatryan - A VERY FAMOUS violinist in Europe and EEUU; he won the Sibelius competition as well as the Queen Elizabeth competition, as well as Carl Flesch competition. Played under the direction of Krivine, Masur, and Mehta, he is a friend of Anne-Sophie Mutter and he has one Stradivarius and one Guarnerius.

Youri Djorkaeff - famous footballer who played in the French selection team when it won the World championship of Football in 1998.

Gary Kasparov - very famous chess player who was the winner of the World Championship of chess. Now he is also a famous and controverted politician in Rusia.

--Vitilsky 10:10, 13 June 2008 (PDT)

Paz Lenchantin

Bassist of A Perfect Circle and Zwan, currently playing in Entrance and doing numerous other projects

Half Armenian, her dad's last name is Merdirossian

-- Posted by El Mexicano