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Juniper, Juniperus (lat.)


Medicinal purpose

For medicinal purposes the cone-shaped fruits are used. Though, some types of fruits are poisonous. It is important to know that the poisonous fruits have only two seeds, it is black and blue, and wrinkles. Meanwhile, the fruit of juniper that has medicinal use is blackish, has 3 seeds, the leaves are needle-shaped. The fruit is gathered in autumn. It is dried in a cool, windy place, and stored in boxes covered with paper from inside. The cone-shaped fruits are externally smooth, shiny, not transparent, ball- or ellipse-shaped with unique pleasant scent and sweet taste. The dried fruit is best before 2-3 years.

Juniper was used in medicine for a long time. It was used against gingivitis, malaria, neural and a number of feminine diseases, rheumatism, scab, podagra, etc. Avicenna has used the plant, mainly with mixtures, to cure fever, sleepiness, bad mouth smell, tooth diseases, bronchial asthma, stomach problems, etc.

According to Amirdovlat, juniper fruits are not only good against epilepsy and scab, but they also have positive affect on menstruation, and hearing problems. He recommends the plant oil for chilblain and burns. According to K. Gabikyan, if plant cortex is mixed with cut onion and boiled in covered pot, the steam will be useful for hearing. The ill ear should be steamed with the preparation. If the needle-shaped leaves are soaked in vinegar and greased on the hair lost part of the skin, the hair may re-grow. He also mentions that the plan fruit is a good spice, and is used to ease the digestion process and cure chest diseases. According to Armenian folk medicine, the mixture of the plant leaves and honey is good for the face if put as mask. The root decoction is good for chilblain and burns. The alcohol decoction of the fruit is good for earaches. Fruits are used as diuretic, and against kidney and urinary bladder diseases, as well as against liver and skin diseases and rheumatism in Bulgaria and Poland. All parts of the plant are used in France. The plant is used against kidney and joint diseases.

Medicinal qualities of juniper were known to scientific medicine since a long time ago. The fruit, fruit oil, spirit and alcohol extract are used.

Juniper fruit decoction is used for 1 – 1.5 months for chronical cholecystitis. As a result, pressure and pain have been relieved; fever condition, bad mouth smell, and driness have been removed. Juniper fruits are not only cholagogue, but also have resolvent qualities.


Other use


These are folk remedies and are no guarantee is made as to either their effectiveness, or their safety.


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