Micheal Abadjyanc

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Birth date 4 April 1970
Lived in Yerevan

Writer, translator, WUA member since 2003

Born in 1970, April 4, in Yerevan.

A graduate of Yerevan Veterinary Institute. He works at 'Nor Dar' magazine as an editor. His stories and translations were periodically published in state literary press. He translates the works of Armenian contemporary writers. His works were translated into Armenian, Russian, English, and other languages. He is a member of writers' PEN association. WORKS

White Towers, Yerevan, 2002


1. In 2004 his 'White Towers' was awarded an annual Prize after Artak Hambardzumyan. 2. In 2004 in Russia he won a prize within 'The Whole Royal Host' (Internet) Award. 3. In 1999 his 'White Armour' story was awarded the Writers' world-wide PEN associations Prize. Address:

375039, Yerevan, Artashesyan 53/14, ap. 8 tel. ap. 42-17-30, office 56-42-13