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What is JobFinder?

JobFinder is new initiative started in Armenia. The objective of the program is to create series of career portals in different regions, which are linked with same state of the art software. Software is (will be) developed and supported by central software development group. Execution and administration of the portals will be managed by different so called operators. All the operators will be responsible for managing content of the portal, marketing and promotion of the portal. Currently, pilot program is launched in Amrenia as one-click career portal Find below Business Philosophy and Mission Statement of the career portal.

Business Philosphy

Every business and enterprise usually follows some fundamental set of principles and values that shape its manners and performance. – one-click career portal is no exception and we as well have our own set of values which we follow. We would like to share those principles and values with our customers and partners in order to be transparent and predictable partner.

We at adopted a business philosophy that is based on three core values: Quality Services, Impeccable Customer Support and Outstanding Team of Professionals.

Providing Quality Services is core of our business and everyone at works dedicated to ensure the services we provide suit our customers and help them to fulfill their needs. We understand in order to reach high level of quality we need to be focused and concentrated on our main line of business, therefore portal is completely dedicated to career related functionality. There isn’t anything at our portal that is not related to career search or recruitment. We also know that to maintain high standards we constantly need to spend resources in development, marketing and advertising, which we actively do. Obviously all of that requires investments and because of that some of our services are paid.

Customer Support is a composite part of quality services. We at guarantee that you will always get quality support in time, where your calls and requests will be answered in-person and not by machine. will make every effort to retain its high level standards.

Finally, providing high quality services and support won’t be possible without having best professionals as a team. Moreover, sustaining high level professionalism in our teams is one of our main goals. Therefore, we at recognize that our biggest asset is our people and we make every effort to reward outstanding performance and motivate our personnel to reach their maximum potential.

Mission Statement

Today, in the era where computers are used in every aspect of our lives, and internet is serving as gigantic source of information - services provided over the internet became an invaluable instrument and tool for every industry. It is hard to imagine an organization today that can function efficiently without utilizing any sort of computers, software or not being connected to the web.

Enjoying comfort of the life where technology is immersed into every aspect of it we find that it is achieved by paying an extra cost. The cost is that today no-matter what occupation or profession people have they do need to have several additional skills to be able efficiently perform their duties. Therefore there are extra requirements to the quality of candidates employers are looking for.

Talent search and finding quality professionals is a one of the global problems in many industries today. At the same time many developing countries like Armenia face an issue where many of the professionals are lacking skills of presenting themselves and their qualities to the employers. As a result in Armenia we have illogical situation where numerous companies are looking for quality professionals and have many open positions and at the same time there is a big army of unemployed professionals, many of which even are graduated and possess diplomas with high notes. This is the exact niche where is offering its services. Our Mission is to fill the above described gap by set of activities some of which include:

  • Educating the job seekers to correctly and relevantly build their resumes;
  • Employ proper strategies when looking for a job;
  • Follow the basic standard rules and proper manners when applying for a job;
  • Provide information on different topics to job seekers and hiring managers.

This is why we have created – one click career portal!

Having experienced team with constant emphasis on providing high level services, we at the same time plan and implement actions to bring career search and recruitment processes to new cultural and civilized level. Along with maintaining and supporting serious yet simple to use career portal we co-operate with number of organizations and portals to periodically provide thorough informational materials to job seekers as well as to HR professionals. We plan on hosting several educational seminars for graduating students in order to help them in early stages of their career search. We are organizing workshops for HR personnel and hiring managers to discuss their issues and offer new solutions.

In reaching our ultimate goal of establishing world class standards in job search and recruitment processes in Armenia we are open to co-operate with everyone. Hence any relevant comment or feedback will be kindly appreciated [1]