Map of Attractions in Yerevan

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Clickable map of Yerevan's top attractions. You can pan around and zoom in and out. <googlemap version="0.9" lat="40.182496" lon="44.512975" type="map" width="800" height="650" zoom="15" icons="{label}.png"> (cross) 40.184357,44.518991, Katoghike Church of Yerevan Katoghike yerevan-dcp1152.jpg (cross) 40.186107,44.509606, Zoravar Church of Yerevan Zoravar church-dcp0637.jpg (cross) 40.176965,44.502238, St. Sargis Church (cross) 40.172002,44.517127, St Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral St Gregory.jpg 40.177691,44.512581, Republic Square Republic Square-CIMG6309.JPG (museum) 40.178379,44.514257, National Gallery (museum) 40.178728,44.513587, National History Museum 40.176808,44.51698, Vernissage Vernissage misc-dcp0293.jpg 40.182128,44.51467, Northern Avenue Northern Ave Construction.jpg 40.185939,44.515185, Opera Opera-nightshot-DSC 0118.JPG 40.191184,44.515615, Cascades Cascade in spring.jpg (museum) 40.192012,44.520909, Matenadaran Matenadaran manuscript CIMG1727.JPG (museum) 40.178711,44.500154, Parajanov Museum Parajanov museum-DCP 3877.JPG 40.185787,44.490563, Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Monument Tsitsernakaberd.jpg (museum) 40.185619,44.488444, Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Museum 40.155294,44.509499, Sasuntsi Davit Statue Sasuntsi Davit.jpg 40.231643,44.568915, Levons Divine Underground approx location Arinj cave-IMG 1744.JPG 40.254954,44.584091, Ptghni Church 5-6th century Ptghni church-dcp8628.jpg 40.215071,44.571946, Avan Church 6th century church ruins Avan church interior-dcp8655.jpg 40.178295,44.505548, Blue Mosque of Yerevan Blue mosque-yerevan-dcp1329.jpg 40.167841, 44.514771, Covered Farmers Market (museum) 40.186941,44.509349, Saryan Museum Saryan museum studio-dcp4330.jpg (museum) 40.190393,44.51525, Cafesjian Museum of Contemporary Art Botero-P1005806.JPG (museum) 40.141164,44.53513, Erebuni Museum Erebuni entrance-DCP 1283.JPG

(brown) 40.186554,44.500481, Kids train (brown) 40.176459,44.497553, Yerevan Brandy Company Ararat Brandy.jpg (brown) 40.184271,44.505996, Tunnel to Hrazdan Gorge (brown) 40.195122,44.524739, Mother Armenia Mayr hayastan-dcp9717.jpg (brown) 40.192853, 44.485932, Bust of Lenin Behind the buildings on Kievyan, in the yard is a random white bust of Lenin. Ask the residents to point it out. (brown) 40.161549, 44.501849, Komitas Pantheon Many of Armenia's great writers, composers and artists - especially from the Soviet period - are buried here.

(brown) 40.188406,44.516288, Yervand Kochar Museum (brown) 40.192951,44.514804, Charles Aznavour Museum (brown) 40.190297,44.513329, Aram Khachaturian Museum (brown) 40.191475,44.528709, Armenian Crafts Museum (brown) 40.182705,44.509467, Yeghishe Charents Museum Museum to a famous writer. (brown) 40.1745,44.503824, Yerevan City Museum Inside city hall. (brown) 40.178111,44.502971, State Museum of Wood Carving (brown) 40.179609,44.505548, Museum of Contemporary Art (brown) 40.179964,44.506066, Modern Art Museum (brown) 40.187761,44.509995, Tumanyan House Museum

(orange) 41.23238,43.989258, Map of Armenian Sites in Georgia (orange) 39.75788,43.879395, Map of Armenian Attractions in Turkey (orange) 39.31305,44.67041, Map of Armenian Sites in Iran (orange) 39.202462,45.532837, Map of Armenian Sites in Azerbaijan (orange) 40.647304,46.005249, Map of Armenian Sites in Azerbaijan


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