Princess Diana

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Diana in 1995
Birth name Diana Spencer
Other names Diana Frances
Birthplace Sandringham
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Birth date 1 July 1961
Death place Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital
Death date 1997/08/31
Death year 1997
Resting place Althorp
Resting GPS 52° 16' 52" N, 1° 0' 6" W
Positions Princess of Wales
Languages English
Ethnicities English, Armenian
Spouses Prince Charles
Children Prince William, Prince Harry

From the writings about Princess Diana I perceived, some years ago, maybe chauvinistically, the remnants of her Armenian genes. Even though she was only 1/64th Armenian (as per the articof England will be blessed with Armenian genes. Her Armenian ancestry is traced to Eliza Kewark (an Armenian lady from India).

Some years ago letters with "funny writing" were found in the ancestral home of the late Princess Di. After investigation they realized that it was "Armenian" and that they were written by grandmother Eliza to her children and grandchildren...

Eliza Kewark, married the Scottish merchant, Theodore Forbes. From this union was born Kathleen Scott Forbes who married James Crombie from Aberdeen. They had a daughter Jane who married David Littlejohn and their daughter Ruth married William Gill. Ruth Sylvia Gill, the grandmother of Lady Diana, married Lord Fermoy and their daughter, Frances Ruth Burke Roach married the 8th Earl of Spencer who is the father of Lady Diana.

It is noteworthy that Eliza Kewark was also referred to as "Mrs. Forbesian" (a characteristic ending of Armenian surnames).

-Levon K Topouzian

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