Map of Armenian Attractions in Karabakh

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Clickable map of Karabakh's top attractions. You can pan around and zoom in and out. <googlemap version="0.9" lat="39.821194" lon="46.51062" width="800" height="650" zoom="9" icons="{label}.png"> (ruins) 39.993364,46.931405, Aghdam Town Aghdam ruins-dcp4056.jpg (cross) 40.161473,46.28827, Dadivank Monastery Dadivank general-dcp4092.jpg (cross) 40.057134,46.53137, Gandzasar Monastery Gandzasar-CIMG5365.JPG (cross) 40.251691,46.640224, Yerits Mankants Monastery Yerits-mankants-P1002801.JPG (cross) 39.593801,46.942134, Gtichavank Monastery Gtichavank-P1002663.JPG (fort) 40.226957,46.137879, Handaberd Fortress Handaberd-fortress-IMG 8583.JPG 40.042433,46.016251, Karvachar Geyser Karvachar geyser-CIMG6609.JPG (cross) 40.344974,46.678205, Yeghishe Arakyel Monastery Yeghish-arakyel-P1003037.JPG 39.758672,46.747856, Shushi Town Ghazanchetsots Cathedral-DCP 3067.JPG 40.069911,46.239202, Zuar Hotsprings Dzovdar hotsprings-dcp6421.jpg (fort) 39.933388,46.831627, Mayraberd-Askeran Fortress Askeran1.JPG (cross) 39.644362,46.407806, Tsitsernavank Church 200px (cross) 39.683742,47.057405, Amaras Monastery 200px (tree) 39.69693,46.948957, Skhtorashen Tree 200px 39.817651,46.752813, Stepanakert Town Stepanakert-square-P1003098.JPG 39.619148,46.988633, Azokh Cave Azokh cave-IMG 3767.JPG 39.759923,46.765473, Karkar Canyon Beautiful Zontik Waterfall, massive sheer cliffs, ruins of Hunot Village

(ruins) 39.949227,45.96302, Jermajur Town Formerly known as Istisu. (brown) 39.538411,47.157207, Caravanserai (brown) 40.023277,46.684899, Ptki Surb Gevorg Monastery Location thought to be correct, but it might actually be one hill south. (brown) , Avetaranots Village Village church and partially intact sprawling remains of Melik Shakhnazar's house. [[ (brown) 39.947483,46.621945, Otskanvank Location approx, but close. (brown) 39.885434,46.618815, Okhti Yeghtsi Location approx, but close. (brown) 39.971653,46.614867, Kachaghakaberd (brown) 40.015319,46.599272, Metsaranits (brown) 39.989061,46.551229, Koshik Anapat (brown) 39.848581,46.96743, Bri Yeghtsi Location approx. (brown) 39.513665,47.022412, Spitak Khach Vank (brown) 39.50615,47.030328 Tak Village Church (brown) 39.538254,46.824589, Katarovank Location approx. (brown) 39.693178,46.272912, Hak Village Church, bridge, mineral springs (brown) 40.082822,46.465977, Karmiravank (Vaghuhas) (brown) 39.955535,46.698713, Hilis Church (brown) 40.023178,46.53343, Hasan Jalalyan Palace Ruins of a very modest palace, with some khachkars. (brown) 40.071495,46.887111, Vankasar Church 19991109-papravendareachurchclose.jpg (brown) 40.068739,46.905956, Shahbulag Castle (brown) 40.066848,46.901917, Tigranakert excavations (brown) 39.836025,46.299348, Shalua Church Sts. Peter and Paul Church, 14th century (brown) 39.632519,46.540591, Berdzor Previous name is Lachin. New church. Berdzor town church-dcp3094.jpg (brown) 39.795173,47.110818, Monte Melkonian Statue of Monte Melkonian in the center of Martuni, a town he was charged with defending during the Karabakh war. Martuni-IMG 8217.JPG (brown) 40.238261,46.666746, Jraberd Fortress Jraberd-P1002765.JPG (brown) 39.883034,46.344838, Aghbradzor St. Grigor Church Location marks village, not church. 200pxlink= (brown) 39.732986,47.191587, Gevorgavan Russian Church (brown) 40.211851,46.505985, Mesis Vank Monastery Minor monastery and settlement ruins. (brown) 40.370089,46.672454, Horekavank Monastery (brown) 40.370286,46.664772, Beglaryan Melikdom Palace (brown) 40.158312,46.412001, Akarakaberd Fortress (brown) 40.171069,46.258621, Surb Astvatsatin Monastery (Tartar) (brown) 40.12055,46.4064, Khatravank Monastery Location approximate (brown) 40.137768,46.344066, Charektar Monastery Virtually nothing left of this monastery. (brown) 40.03301,46.817054, Gutlu Musa Mausoleum (brown) 40.045062,46.826649, Khachen Reservoir (brown) 40.182742,46.619282, Sarsang Reservoir (brown) 40.00441,45.957077, Tsar Village St. Sargis Church ruins, khachkars, stunning views (brown) 40.240562,46.169229, Chapni Chapel (brown) 39.994169,46.813425, Karaglukh Church (brown) 39.972664,46.862762, Cemetery with Mausoleum Large Muslim cemetery with mausoleum (brown) 39.954487,46.844915, Tank Memorial (brown) 40.341245,46.584649, Napat Vank Նապատ-Վանք - Монастырь Напат-ванк (brown) 40.357369,46.652541, Yeghaker Monastery монастырь ЕХАКЕР </googlemap>

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