Map of Armenian Attractions in Karabakh

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Clickable map of Karabakh's top attractions. You can pan around and zoom in and out. <googlemap version="0.9" lat="39.821194" lon="46.51062" width="800" height="650" zoom="9" icons="{label}.png"> (ruins) 39.993364,46.931405, Aghdam Town Aghdam ruins-dcp4056.jpg (cross) 40.161473,46.28827, Dadivank Monastery Dadivank general-dcp4092.jpg (cross) 40.057134,46.53137, Gandzasar Monastery Gandzasar-CIMG5365.JPG (cross) 40.251691,46.640224, Yerits Mankants Monastery Yerits-mankants-P1002801.JPG (cross) 39.593801,46.942134, Gtichavank Monastery Gtichavank-P1002663.JPG (fort) 40.226957,46.137879, Handaberd Fortress Handaberd-fortress-IMG 8583.JPG 40.042433,46.016251, Karvachar Hotsprings Karvachar geyser-CIMG6609.JPG (cross) 40.326851,46.746268, Yeghishe Arakyel Monastery Yeghish-arakyel-P1003037.JPG 39.758672,46.747856, Shushi Town Ghazanchetsots Cathedral-DCP 3067.JPG 40.069911,46.239202, Zuar Hotsprings Dzovdar hotsprings-dcp6421.jpg (fort) 39.933388,46.831627, Mayraberd-Askeran Fortress Askeran1.JPG (cross) 39.644362,46.407806, Tsitsernavank Church 200px (cross) 39.683742,47.057405, Amaras Monastery 200px (tree) 39.69693,46.948957, Skhtorashen Tree 200px 39.817651,46.752813, Stepanakert Town Stepanakert-square-P1003098.JPG </googlemap>

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Map Legend

Marker-cross.png Church / Monastery Marker-crossbrown.png Ruined Church Marker-fort.png Fortress Marker-fortressbrown.png Ruined Fortress Marker-cave.png Cave Marker-ruins.png Ruins Marker-tree.png Nature / Scenic Marker-hike.png Hiking Marker-museum.png Museum Marker-springblue.png Spring Marker-toilet.png Toilet Marker-picnic.png Picnic Marker-tram.png Tram / Gondola Marker-camp.png Camping Marker-bike.png Biking Marker-bed.png Hotel Marker-ski.png Ski Marker-hang.png Hang glide Marker-shelter.png Shelter Marker-brown.png Minor site Marker-orange.png Other map