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*[[Dilijan National Park]]
*[[Khosrov Forest State Preserve]]
*[[Sevan National Park]]
*[[Shikahogh State Preserve]]
*Sev Lich?
*Lake Arpi?
*Lake Arpi
*Lake Sevan
*Sev Lich

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Armenpress Sept 7, 2005

GYUMRI, SEPTEMBER 7, ARMENPRESS: The basin of Lake Arpi and Akhurian River, situated in the Ashotzk mountains, close to the borders with Turkey and Georgia, approximately 110 km northwest of the city of Yerevan, in northwestern Armenia will be turned into a national park.

Financial aid is expected from Germany to launch the first phase of this program that was supposed to kick off three years ago, but was delayed due to lack of money. The project will be started next year with support to come from the government.

Lake Arpi is a natural wetland of botanical importance, although the water level has been raised by an artificial dam. It supports several plant species which are rare in Armenia. The lake is fed by several small rivers, springs and melt-water, and freezes over during the winter months.

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