Map of Non-Smoking Places in Yerevan

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This map is no longer being maintained. Non-smoking options have proliferated and a non-smoking law was passed that goes into effect in 2020. In the meantime, you can check this map for the most up to date non-smoking options:

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="40.182496" lon="44.512975" type="map" width="800" height="650" zoom="15" icons="{label}.png"> 40.179974,44.509338, Green Bean on Amiryan Western cafe with coffee, bagels, salads, etc. 40.188787,44.515702, Green Bean at Cascade Western cafe with coffee, bagels, salads, etc. 40.188097,44.513640, Brioche Bakery, cafe 40.185810, 44.512932, Louis Charden French bakery and cafe, 31a Tumanyan St. 40.186871, 44.512254, Twelve Tables Small restaurant with crafts for sale 40.186319,44.513703, Crumbs off Mashdots Sandwiches, soups, pastries, etc. 40.186205,44.518016, Crumbs on Byron Sandwiches, soups, pastries, etc. 40.182437, 44.517450, Baguette and Co. French pastries, bread, breakfast, sandwiches 40.191008,44.506527, Achajour in Lovers Park Sandwiches, crepes and drinks in the park. 40.185426,44.510978, Achajour on Parpetsi Sandwiches, crepes and drinks in the park. 40.185927, 44.511613, Pasta & Wine Wine bar with pasta menu 40.189312, 44.516129, Wine Republic Wine and restaurant 40.183185, 44.516661, Tumanyan Shaurma and Cafeteria There is a cafeteria upstairs, and downstairs is shaurma, kebab and grill. 40.175824,44.512838, Cafeteria Great cafeteria food for cheap. Open 11 to 6. 40.186978,44.519665, Mr. Gyro Teryan branch 40.18682,44.511505, Mr. Gyro Tumanyan branch 40.188597, 44.520710, Teryan Kebab Great Arabic-Armenian food 40.185502,44.513606, Melody Cafe Has non-smoking glass enclosed room year round. Food and drinks. 40.186566,44.51342, Artashi Mot The upstairs fast-food area is smoke-free, but the downstairs restaurant is not. 40.186970,44.508863, In Vino Wine bar, tapas, cheeses 40.185652,44.507485, Mono Bakery Cafe Pastries and coffee 40.185752,44.507785, Bureaucrat Bookstore Cafe Coffee and some light fare 40.183701,44.514024, Il Solo Gelato Gelato, desert and coffee 40.189269,44.517076, Smak Salad Small cafeteria, salads and hot foods 40.176683,44.524409, AUA Cafeteria AUA Business Center Cafeteria 40.193233,44.50458, AUA Cafeteria 40.190189,44.519182, Ponchikanots by Grand Candy. Cream donuts and other sweets. 40.186492,44.521301, Rostik's KFC Fried Chicken 40.184611,44.512476, Rostik's KFC Fried Chicken 40.196261,44.4906, Araks Pastry Cafe Nice little European-style pastry shop and cafe. Kievyan 22/7 Tel. (010) 22-74-62 40.183914,44.51508, Armenian Fried Chicken 40.174205,44.513635, Southern Fried Chicken 40.185433,44.52395, Southern Fried Chicken 40.201904,44.496986, Southern Fried Chicken 40.182078,44.514541, Cinnabon 10/3 Hyusisayin Ave. (is this still non-smoking?)

(brown) 40.186054,44.518216, Karma Indian (brown) 40.18273,44.517385, Arax Lounge (brown) 40.183107,44.516344, Khingali (brown) 40.182644,44.517951, Artbridge (brown) 40.183189,44.518589, Twinings (brown) 40.179959,44.514217, Square One (brown) 40.179757,44.513957, Marco Polo downstairs (brown) 40.189992,44.51514, Charles Restaurant (brown) 40.181013,44.515829, Ronnefeldt Teahouse </googlemap>

Marker-red-d.png red markers mean a completely non-smoking air space
Marker-brown.png brown markers mean separate non-smoking room with or without separate ventilation - you may still breath lots of smoke

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