Satanayi Kamurj

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Syunik Marz

Satanayi Kamurj

Satanayi Kamurj, or Satan's Bridge is located just under the mountain upon which the incredible Tatev Monastery is built. It is worthwhile to plan a stop and take a look around, if not spend the night camping here. This is a beautiful spot with a natural land bridge crosses the river. Stop and fill up your water bottles on the right side of the road a little past the stairs heading down to the warm springs. The water in your bottle (or hands) will slowly form bubbles because this is a naturally carbonated spring! Then head back down to the nearby stairs and slowly make your way down the path looking down the holes to the river. The path has a short branch to the right with two spots to change, although they have become restrooms lately. If you look down at the river from this area you can see some beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. After you pass this "dressing area" you reach two pools. One is a man-made large hot tub where the water is warm, and is constantly refreshed from above. You can sit in here for a while, then head down to the big natural pool, which is cooler. From there the water makes its way down a steep cliff to the river, where you may see men fishing. I have not hiked down to the bottom, but it would be fun to try to swim under the land bridge and come out on the other side, where there is a little ways down an abandoned XI-XIII century church.