Skhtorashen Tree

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Marduni Region, Karabakh

Skhtorashen Tree trunk
Skhtorashen Tree - massive interior space
Skhtorashen Tree sign and trunk

The huge planar tree of S'khtorashen, above Karmir Shuka is also known as Sose's Tree (Soseyi Tsar) and has another name as well. This is not a destination all by itself, but it is such a wonderful picnic spot, and an amazing tree that any trip to Amaras or G'tichavank should be arranged to stop by this tree.

To find the tree, head to Karmir Shuka village and look for the blue and yellow footprint signs of the Janapar Trail. Follow them up the dirt road a few hundred meters up the hill to the tree.

Sign states:

Platan chinar - 2,000years

Hollow of tree is 44 square meters
Capacity of tree is 27 meters
Height of tree is 54 meteres
Area covered by drancert of tree is 1,400 square meters
Saved (protected) by state


<googlemap lat="39.69693" lon="46.948957" zoom="15"> 39.69693,46.948957, Skhtorashen Tree </googlemap>