Ononis arvensis

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Rest-harrow, Ononis arvensis (lat.)


Medicinal purpose

For medicinal purposes mainly the root is used. It is taken out in September-October, washed in cold water, cut, and dried in a windy place in 40-50 degrees.

Rest-harrow is known in folk medicinal practice as diuretic and sudorific. It stops bleeding, and cures headache, rheumatism, skin chronical spots, urethra inflammation, etc.

The medicinal features of the plant have been proven in B. E. Votchal’s clinic. The use of rest-harrow alcohol extract for 2-3 weeks has shown positive results among patients having haemorrhoids. In the 7-10th days of the session the pains have been totally relieved, bleeding has been restricted, intestine functions have been normalized. The root decoction and alcohol extract have shown good results against itches around anus resulting because of haemorrhoids. It also had positive effect on appetite, and relived pain around stomach. The medicinal plant has no toxic effects.

The plant was officinal in the former Soviet Union, Czech Republic, Serbia, Austria, and Switzerland.


Other use


These are folk remedies and are no guarantee is made as to either their effectiveness, or their safety.


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