Map of Armenian Sites in western North America

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Clickable map of Armenian sites in North America, west of the Mississippi River. You can pan around and zoom in and out. <googlemap version="0.9" lat="40.350962" lon="-112.120961" width="700" height="600" zoom="5" icons="{label}.png"> (cross) 37.784783,-122.455854, St. Gregory Armenian Apostolic Church (cross) 37.751189,-122.455444, St. John Armenian Apostolic Church 37.738341,-122.454752, Mt. Davidson Cross and Armenian Genocide Memorial Famous hilltop cross is illuminated only on April 24 (cross) 37.805694,-122.240011, St. Vartans Armenian Apostolic Church (cross) 37.713746,-122.476195, Calvary Armenian Congregational Church (cross) 37.302835,-122.041010, St. Andrew Armenian Apostolic Church

36.486382,-119.253243, Yettem Yettem, meaning Eden in Armenian, is a small village that once had a large Armenian population. (cross) 36.486032,-119.250397, St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church

(cross) 32.758570,-117.130019, St. John Garabed Armenian Church In San Diego. (cross) 33.765764,-116.392011, St. Garabed Armenian Apostolic Church of the Desert In Palm Springs.

(cross) 36.130117,-115.123666, St. Garabed Armenian Apostolic Church of Las Vegas 36.045775,-115.243776, Armenian Dance Academy of Las Vegas

36.070570, -115.108278, Armenian Genocide Monument and Memorial at Sunset Park, Las Vegas.

36.104206, -115.144131, Jerry Tarkanian Statue at the Thomas & Mack center of UNLV

(cross) 33.589106,-111.890134, St. Apkar Armenian Apostolic Church of Arizona

(cross) 45.411742,-122.568906, St. Kevork Armenian Apostolic Church of Oregon

(cross) 47.703301,-122.132416, Holy Resurrection Armenian Apostolic Church

39.739419, -104.984507, Armenian Genocide Memorial Garden

43.609874, -116.208866, Armenian Genocide Memorial at Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

(orange) 34.048274,-118.234424, Map of Armenian Sites in Los Angeles Los Angeles requires its own map of Armenian Sites, as it has a huge Armenian community (orange) 36.753912,-119.771912, Map of Armenian Sites in Fresno Map of Armenian Sites in Fresno, as it has a historic Armenian community (orange) 41.69155,44.809241, Map of Armenian Sites in Georgia (orange) 40.313043,33.33252, Map of Armenian Sites in Turkey (orange) 40.955011,45.933838, Map of Armenian Sites in Azerbaijan (orange) 38.728376,44.945068, Map of Armenian Sites in Iran (orange) 36.491973,43.571777, Map of Armenian Sites in the Middle East (orange) 40.363288,44.67041, Armenian Attractions Map Map of the major attractions in Armenia and Karabakh </googlemap>

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