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*Babakunouj (Eggplant dip)
[[Babakunouj (Eggplant dip)]]
Badinjanov shird (Sliced eggplant fries)
[[Badinjanov shird (Sliced eggplant fries)]]
Banir, kumvadz (Pressed cheese)
[[Banir, kumvadz (Pressed cheese)]]
Boerag, misov (Meat pie)
[[Borag, banirov (Cheese pie)]]
Boerag, banirov (Cheese pie)
[[Borag, misov (Meat pie)]]
Choerag/Lavash (Baked biscuits/Flat bread)
[[Chorag/Lavash (Baked biscuits/Flat bread)]]
Chormis (Dried meat)
[[Chormis (Dried meat)]]
Dips/tahin (Molasses/sesame dip)
[[Dubs/tahin (Molasses/sesame dip)]]
Goud, khargadz (Roasted pumpkin seeds)
[[Goud, khargadz (Roasted pumpkin seeds)]]
Madzoun (Cultured milk)
[[Madzoun (Cultured milk)]]
Shoghkum tourshi (Pickled turnips)
[[Tirit (Chopped egg w/parsley &scallion)]]
Tirit (Chopped egg w/parsley &scallion)
[[Tourshi (Pickled vegetables)]]
Tourshi (Pickled vegetables)
[[Tourshi, shoghkum (Pickled turnips)]]
Tutoumov shird (Sliced squash fries)
[[Tutoumov shird (Sliced squash fries)]]
Zakhtar (Ground spice mix)
[[Zahtar (Ground spice mix)]]
Zalata (Shepherd's salad)
[[Zalata (Shepherd's salad)]]

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