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<googlemap lat="40.381663" lon="43.391948" zoom="14">
<display_map service=leaflet showtitle=on markercluster=on pagelabel=yes zoom=9 height=400 width=600 center=40.380556,43.37638>
40.380556,43.376394, Khdzkonk Monastery
40.380556,43.37638~Khtzkonk Monastery~~File:Marker-cross.png
==See also==
==See also==

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Khdzkonk Monastery

Khdzkonk Monastery (Խծկոնք in Armenian, Khtsgonk in Western Armenian) was built in the IX - XI cc.

Not far from Kars, near the village of Tekor/Digor, which also had an important 5th cc. church.

The monastery was virtually wiped out of existence by the Turkish Government in the 1950s.

Alternate Transliterations: Khtzkonk, Khdskonk


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