Map of Armenian Sites in Western Europe

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Clickable map of Armenian sites in Western Europe. You can pan around and zoom in and out. <googlemap version="0.9" lat="49.61071" lon="6.225584" width="700" height="600" zoom="4" icons="{label}.png"> 48.849286,2.340396, Paris Visit the Paris page and check the map near the bottom for the many Armenian sites in the city.

(cross) 48.594306, 7.770707, Khachkar in front of Council of Europe headquarters in Strasbourg

(cross) 52.516061, 13.395026, Khachkar by St. Hedwig's Cathedral (Berlin) May be on opposite side of entrance to cathedral at corner of Hedwigkirchgasse, but from published photos this appears correct. (cross) 52.515771, 13.282463, Ottoman Genocide memorial, including Armenian Cross (Berlin)

(cross) 51.4996,-0.193688, St. Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Church (Kensington, London) 53.4801304, -2.244855 The Armenian Taverna Opened in Manchester in 1968. 53.343251, -6.271559, Armenian Genocide memorial khachkar of Dublin

(cross) 45.41231,12.361313, San Lazzaro Island (cross) 41.905225,12.491069, San Nicola de Tolentino Armenian Catholic Church New khachkar in front was installed in 2012 in memory of the Armenian Genocide. (cross) 40.849632,14.257403, San Gregorio Armeno Catholic Church (not-Armenian) named after the patron saint of Armenia, Saint Gregory the Illuminator. (cross) 45.486877, 9.225668, Armenian Apostolic Church of Milan 45.433472,12.320887, Moorat Raphael Armenian College 45.435414,12.337688, Calle e Sottoportego del Armeni 41.902488,12.453871, Vatican Statue of St. Gregory the Illuminator inset into wall of Vatican in a row of other saints. Inscription in Armenian and Latin. Also an Armenian khachkar in the Vatican Museum. GegoryIlluminatorStPietro.jpg 44.034304,10.042881, Friendship of Yerevan and Carrara The sister city of Yerevan has a spring-monument donated by Yerevan somewhere in the gardens of the Marina di Carrara (E’ posto nei giardini di Marina di Carrara).

48.202349,16.365034, Franz Werfel Statue Inscribed with the words Musa Ler in Armenian on top. Artist was Օհան Պետրոսյան. Schillerpark 20.JPG

38.736667,-9.154167, Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

(cross) 43.309609,5.439832, Church Apostolique Armenienne St Gregoire L'illuminateur St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Apostolic Church - not on, but off of Avenue April 24th. (cross) 43.309815,5.434194, Union Eglises Evangelique Armenienne Ass Centre Culturel Evangelique Armeni (cross) 43.270381,5.388984, Cathédrale Apostolique Arménienne des Saints Traducteurs de Marseille Armenian Cathedral

48.401637, 2.726934, Grave of George Gurdjieff A Greek-Armenian influential early 20th-century mystic, philosopher, spiritual teacher, and composer. Born in Gyumri. 43.831418, 5.782731, Fondation Carzou Foundation and works of Jean Carzou (Karnik Zouloumian), famous painter and illustrator.

(cross) 46.165579,6.146005, Sourp Hagop Church and Armenian Center

(orange) 41.69155,44.809241, Map of Armenian Sites in Georgia (orange) 40.313043,33.33252, Map of Armenian Sites in Turkey (orange) 40.955011,45.933838, Map of Armenian Sites in Azerbaijan (orange) 38.728376,44.945068, Map of Armenian Sites in Iran (orange) 36.491973,43.571777, Map of Armenian Sites in the Middle East (orange) 40.363288,44.67041, Armenian Attractions Map Map of the major attractions in Armenia and Karabakh </googlemap>

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