Pardancanda norrisii

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Often misspelled Pardancanda norisii, the plant commonly known as the Candy Lily was probably first introduced to Armenia in 2002 by Raffi Kojian. He grew a number of them from seed on his balcony, and at the end of the growing season gave the plants to people in Yerevan, Garni, Alaverdi, Dilijan and Noravank. In 2003 he grew more from seed (from Park Seed Company) and overwintered them himself. In the summer of 2004, they bloomed in many colors and patterns, forming many seeds which were collected. The seeds were both given to people who like to garden, as well as sprinkled in different places by Raffi himself, where he thought they would have a decent chance of surviving. The seeds given away were to people in Yerevan, Shushi, Ijevan, Dilijan, villages south of Odzun, Ashtarak, Mughni, Garni, Tsapatagh, Dzoraget and to a good number of Yerevantsis who will plant them outside of town as well. The seeds have also been sprinkled in Yenokavan Canyon, Gandzasar Monastery and along the road from Stepanakert to Sghnakh Village in 2005. In 2005 Raffi imported 250 more seeds in order to enrich the diversity of colors. These plants, however many will sprout and bloom, will be used both to produce more seeds for distribution, and to plant in different places/give away to people with nice gardens. In 2006 Raffi distributed a large number of seeds in individual packets. In 2007 Raffi continued this distribution and sprouted hundreds of seedlings for planting at protected monastery gardens such as Gandzasar, Noravank, Kecharis, Kasagh Basilica, Sisavan and other sites, botanic gardens (Yerevan, Ijevan, Dilijan, Dendropark) and private gardens as well. In 2007 the seed distribution continued, and in 2008 at least one example of each color variety growing in Raffi's garden was moved to the new park surrounding the huge new TUMO technology center overlooking the Hrazdan Gorge by the Kievyan Bridge.

Collage of Pardancanda blooms in Raffi Kojian's Yerevan garden in 2004.

Pardancanda CIMG4656.JPG

Purple Pardancanda

After a long pause, the growing began again from seed, and by 2019 large amounts of seeds were gathered and guerilla spread in areas of Yerevan, especially around Cascade and Vernissage, as well as in Dilijan area. In 2020 plants have been given away, and large seed collection is underway for a greater distribution around Armenia.

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