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File:Mass-armenianspeakers.jpg According to the US Census, there are 8,091 Armenian speakers in Massachusetts.

Armenian Community

The Armenian communities of Massachusetts are clustered primarily around the historic centers of factory employment that drew Armenians to the state in large numbers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

At present the largest Armenian communities in Massachusetts are centered around:

Other towns notable for their Armenian presence:

As generations have progressed since the initial waves of immigration, these communities have become less concentrated, following the prevailing patterns of suburbanization. As a result, many community institutions have migrated out of central cities as well. Lowell-area institutions, for example, can now be found in outlying locales such as Chelmsford and Andover, and the Springfield community includes a church in suburban Indian Orchard.

These same demographic trends have also brought about the disintegration or consolidation of some smaller communities and their institutions.

Genocide Recognition

The Massachusetts General Court (legislature) annually holds an Armenian Genocide commemorative session on or near April 24, with a concurrent recognition resolution.

Armenian Churches

Armenian churches in Massachusetts

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