Ijevan Town

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Ijevan Fact Box:
Armenian: Իջևան

Eastern Armenian: Ijevan
Western Armenian: Ichevan

Marz: Tavush Marz, Armenia
GPS: 40.877569,45.15089
Ijevan Town - river

The name "Ijevan" (15370 p) means "Inn," reflecting the Tavush capital's previous name of Karvansara, aka Istibulagh, stopping place on an important E-W road and also, since 1870, of the railroad. In the place called Hamam-Jala on the bank of the Aghstev are remains of a medieval caravansaray. The entrance to the town is marked by the massive wine factory saying Ijevan on top of it's tower. On the N side of the main road at the W end of town (cannon outside) is a small historical/ethnographic museum reopened in 1999, with a diorama commemorating the entry of the Red Army in 1920. Ijevan has a large rug factory, and wood product factories. Across from the shuka you can cross the bridge over the river and quickly reach the restored church financed by a Boston Armenian. In the SW part of town is a S. Hovhannes church. Chamber tombs near the city hospital and a late bronze age cemetery on the left bank of river attest early occupation of the site. On the southern end of the town is Ijevan Dendropark.

Ijevan Town - sculpture garden
Khachkar carver in Ijevan


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