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Raffi Cavoukian (born July 8, 1948), usually known simply as Raffi, is a popular children's entertainer in Canada and the Western world at large. Some of his best known songs are "Baby Beluga," "Down by the Bay," "This Little Light," and "All I Really Need."

Born in Cairo of Armenian parents, he spent his early years in Egypt before emigrating with his family to Toronto in 1958. In recent years he has devoted himself to Child Honoring, which seeks to create a humane and sustainable world by addressing the universal needs of the very young. He founded the Troubadour Foundation to support this cause, and is working on a book, "Turn This World Around," which argues that Child Honoring can be a potent remedy for the world's most pressing issues. In 1983 he was made a Member of the Order of Canada. He was awarded the Order of British Columbia in 2001. His sister is Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ontario's Information and Privacy Commissioner.

He also sings the popular internet fad Bananaphone, which was made popular partly due to numerous flash animations which use the song. One such example can be found at newgrounds under the same name.

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