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*Latimer, Frederick Univ. of Utah (ret.) Ottoman history
*Latimer, Frederick Univ. of Utah (ret.) Ottoman history
*Levy, Avigdor Brandies Univ. ARIT(1), [ITS(7)]
*Levy, Avigdor Brandies Univ. ARIT(1), [ITS(7)]
*Lewis, Bernard Princeton Univ. [ITS(3)]
*[[ Bernard Lewis | Lewis, Bernard ]] Princeton Univ. [ITS(3)]
*Lowry, Heath Inst. of Turkish Studies ARIT(2)
*[[ Heath Lowry | Lowry, Heath ]] Inst. of Turkish Studies ARIT(2)
*McCarthy, Justin Univ of Louisville ITS(1), ARIT(1)
*[[ Justin McCarthy | McCarthy, Justin]] Univ of Louisville ITS(1), ARIT(1)
*Mandaville, Jon Portland State Univ. ARIT(1), [ITS(2)]
*Mandaville, Jon Portland State Univ. ARIT(1), [ITS(2)]
*Meeker, Michael UCAL San Diego Turkish studies
*Meeker, Michael UCAL San Diego Turkish studies

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ITS, stands for the Turkish Studies Institute, in Washington D.C., honorary chairman, the Turkish Ambassador to the U.S.. The Institute's purpose is to counter Armenian activity at the "academic level" and to act as a pro-Turkey lobbying group.

ARIT, stands for the American Research Institute in Turkey.

The number in ( ) stands for the number of monetary grants by either ITS, or ARIT to the "scholar", and the items between [ ] indicate the total number of grants to the rest of the College or University the "scholars" are affiliated with.

Note the names on this list are the Scholars Who Signed No-Genocide Ad

  • Abu El Haj, Rifaat Cal. St. Univ, Long Beach ITS(1)
  • Atis, Sara Univ. of Wisc @ Madison ITS(1), [ITS(8)]
  • Barbir, Karl K. Siena Coll. (NY) Arab-Ottoman Studies
  • Basgoz,Ilhan Indiana Univ. ITS(3), ARIT(2), [ITS(8)]
  • Bates, Daniel Hunter Coll., Univ of NY [ITS(1)]
  • Bates, Ulku Hunter Coll., Univ of NY ARIT(1), [ITS(1)]
  • Bayerle, Gustav Indiana Univ. ARIT(1), [ITS(8)]
  • Bodrogligetti, Andras UCLA ITS(1), [ITS(4)]
  • Burrill, Kathleen Columbia University ITS(8), ARIT(1), [ITS(9)]
  • Childs, Timothy SAIS, John Hopkins Univ. 19th-20th century Ottoman history
  • Daulet, Shafiga Univ. of Conn. [ITS(4)]
  • Davison, Roderic Geo. Wash. Univ. ARIT(1)
  • Denny, Walter Univ. of Mass. ARIT(1)
  • Duben, Alan Anthropoliogist
  • Ervin, Ellen N.Y. Univ. ITS(1), [ITS(6)]
  • Farah, Caesar Univ. of Minn. ITS(1)
  • Findley, Carter Ohio State. Univ. ITS(2), ARIT(1), [ITS(3)]
  • Finefrock, Michael Coll. of Charleston 20th century Turkish history
  • Fisher, Alan Mich. State Univ. ARIT(1), [ITS(1)]
  • Fleischer, Cornell Wash. Univ, Misssouri 16th-17th century Ottoman history
  • Golden, Peter Rutgers Univ.
  • Goodrich, Tom Indiana Univ of Penn. 16th century Ottoman history
  • Gould, Andres Historian
  • Griswald, Willaim Colo. State Univ. ARIT(1)
  • Halasi-Kun, Tibor Columbia Univ. ITS(3), [ITS(10)]
  • Hickman, William UCAL, Berkeley ARIT(1), [ITS(3)]
  • Hurewitz, J.C. Columbia Univ (ret) ITS(10)
  • Hymes, John Glenville State Col., W. Va. 19th-20th Century Ottoman history
  • Inalcik, Halil Univ. of Chicago ITS(1), [ARIT(9)]
  • Jaeckel, Ralph UCLA [ITS(4)]
  • Jennings, Ronald Univ. of Illinois ARIT(1), [ITS(3)]
  • Kelly, James Univ. of Utah ITS(2), ARIT(1), [ITS(5)]
  • Key, Kerim Southeastern Univ. 19th-20th Century Ottoman history
  • Kunt, Metin Ottoman history
  • Latimer, Frederick Univ. of Utah (ret.) Ottoman history
  • Levy, Avigdor Brandies Univ. ARIT(1), [ITS(7)]
  • Lewis, Bernard Princeton Univ. [ITS(3)]
  • Lowry, Heath Inst. of Turkish Studies ARIT(2)
  • McCarthy, Justin Univ of Louisville ITS(1), ARIT(1)
  • Mandaville, Jon Portland State Univ. ARIT(1), [ITS(2)]
  • Meeker, Michael UCAL San Diego Turkish studies
  • Murphy, Rhodes Columbia Univ. ITS(1), ARIT(1), [[ITS(10)]
  • Naff, Thomas Univ. of Penn. [ITS(9)]
  • Oberling, Pierre Hunter Coll., Univ of NY ITS(1), [ITS(1)]
  • Ochsenwald, William Va. Polytech Inst. ARIT(1)
  • Olson, Robert Univ. of Kentucky 18th-20th century Turkish history
  • Peachy, William Ohio State University ARIT(2)
  • Quataert, Donald Univ of Huston ITS(2), ARIT(1), [ITS(2)]
  • Reed, Howard Univ. of Conn. ITS(1), [ITS(5)]
  • Rustow, Dankart City Univ of NY ITS(1)
  • Shaw, Ezel Kural Cal. State Univ, Nothridge 19th century Ottoman history
  • Shaw, Stanford UCLA ITS(1), ARIT(2), [ITS(4)]
  • Smith, Elaine Foreign Service (ret.) Modern Turkey
  • Smith, Grace UCAL, Berkeley ITS(1), ARIT(1), [ITS(3)]
  • Smith, John Masson UCAL, Berkeley ARIT(1), [ITS(3)]
  • Soucek, Svat ARIT(1)
  • Staab, Robert Univ. of Utah [ITS(5)]
  • Starr, June SUNY Stoneybrook Anthropologist
  • Stewart-Robinson, James Univ. of Mich. [ITS(3)]
  • Stoddard, Phllip Middle East Institute, (Dir.) ITS(3)
  • Tachau, Frank Univ. of Illinois ITS(1), ARIT(2), [ITS(3)]
  • Tamkoc, Metin Texas Tech [ITS(1)]
  • Thomas, David RI College ARIT(2)
  • Yenzke, M.L. Dickinson College ARIT(1)
  • Walker, Warren Texas Tech [ITS(1)]
  • Webster, Walter Rutgers Univ. 1930's Turkish History
  • Woods, John Univ. of Chicago [ITS(9)]
  • Zilfi, Madeline Univ of Maryland ARIT(2)

sources for the above chart: Middle East Studies Association Bulletins, Directory of American Scholars, and the Ottoman Studies Directory.